March 2018 archive

iPad Casino Apps: Reviewing The Best Ones

For iPad users, casino apps provide a platform to enjoy online gambling in the swiftest possible way. Just a quick download from the Apple App store is all that is needed to get playing. With many casinos offering services through an app, it can be somewhat difficult to separate the good from the bad. This article explains why Betway, LeoVegas and 888 Casino are worth considering as an iPad user. You are guaranteed a fantastic iPad gambling experience with these three quality casinos.

How To Cheat At Online CasinosĀ 

Cheating is as old as history itself, so there’s little wonder that cheating at online casinos is something that’s been done in the past. However, with all the modern random number generators, fairness testing and bots as well as people keeping an eye on suspicious player activity, it’s highly unlikely that you could cheat at an online or mobile casino. This article takes a look at what sort of cheats have taken place in the past, what casinos do to protect themselves and other players from the cheaters and makes a case as to why you shouldn’t cheat. That’s even if it’d meant to give you a fast-track pass to the riches!