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Depositing by phone bill casinos are quickly becoming one of the most popular form of mobile casino. Deposit by phone bill casinos are different to regular mobile casinos since they allow you to use premium SMS phone billing as a method of depositing. That may sound like a mouth full, but at its heart, all it means is that you can deposit to a casino by charging the cost to your mobile phone bill. It shows up on your mobile phone bill as if you’d made a phone call and there’s no additional charges.

All you have to do is head over to your deposit by phone bill casino’s depositing options and select the pay by phone option. You’ll usually use one of several pay by phone carriers which can be either Payforit, Pay By Phone or Boku Mobile. From there, you just input your mobile phone number, the amount you wish to deposit, and then you’ll receive an SMS text which you’ll need to respond to free of charge, in order to authorise the payment.

A deposit phone bill casino allows you to pay and play from the same mobile device, so there’s no messing around logging in to any extra accounts that alternative payment methods require. You simply charge the cost straight to your mobile and get back to the important things, like enjoying your favourite mobile slots and casino games.

Deposit by Phone Casino Offers

When you do come to deposit in a pay by phone casino you can usually help yourself to a deposit offer too. These will give you a boost on your pay in which is a multiple of the amount that you pop into your account. They usually have minimum and maximum limits, so you’ll want to check these out to really make the most of them.

These are usually the larger bonuses that you can expect to gain from your online casino but many have extras too. These might include reload bonuses, which are bonuses on subsequent deposits matching certain criteria.

They can depend on the amount you deposit, how much you have deposited in the past and seasonal offers. It’s best to look out for these types of pay by phone casino promotions, as it shows that the site is happy to continuously reward players.


Visa is the most widely used card payment service in the world and is available at absolutely every casino that you could hope to visit. If you’re a Visa payer, then the world is quite literally your oyster when it comes to making swift and safe deposits and withdrawals. As with all bank card payments, paying with Visa at a mobile casino is as simple as can be. Initially, it can be quite trying for depositors, who will have to add their card to their account and therefore go through the mild tedium of typing in their long card number and all the required details. Once that’s done though, your Visa card can be saved to your casino account, with only the security code on the back of the card required to authorise any future payments.

Visas have absolutely no depositing limits, aside from that of the casino’s limits and what you have in your account, so it’s the perfect depositing method for anyone who wants to be a high roller at the mobile casinos. There are three kinds of Visa payment you can make: Visa, Visa debit and Visa electron. Visa and Visa debit allow players to make a payment even if they don’t have all the funds in their account at the present time, while a Visa electron payment does require all the funds to be in your account at the point of purchase. Visa payments offer customers a lot of freedom when it comes to how they want to spend their money and where they want to spend it.

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What Are Mobile Deposit Casinos?

A mobile deposit casino is the ultimate proof of how versatile and freeing a mobile casino can be. Mobile deposit casinos are casinos which allow for mobile phone bill depositing. Mobile phone bill depositing allows users to make payments at their mobile casinos by charging the cost to their mobile phone bill. How it works is simple.

At any mobile casino which supports the pay by phone depositing option, players can select it and then enter their mobile phone number, along with the amount they wish to deposit. They’ll then receive an SMS text which they will have to respond to in order to authorise the transaction and complete the payment. The charge will then be deducted from your available phone credit, or added to your end of the month bill depending on if you’re a contract user or a pay as you go customer.

With a mobile deposit casino, everything you do, from the games to your payments, can all be handled from your mobile phone. Any deposits you make can be securely and speedily carried out using one of the several available premium SMS phone billing carriers, which includes names like Boku Mobile and Payforit. So if you want to handle all your casino business from literally the palm of your hand, then a mobile deposit casino may well be the casino for you.

Why use deposit by Phone Casinos?

Deposit by phone casinos succeed in 3 key areas: security, privacy and ease of use. Using only a mobile phone number to make a payment may seem like a risky venture, but mobile phone bill depositing is among one of the safest depositing methods out there. The reason for this is because you have to authorise any payment by responding to an SMS. This means that even if someone knows your mobile number to commence a mobile deposit, they’ll never be able to complete the transaction if they don’t have your phone.

Deposit by phone casinos are also exceptionally private because any payments you do make are taken from your phone credit, either directly if you’re a pay as you go user, or added to your end of the month bill if you’re a contract payer. There’s no listing of what you’ve spent your money on, but instead it appears as if you’ve simply made a phone call of that value.

Finally, deposit by phone casinos are simple to use. Paying and playing from the same device avoids the need for long card numbers and remembering a host of passwords to make a deposit. All you need to remember is your mobile phone number and then you can make a swift payment and be back to enjoying your mobile slots in a matter of minutes.

