IGT’s Dragon Temple Mobile Slot Launches This Month

Dragon's Temple LogoThis month will see the release of IGT’s brand new mobile slot and it promises to be a winner. Being the UK’s largest distributor of land-based casino machines, IGT gets the benefit of trying out its games on betting terminals before offering them to a mobile audience, and the upcoming Dragon’s Temple is different. The slot is a proven favourite among land-based players and its mix of exciting slots action and Eastern mythology is bound to translate well to mobile.

About the Game

Everyone knows by now that IGT is a safe pair of hands when it comes to mobile slots translated from land-based machines. There’s every confidence that this five reel, 50 payline slot will make a mark on smartphones and tablets later this month. The Chinese themed slot draws upon beautiful graphics and state of the art game mechanics, throwing in extra spins, wilds and its unique Yin Yang scatter bonus to thrill players. It basically couldn’t be more different from the other big release of this month – Motorhead from NetEnt.

As you might expect from a Chinese themed slot, all the symbols in the game are inspired by Chinese calligraphy, mythology or architecture, with stylised letter and number symbols, Chinese buildings, bamboo writing and Yin Yang symbols making up the reels. This effect is furthered by the dragons circling the reels and the traditional Chinese plucked string music.

Lots of people complain about the saturation of the mobile slots market with games which play on mythology. Whether Chinese, Scandinavian or Native American, the borrowing and westernisation of cultural signifiers has become a bugbear for many in the market. For all its success as a standalone land-based slot, Dragon’s Temple will still have to convince players it’s not just ‘another Chinese slot.’


Yin Yang Scatter Bonus Explained

TDragon's Temple Yin Yang Bonushe main bonus feature of the game will be the Yin Yang scatter bonus. The symbol which triggers this round is – believe it or not – the black Yin and Yang from ancient Chinese philosophy; land three or more of these, and you’ll enter into the bonus game, where you have to make a decision before you win.

Three options are laid out in front of you, which each balance extra spins against guaranteed wilds. Each option is theoretically as beneficial as the others, but there’s still definitely a gamble when picking between them.

  • Choice 1: You can have 15 extra spins, with a wild guaranteed on the third reel on each spin
  • Choice 2: You can have 10 extra spins, with a wild guaranteed on the second and fourth reels on each spin
  • Choice 3: You can have 5 extra spins, with a wild guaranteed on the first, third and fifth reels on each spin

If you like the sound of this bonus, look for Dragon’s Temple hitting IGT mobile casinos later this month.

3 Mobile Billing Casino Drawbacks (& Why They Don’t Matter)

Phone Bill Deposits We hear an awful lot about why mobile billing is the best option for mobile casino deposits, and how systems like Boku or the new Zimpler payments have revolutionised the gambling industry. However, all too often people fail to properly acknowledge the drawbacks of mobile billing, and honestly, there are some big ones. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to run through the reasons you might think about steering clear of mobile deposits, and give you some mitigating explanations for why these drawbacks shouldn’t scare you off mobile deposits forever. Continue reading

NetEnt’s Motorhead Slot Rocking Mobile Casinos from 22nd September

NetEnt Motorhead SlotWhat’s better than a NetEnt mobile slot? I’ll tell you what — a NetEnt mobile slot themed around one of the biggest, most popular and most iconic rock groups ever to grace the Earth. I’m of course referring to Motorhead, a long anticipated mobile slot that has its release date set for later this month. Owing to previous recent NetEnt form, this slot is set to be an absolute stormer and likely to be popular with rock fans and non-rock fans alike.

The Motorhead slot is going to be the last NetEnt slot released in quarter three of 2016 and we’re hoping that means they’ve kept the best till last. The game will be released to the public on (drum roll…) the 22nd September, meaning you’ve still got three weeks in which to find the perfect black t-shirt, jeans and studded denim jacket combo ready for the launch.


