Mobile Casino Games at Pay by Phone Bill Casinos

mobile casino games pay by phoneAs you might have heard, online casinos are beating the traditional casinos nowadays. They’re easier to gamble at and provide much more options. Pay by phone casino sites and mobile games provide the same advantages over the land-based casinos, except they’re amplified even further.

If you’ve ever paid by phone bill, you know what we’re talking about. And if you haven’t, we’ll explain, so you can realize what’s been missing from your gambling experience.


Mobile Pay by Phone Casino

In short, pay by phone casino is where you can deposit using your mobile credit which you use for browsing the internet, calling your friends and writing SMS messages.

Since it’s related to the mobile phone so much, a mobile device is necessary for this payment type. It’s usually mobile casinos that advertise this kind of deposit solution too.

Aside from this direct link to smartphones, mobile casinos are pretty much the same as online casinos which aren’t compatible with mobile phones.

That isn’t a bad thing, though. Online casinos can be pretty varied in their game selection, bonuses, platforms and promotions, among other things. So, mobile casinos offer the same stunning variety.


Pay by Phone Slots

pay by phone slotsOne of the things that vary the most are games and of all the games, slots are the most diverse. They’re unique in comparison to one another, let alone other types of games.

The things that can vary in slots include everything from the theme to base gameplay mechanics as long as they include reels and symbols of some kind.

Mobile slots can have many cultural references and even popular brands, say, specific TV shows, books or video games. Or it can be a plain fruit machine-like game. It’s up to you to play whatever you prefer!

Also, the minimum and maximum bet size can be different as well. As far as mobile casino slots go, the minimum bet is often lower than at slot machines and online slots.

In fact, real mobile-friendly casino sites allow betting from 1p per spin, which is perfect for players under budget who pay by phone.


3 Slots You Can Pay by Phone Bill

Although it would be impossible to cover everything slots have to offer, we decided to give you an impression on the variety you can expect from pay by phone bill casino slots.

Finn and the Swirly Spin Slot Pay by Phone

This is the last slot that NetEnt released in 2017 and it’s completely unique despite the fact that it incorporates a cliché theme of Irish leprechauns and four-leaf clovers.

The familiar ends there. The moment you see this game you’ll realize that something’s wrong with it. Instead of three or five reels, it has one reel and it swirls like a whirlpool from the edges into the centre.

This alone is highly unusual but there are many other features that were never seen before, like the key symbol which unlocks the bonus features. These features themselves are also very exciting.

Cleopatra Slot Pay by Phone

cleopatra slot pay by phoneOne of the most popular pay by phone slot, Cleopatra has been around for years. It’s a rather simple game in comparison to the new ones, but it still has some exciting features like wilds, multipliers and extra spins.

You can also win very big on this legendary game and get a proper introduction to the ‘Egyptian’ pay by phone bill slots.

Bonanza Slot Pay by Phone

Unlike the other two, Bonanza has an unusual theme of gold mining. It’s true that gold and gems are frequent elements in slots, but rarely does it get straight into the dirt where you have to claim the jewels with your own hands.

Bonanza slot offers just that and it also has an ‘all ways win’ payout mechanism. The number of symbols on each reel differs too, so you can get from a few hundred to over 100,000 winning lines on each spin.

That’s pretty unique and impressive at the same time.


Why Play Slots Pay by Phone?

pay by phone bill casino gamesThe pay by phone mobile slots are very easy to pick up. Not only are they easy to play and learn, the ability to pay by phone allows players to start playing instantly without any preparation.

You don’t need to look for your debit or credit card, to check whether you have money and to add your banking details to the casino.

Instead, provide your phone number and if you’ve got some money in your mobile credit, you can start playing slots in seconds, even if you’re new at the casino you want to play at.

Plus, as already mentioned, smaller bets are allowed on many mobile slots with pay by phone function. So, thanks to 1p per spin instead of 10p, you can last for much longer if you want to.


Other Mobile Casino Games You Can Pay by Phone Bill

Aside from slots, you can also play casino table games on mobile and pay by phone bill using services like Boku or PayForIt.

Table games aren’t that different from one another, but they have many fans due to several reasons.

For one thing, they have a higher RTP, so it’s easier to stay on track when playing them. On the other hand, some of them require skill as well as luck, which isn’t the case in pay by phone slots.

The table games include all the traditional casino games, plus less-known card and dice games. The examples include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, hi-lo, red dog and others.


Live Mobile Games Pay by Phone Bill

pay by phone live casino mobileIn case you were wondering, yes, you can even pay by phone to play live casino games with live dealers. And you can do it on the go too.