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Is a Pay by Phone Casino Secure?

The short answer is, yes, pay by phone casinos are incredibly safe to use. While casinos which only use bank card payments and e-wallets may seem safer on the surface, it’s important to remember that these payment methods can be remotely accessed. An e-wallet can easily be accessed if you have someone’s login details and a bank card’s details aren’t immune from being noted down.

Paying by your mobile phone requires only your mobile phone number to commence the payment, but you have to authorise any final payment by responding to an SMS text. That means that any payment you want to complete, you have to be holding your phone and personally replying to that SMS.

Once that’s done, the rest is up to the casino, and casino security has been increased drastically in the last few years. Casinos are encrypted with industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption, which is among the best in the world. On top of that, regulation by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has made sure that casinos have to protect your money better than ever before, such as keeping your personal account away from the casino’s own money. It’s safer than ever to use a pay by phone casino, so what are you waiting for?

Mobile Top Up Casino

If you love playing your favorite slots and casino games on your mobile, but want banking options which give you more protection and are simple to use, then a mobile top up casino may well be what you’re looking for. In the same way a pay as you go user might top up their mobile phone, a mobile top up casino allows you to top up your casino wallet with smaller amounts, to keep a tighter bankroll on your casino spending.

Mobile top up casinos allow for depositing methods such as mobile phone billing, premium SMS and mobile depositing. All of these depositing methods effectively allow you to deposit to your casino via your mobile phone bill. When you use the pay by phone bill depositing option at a mobile top up casino, you can transfer between £5 – £30 to your casino wallet. This amount will be charged to your mobile phone credit, in the form of your available credit if you’re a pay as you go user, or charged to your end of the month bill if you pay for your phone via contract.

Simple usability, reasonable depositing limits and constricting everything to a single mobile device all make mobile top up casinos the logical choice for anyone who’s a fan of the mobile casinos and wants to bet smarter.

Rewards from Pay by Phone Casinos

One of the things that we really watch out for is the opportunity to earn loyalty bonuses from a casino site. Simply put, we like sites that reward their players just for being there! For every wager that you make on a site with a loyalty scheme will add into your account to set you up with some freebies.

Climbing up those loyalty levels means that the top playing customers on the site get the best bonuses. If you enjoy freebies, which we’re sure most of our readers do, then these schemes are a must have on your casino site.

VIP schemes are for those at the top of the pack of the casino sites and these will give you the top perks. VIP account managers, access to special promotions and cashback can all come as a result of peaking on one of these sites. Be sure to shop around to find the best ones.

Best Pay by Phone Sites

We’re big fans of the latest and greatest mobile games in pay by phone casino sites, so stay tuned to learn all about our favourites. These games are numerous, so we’ve decided to put together our ultimate guide for newbies.

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Top Pay by Mobile & Phone Slots

If you’re wondering what makes it to the top of our pay by phone casino mobile slots then you’re in the right place. At the very top of the heap we have the mobile optimised slot game Twin Spin. This highly rewarding slot game is unique in that it allows you the opportunity to link reels together to win. As you spin the reels in your pay by phone casino, you’ll see lights flashing between two or more of them. This signifies the fact that the reels will now display the same symbols, meaning you have two of the three symbols needed to create a win. Of course, the more matching symbols you have on this pay by phone casino game the better, as the jackpots just get bigger.

As you would expect on a game with such mechanics, the wild symbol plays an essential role. When this appears, it takes the place of the regular symbols and can even appear doubled up on the reels. This gives you more opportunities to snag a jackpot, you could even win the biggest jackpot in the game with 5 wild symbols. This game is super exciting and the design even takes you back into the early era of fruit machines. Players who love older style slots with new features will enjoy this game, as it combines the best of both worlds.

Pay by Phone Games

We’re always looking into the best slot games on the internet, but what makes us interested in a slot game? There are a few different features of a pay by phone casino game that really make us sit up and pay attention.

The first thing that strikes us is whether or not the pay by phone casino game has a great design. This could be an impression created by bright colours, HD graphics or a unique interface. This is usually a sign of better things to come, as they generally indicate that a lot of time has been spent on the game. Then, we always open up the pay table to see what pay by phone casino bonuses they have. This might be a bonus round or extra spins round, the more the merrier. Some of our top games have more than one bonus round, so you know you’re in for a treat.

Finally, we like to make sure that the game is fair and offers a high rate of return. Games always display their return to player percentage, which you can find in their paytable. This shows you what percentage of your money you can hope to win back. Progressive jackpot games are always a little lower, but their jackpot more than makes up for it.