About the Motorhead Slot

Lemmy Motorhead FrontmanThe band announced that the slot would be released in honour of Lemmy – the group’s long-time frontman who sadly died of cancer in December of last year. We’re not entirely sure whether Lemmy was into playing mobile slots, but given that his biggest song is called ‘Ace of Spades,’ I reckon it’s pretty safe to say he’s a gambling man.

Both NetEnt and Motorhead are keeping their cards close to their chests on this one (though I bet I know which card Motorhead is holding… get it?), so details are pretty thin on the ground, but the one absolute known is that it’ll feature a rocking soundtrack made up of Motorhead tracks. If previous releases are anything to go by, the graphics will also reference the band’s aesthetic.

One tantalising titbit released about the slot is that it will include a ‘bonus features which reference Motorhead’s music.’ Now, from what I said two paragraphs ago, I reckon we can deduce which song it’ll be referencing, but it’ll be interesting to see what kind of direction they take it.


NetEnt Rocks

Why is NetEnt releasing a Motorhead themed slot? Isn’t that a little left field? Where’s the context for that? If these are the kinds of questions popping into your head as you read the above, then my friend, you clearly haven’t heard of the NetEnt Rocks series which has been rocking the mobile casino industry all year long!

NetEnt Rocks Tour LogoThe concept behind the series is to create a trilogy slots which celebrated great rock legends and used their themes to pay homage to their styles and music. The first installment came in January, with the launch of the Guns ‘N Roses slot — an instant hit, which thrilled players with its heavy rock aesthetic and Guns ‘N Roses inspired soundtrack.

Next to arrive in April was Jimi Hendrix, a slot themed around (you guessed it) the most highly celebrated rock guitarist of all time. The slot was well reviewed and won popularity for perfectly tapping into the psychedelic sound and visuals so closely related with the great guitarist himself.

So the Motorhead slot becomes the third slot in the trilogy and a bookend to the series. With two such successful mobile slots to live up to, it’s going to be a tough gig to pull off, but if anyone is going to bring the house down three times in a row, it’s NetEnt.

Zimpler Mobile Deposits — Simple, Swedish, Sufficient!

Zimpler Payments LogoThere’s a new mobile deposit service coming to the UK. Originating from good ol’ Sweden (which, incidentally, is where casino software companies like NetEnt reside), Zimpler is the brand spanking new mobile deposit service that promises to make waves with its simpler and sophisticated way of doing things.

For those who have heard of it and think that it’s just another e-wallet, let us take you on a tour around this new apps’ primary functions and how it could have the potential to makes depositing and banking even simpler for players.


How Does Zimpler Work?

zimpler loginSo what makes Zimpler different from every other mobile deposit service available right now? The biggest selling point that its creators often emphasize is the fact it caters specifically to the iGambling crowd. So you can’t use it to purchase a new pair of shoes from Next!

This is purely so that you can top up your mobile casino account from your mobile device. This gives it a distinct advantage over other services like PayPal because it can focus on issues that are unique to gambling deposits. It helps, too, that the creators have a lot of experience in this sector.

The service is a cross between PayPal and Boku. It uses your bank details to withdraw funds from your current account but the withdrawal process is done via SMS verification. The levels of security applied to this app also ensures that all deposits and withdrawals are safe.

To use Zimpler is very simple. All you need to do is create an account by providing your mobile number, which Zimpler will send a verification SMS to with its own code. Simply confirm the code with Zimpler to activate the account. This will happen each time you log in and you will be asked to provide your phone number.

It is an exceptional payment method but not yet available in the UK! The Zimpler website claimed it will be landing here in the summer so it should be widely available soon.


Where Can Zimpler Be Used?

zimpler-logo-2As we have explained, Zimpler can only be used for mobile gambling deposits and withdrawals. Because of their international status, Zimpler is already at some at many of the top casinos currently working online today including LeoVegas, Kaboo, BGO Vegas, Casumo and GUTs. And they’re certainly bringing Zimpler to the UK too, seeing as it’s a highly profitable gold-mine of eager online players.

