Pay by Phone Casino: Fad or Here to Stay?

If you’re like us then you probably play in online casinos wherever you are, not just in the comfort of your own home. This does present a certain amount of risk though, as you never know who is looking over your shoulder. Instead of giving people a view into your PayPal account or a look at your credit card number, just text the word ‘yes’ to make a payment.

Last year alone, thousands of UK residents were fraud victims and this costs the economy millions. This is just one of the reasons that pay by phone casino options are becoming ever more popular. We all know the feeling of losing money or a bank card, which this system strives to decrease the likelihood of.

It’s all run by trusted names and you can authorise the payment directly with your phone carrier. But is this success set to last?

PayPal vs Pay by Phone Casino Payments

The other big name in the casino business is PayPal, which is also used in many online casinos. Though the pay by phone casino system differs, they’re both in place to prevent the number of instances of fraud for their users.

The convenience side of pay by phone casino payments has not been matched so far, even by PayPal’s integration with fingerprint readers. Many people simply don’t trust these online payment moguls as of yet and don’t want to pass their payment details to a third party. With pay by phone casino options, there’s no need to share your details with anyone but the phone operator that you’re already using.

These are just some of the benefits that players are taking notice of when they use the payment system. This has led to a rush in the amount of people using the payment and it seems set to stick around for a long time.

Until something better than pay by phone casino payments come along, there’s nothing to deter players from using it. The aim of the method is to reduce fraud while maintaining convenience for the player, a strategy that appears to be paying off thus far.

There’s no reason for this to fall out of style, unless we see something that replaces the smartphone coming out soon! If you’re interested in using a pay by phone casino then shop around to ensure that you’re really getting the best deal. Who knows, you might just strike it lucky and grab yourself a jackpot.