Live dealer mobile games are actually very mobile-friendly because you can join them at any time 24/7 and leave at any time as well, so it supplements the easy access of pay by phone casinos at any time and any place.


The Best Casino Games Pay by Phone Bill

In short, every player will find just the right games to play using phone billing services because the offer is right there. All you need is join a mobile site with Boku or Pay by Phone and select a game.

Do you want to win big by trusting your luck entirely? Maybe even experience some exciting gameplay features at the same time? Slots are the perfect choice, as most casino gamblers would agree with you.

On the other hand, why not try some table games or live casino for more easily controllable payouts and a VIP-like casino experience? You won’t get the feeling of a VIP for just 1p anywhere else!

Credit Cards May Be Banned At Online Casinos In The Future

Credit Card BanIn the latest government review of gambling addiction, a ban on using credit cards in online casinos and a mandatory levy to fund gambling addiction treatment has been proposed. These strong recommendations come after an estimated 430,000 problem gamblers have been identified in the UK.

To make things worse, a staggering 2.3 million adults are at risks of becoming problem gamblers. Given how extensive the efforts by the UK Gambling Commission has been to solve problem gambling, this proposal may very well be taken into serious consideration.

The question is, will banning credit cards solve the current problem at hand or will it just be another ineffective method that will cause unwanted ripples in the gambling industry?

Efforts To Tackle Problem Gambling

FOBTs Stake ReductionA few months ago, the government has decided to take action on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) by launching a 12 week consultation on stake reduction to better protect consumers and communities who spend money gambling online. Conducted by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), a full-fledged review will be conducted on FOBTs wagering in this consultation period.

Technically speaking, the consultation conducted by DCMS will include a study on the range of options on cutting the maximum stakes of B2 gaming machines, otherwise known as FOBTs from £100 to between £50 and £2.

On top of that, the government has also requested for the UK Gambling Commission for more information on better methods to track and monitor FOBTS in order to detect problem gamblers. Given the advancement of knowledge in the field of analytics, certain parameters imposed on these machines can be used to detect problem gamblers and subsequently protect them.

Gambling AddictionTo quote Gambling Minister Tracey Crouch, she said: “Given the strong evidence and public concerns about the risks of high stakes gaming machines on the high street, we are convinced of the need for action. That is why today we have set out a package of proposals to ensure all consumers and wider communities are protected”

“We have seen online gambling grow rapidly and we need to protect players in this space, while also making sure those experiencing harm relating to gambling receive the help they need”.

This goes to show that gambling issues are on the rise and the government bodies are doing their best to tackle these said issues. Some of the key measure taking effect will include:

  • Raising standards of player protection for online gambling — The Gambling Commission will consult on changes to the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice next year, with the aim of raising standards on player protection online and will set out expectations to the industry around customer interaction online.
  • Responsible gambling campaign — GambleAware, Advertising Association, broadcasters and gambling industry groups will come together to draw up a major two year responsible gambling advertising campaign. The campaign will have a budget of £5 to £7 million per year and will include TV adverts, including around live sport, as well as radio, cinema, online and print. The campaign will be funded by gambling operators, including online-only betting firms, with airspace and digital media provided by broadcasters.
  • New advertising guidelines — This will be drawn up by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) to help protect those at risk of problem gambling, namely children and young people, by ensuring that the content of gambling adverts does not encourage impulsive or socially irresponsible gambling.


What do you think about these efforts by the government and the UK Gambling Commission in stopping problem gambling? Will the ban of credit cards and adjustment of the stakes on FOBTs solve the gambling addiction issue we have in hand? Let us know in the comments below.

Live Casino Hold ‘Em: Get In And Win Some

Casino Holdem Live Dealer TableCasino Hold ‘Em is a relatively new casino game, having only been invented in 2000 and licensed for use in the United Kingdom in 2007. However, despite its young age, Casino Hold ‘Em has proved very popular in both bricks and mortar casinos and online casinos, and is actually now one of the world’s biggest poker variants.

Based around the much-loved Texas Hold ‘Em poker game, Casino Hold ‘Em is played in a similar way, with the main aim of the game being to create the best five card poker hand possible. It’s popularity at online casinos has led to many different versions of the game being created, including Live Casino Hold ‘Em which allows players to enjoy a real time experience with a professionally trained croupier, from the comfort of their own home.

If you’ve never played Live Casino Hold ‘Em before, or you simply want to learn a bit more about this exciting game, then you’re in the right place! In this guide we’ll be discussing everything you need to know to get started, including how Live casino games work, the basic rules of Live Casino Hold ‘Em poker, and which hands rank higher than others.

