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Credit Cards May Be Banned At Online Casinos In The Future

In the most recent government review of the pressing issue of gambling addiction, two drastic recommendations have been suggested. Both a ban on credit card usage in online casinos and a mandatory levy to fund gambling addiction treatment has been proposed. These drastic actions have come into talks as over 430,000 problem gamblers have been identified in the UK. This situation has become so dire that an additional 2.3 million adults are at risk of becoming problem gamblers. In efforts to tackle this problem, the government has also decided on a stake reduction on all Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. Read on to find out more.

Live Casino Hold ‘Em: Get In And Win Some

Casino Hold ‘Em is one of the world’s most popular poker variants, both offline and online. Invented in 2000, it’s a relatively new take on the classic Texas Hold ‘Em game and players find it appealing due to its simplicity and its fast paced nature. Its popularity has led to many different versions of the game being invented, one of which is Live Casino Hold ‘Em, which allows online players to enjoy the game via a video stream. This means they can play in real time against a professionally trained croupier. If you’d like to start playing Live Casino Hold ‘Em, read on to find out how, where, and why!

iPad Casino Apps: Reviewing The Best Ones

For iPad users, casino apps provide a platform to enjoy online gambling in the swiftest possible way. Just a quick download from the Apple App store is all that is needed to get playing. With many casinos offering services through an app, it can be somewhat difficult to separate the good from the bad. This article explains why Betway, LeoVegas and 888 Casino are worth considering as an iPad user. You are guaranteed a fantastic iPad gambling experience with these three quality casinos.

How To Cheat At Online Casinos 

Cheating is as old as history itself, so there’s little wonder that cheating at online casinos is something that’s been done in the past. However, with all the modern random number generators, fairness testing and bots as well as people keeping an eye on suspicious player activity, it’s highly unlikely that you could cheat at an online or mobile casino. This article takes a look at what sort of cheats have taken place in the past, what casinos do to protect themselves and other players from the cheaters and makes a case as to why you shouldn’t cheat. That’s even if it’d meant to give you a fast-track pass to the riches!

Video Roundup: New Mobile Slots To Play At Casinos This September

In our latest monthly roundup video, we’re taking a look at the slot games which are worth your time throughout September 2017. We’ve tracked down slot games from big name developers like NetEnt and IGT, to bring you the most fun filled slots that you can get your teeth into this September and hopefully win some big payouts. You can check head to our Youtube channel for more videos, or head below to click straight through to any of the casinos and slot games mentioned.

Best Slots Of The Month Video: The Best Mobile Slots To Play This August

Every month we track down the best mobile slots for you to play at the online casinos. This August is no different to any other month, as we see yet another great batch of top notch mobile slots making their way to the casinos for players to get the most out of. This August you can enjoy slot games from major slot developers like NetEnt, Quickspin and Yggdrasil. Each of these slots has a rewarding promotion coming with it, so you’re losing out by not playing these amazing slots right away.

Best Slots Of The Month Video: The Best Mobile Slots To Play This July

This July at the mobile casinos is proving to be a stomper, with excellent mobile slots being released from the biggest names in the industry. In our video roundup, we take a look at the best mobile slots for you to spend your time with this July at the best mobile casinos around. You can head straight to the games mentioned, or take a look at our Youtube channel for even more casino game recommendations.

A Guide To Neteller — Definitely Not The Worst Banking Option

A first-timer at an online casino might feel slightly disoriented when it comes to deposits and withdrawals because there are so many banking options. In this guide to Neteller, we aim to see if this e-wallet service is fast, cheap and easy to use for money transfers at online casinos. How does it compare to its competition? If we were to pay attention to its popularity, it may seem that it’s one of the best banking options available. While this is true, there are some issues with Neteller too.

Microgaming Reveal 2 New Slots: Emoticoins And Oink Country love

Microgaming have announced the release of 2 new slots in the form of Emoticoins and Oink Country Love. These 2 new whacky slots are on their way to players from August at any casino which hosts Microgaming slots. Players can look forward to a mix of big win extra spins bonuses, sticky wilds, stacked wilds and even infinite retriggered extra spins. If all that sounds good to you, then read what you can expect from Microgaming next month.

Should You Even Consider One-Way Casino Banking Options?

There are many ways to deposit and withdraw funds from your online casino account. Since we all prefer the simplest and most convenient ways possible, it’s only natural to choose methods that allow both to deposit and withdraw. Still, some people prefer one-way banking options. If they choose to sacrifice the ability to withdraw, there must be something else that makes up for this con, right? That’s what we decided to take a look at.