This marks the next step in the ever-growing expansion of mobile deposits and demonstrates how these methods are becoming more widely-accepted among mobile gamblers. Let’s hope that it becomes a figurehead in this new and exciting time for SMS billing.

Rizk Player Wins Over £55,000 Prize from Free Bonus!

rizk start banner no bullshitIt’s not everyday that a big win like this happens! It’s even rarer for it to happen within hours of signing up to the mobile casino in the first place. One lucky German player playing at Rizk casino struck gold recently when, after playing at the casino after a mere eight hours of becoming a member, managed to bag €64,424 (£55,360) as a huge prize simply from using a free bonus.

This remarkable story of luck is a fascinating one and a one-in-a-lifetime occurrence. How did he do it? Read on to find out more! You play at Rizk casino by clicking here! Continue reading

Boku Mobile Deposits Are as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Boku Payment LogoBoku is one of the biggest mobile depositing methods around. They allow players to deposit via phone bill, or existing mobile credit. Mobile deposits are the be all and end all at this site (as our name so aptly suggests!) but if you’re new to the game then we’re here to help you get off to a flying start. As more and more gamers go mobile, casinos are constantly adopting new payment methods to cater for our needs. Boku was one of the first mobile billing methods on the market, and it remains the most popular today. It allows you to deposit straight from your handset and for the funds to be in your account in no time at all. But how easy is making a payment? Well, as easy as A, B, C. As easy as 1, 2, 3. As easy as… You get the idea. Follow our 3 easy steps to making your first successful Boku Deposit.

Continue reading

IGT Games Now Available to Play at Guts Mobile Casino

igt-guts-logosThose with extensive memory would know that prolific mobile casino, Guts, once offered IGT’s mobile slots and games to players all over the globe. Then, quite suddenly, they didn’t. All IGT-related content vanished from the site without explanation. Whether their license expired or Guts made the runners of IGT very unhappy for some reason, we can only speculate. For a long time, IGT content remained unseen on the pages of Guts casino. Until now.

Now, players can rejoice as all IGT content is back at Guts casino — not just But what can we expect? And, more importantly, will this new found partnership last? Try out Guts for yourself.  Continue reading

Pay by Phone Casino: Fad or Here to Stay?

If you’re like us then you probably play in online casinos wherever you are, not just in the comfort of your own home. This does present a certain amount of risk though, as you never know who is looking over your shoulder. Instead of giving people a view into your PayPal account or a look at your credit card number, just text the word ‘yes’ to make a payment.

Last year alone, thousands of UK residents were fraud victims and this costs the economy millions. This is just one of the reasons that pay by phone casino options are becoming ever more popular. We all know the feeling of losing money or a bank card, which this system strives to decrease the likelihood of.

It’s all run by trusted names and you can authorise the payment directly with your phone carrier. But is this success set to last?

PayPal vs Pay by Phone Casino Payments

The other big name in the casino business is PayPal, which is also used in many online casinos. Though the pay by phone casino system differs, they’re both in place to prevent the number of instances of fraud for their users.

The convenience side of pay by phone casino payments has not been matched so far, even by PayPal’s integration with fingerprint readers. Many people simply don’t trust these online payment moguls as of yet and don’t want to pass their payment details to a third party. With pay by phone casino options, there’s no need to share your details with anyone but the phone operator that you’re already using.

These are just some of the benefits that players are taking notice of when they use the payment system. This has led to a rush in the amount of people using the payment and it seems set to stick around for a long time.

Until something better than pay by phone casino payments come along, there’s nothing to deter players from using it. The aim of the method is to reduce fraud while maintaining convenience for the player, a strategy that appears to be paying off thus far.

There’s no reason for this to fall out of style, unless we see something that replaces the smartphone coming out soon! If you’re interested in using a pay by phone casino then shop around to ensure that you’re really getting the best deal. Who knows, you might just strike it lucky and grab yourself a jackpot.