How to Play Live Casino Hold ’Em Poker – Basic Rules

Live Casino Hold ’Em poker is actually quite a simple game, once you’ve got the hang of it. Like most popular table games, the basics of the game can be learnt in just a few steps, but we’d then recommend getting in all the practise as possible!

Here is a step-by-step walk through of how a Live Casino Hold ’Em game will unfold:

  1. To start, the player must make an ante bet, by placing chips on the ‘ante’ section of the table. This is similar to a blind in other poker games and must be paid before the cards are dealt.
  2. The dealer then gives you and themselves two cards each. You can view both of your cards, but not the dealer’s.
  3. Three community cards will be dealt to the table.
  4. If you have made an optional side bet, the results of that will be settled at this point.
  5. Once the side bet has been settled, you will need to decide how you wish to proceed. You can either fold, and lose your ante bet, or continue playing.
  6. If you decide to continue playing, you need to make a call bet. This is double the amount of your original ante bet, and chips must be placed on the ‘call’ section of the table. Once you’ve made a call bet, a further two community cards will be dealt to the table.
  7. At this point, you need to create the best five card hand possible. Sometimes, In online Live Casino Hold ’Em games, this will automatically be worked out for you. Alternatively, take a look at our ‘Ranking of Hands’ table below to learn about which hands are worth the most.
  8. Your hand will then be compared to the dealer’s. The dealer must have a pair of fours or better to qualify.
  9. If the dealer does not qualify, the ante bet will pay according to the ante pay tablet and the call bet will be pushed.
  10. If the dealer has the better hand, you lose both the ante and call bets.
  11. If you have the better hands, the ante bet will pay according to the ante pay table, and the call bet will pay 1 to 1.
  12. In the case of a tie, both the ante and call bets are pushed.

Live Casino Hold ‘Em Poker – The Ranking of Hands

Here is how hands are ranked in Live Casino Hold ‘Em poker, from best to worst:


Hand NameDescription
Royal FlushNothing beats a Royal Flush. This is the best hand in Live Casino Hold ‘Em and it consists of five suited cards in sequence, from 10 to Ace.
Straight flushThis is the second best hand. It consists of five suited cards in sequence.
Four of a KindAs the name suggests, this hand consists of four cards of the same number value The hand will be completed with the highest value card in play.
Full HouseA full house consists of three of a kind (three cards of the same number value) and a pair (two cards of the same number value). A full house with a higher value three of a kind will win over another full house hand.
FlushFive cards of the same suit. These don’t need to be in any order. If two players have a flush, the hand with the highest card will win.
StraightFive cards in sequence, but not of the same suit. Ace can be high or low.
Three of a KindThree cards of the same number value. The hand will be completed with the two highest value cards in play.
Two PairsAs the name suggests, two sets of two cards with the same number value. The hand is completed with the highest value card in play.
PairTwo cards with the same number value. The hand is completed with the three highest value cards in play.
High cardNone of the above

Basic Strategy For Live Casino Hold ‘Em

Cost, risk, benefit diceAs with all poker games, to play Live Casino Hold ‘Em poker optimally you need to know when is the best time to fold and which is the best time to call. Although there is no better way of learning than practising playing, there are some factors which you should always take into consideration.

Essentially, you need to be able to weigh up the strength of your hand, and how your hand will improve after the two remaining cards have been dealt, and how strong the dealer’s hand might be and how that could improve. Here are some simple strategy rules you should keep in mind when playing Live Casino Hold ‘Em poker.

  • Always consider playing on if you’re hand contains a pair or better.
  • Always consider playing on if you have an Ace or King in your hand.
  • Always consider playing on if you have a Queen or Jack in your hand, unless the community cards are all one suit and you don’t have a card of that suit.
  • Always consider playing on if you have a straight or a flush which only needs one card to be completed.
  • It may be time to fold if you have no cards which match the community cards and no cards over ten, unless you have a straight or a flush.
  • It may be time to fold if your hand consists of low cards that don’t match any of the community cards, and don’t provide you with a flush or a straight.

iPad Casino Apps: Reviewing The Best Ones

App Store and Play Store LogosOnline casinos and gambling apps are hugely popular among iPad users. The selection of games on offer along with the detailed graphics and smooth gameplay make these apps irresistible to gaming aficionados.

Every reputable and respectable gambling company has an app, so the selection on offer can be a bit overwhelming to those unversed in the casino app world. That is where we step-in to provide you with our guide to the very best casino apps on offer to iPad users right now.

There are numerous online casino apps in the market nowadays. Whilst many offer a substantial amount of games, what really distinguishes the better apps from the rest is the combination of quality along with quantity that they bring to the casino table. You can be assured that the apps we list below are ones of this ilk.


1. Betway Casino App

Betway Casino AppBetway’s online casino has been receiving some raving reviews recently and it is should come as no surprise. It’s a longstanding player in the casino world and is a company known for its quality, professionalism and security.

Unfortunately, there are significantly fewer games in the app in comparison to the desktop version of Betway casino. Nevertheless, with nearly 100 games available, this is still a large amount for a tablet-based app and certainly enough to keep you entertained. Some of the Betway Casino app perks:

  • 100+ games
  • Reported payout percentage of 97.55%
  • Quick and simple payouts
  • Variety of payment methods, including Skrill and PayPal

In the casino you can play the usual classics such as blackjack and roulette, as well as variants of these classics. Video poker is another option. Slot favourites such as Major Millions Progressive and Mega Moolah are also available. Betway’s welcome bonus is excellent:

  • When your first deposit is made, you receive a 100% match bonus up to £250
  • With your second deposit, a 25% match bonus up to £25 is paid out
  • With your third deposit, you will receive a 50% match bonus of up to £500

The Bestway app is fully optimised to run smoothly on iPads. The navigation is simple and user-friendly, with games separated logically into different categories. The app is designed to make the user experience enjoyable and easy. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store, and your iPad must be running on iOS 7 or above. The app will fill 12.4mb of space on your iPad.

For an authentic and professional online casino app, Betway is a good option. It might not be the very best iPad casino app out there, but it is a great online casino with a sizeable selection of games to suit most tastes. You cannot go wrong with the Betway app.


2. LeoVegas Casino App

LeoVegas Casino AppYou will not encounter an app more suited for iPad users than LeoVegas. It’s choice of games is unparalleled in the mobile/tablet casino world, with over 600 games available at your fingertips. The app is designed with user-experience in mind and it performs brilliantly on the iPad. Here is what you will enjoy:

  • Huge selection of games
  • 250+ video slot games
  • State-of-the-art software
  • Live dealer games
  • Easy navigation

LeoVegas runs on excellent software. The app provides easy navigation, with an intuitive display, resulting in the most seamless of app experiences. One particularly positive aspect of the interface is that it is identical to the desktop version, making the transition from desktop to tablet as simple as it gets.

LeoVegas truly excels in its enormous range of games. With over 600, even the most avid gambler will surely not bore. You will find variations of video poker, roulette and blackjack. Baccarat, keno, Casino Hold’em and craps are also available.

Driven by Evolution Gaming, the live dealer games are filled with originality and excitement. LeoVegas’s welcome package is roaringly attractive too with 120 free spins and up to £1,600 casino cash when you claim your first four deposits at the casino.

The minimum iPad system requirement to run LeoVegas is iOS6. 11.8mb of free space is needed to download the app. LeoVegas is truly the crème de la crème of the online casino app world. With variation, quality and delightfully user-friendly, LeoVegas is outstanding.


3. 888 Casino App

888 Casino App888 casino are a well-known entity in the casino world and for good reason. It is a company oozing professionalism and quality. The 888 casino app is a strong performer in the online casino app market and is a great option for iPad users. The 888 low-down:

  • Excellent choice of slot games
  • Live casino games
  • Top software
  • User-friendly
  • Offers variety of payment methods including Skrill and Paypal

Admittedly, the app has far fewer games on offer than its desktop counterpart. However, this is true for most online casinos and this shouldn’t be something which dictates your casino app choice solely.

The 888 casino app will be particularly appealing to those of you with hots for the slots. Indeed, the bulk of 888 casino app’s games are of the slot variety with plenty of jackpot games on offer. You will also find the old favourites such as Panda Manga, Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest.

The table casino games are limited, but you will find blackjack and roulette variations. The 888 casino app truly excels is in its live casino gaming. The selection on offer is fantastic, with many different games, tables and award-winning variants. The live casino is all powered by Evolution Gaming, making for a truly fantastic experience.

The 888 casino app has been simplified from the desktop version, and this ensures a smooth feel. The app is user friendly, offering easy navigation and a straightforward layout. Choosing your favourite games is effortless. The app is designed for ease of use and it certainly succeeds in its aim. Furthermore, 888 casino also offers a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit. Any money you invest will be matched up to a maximum of £100.

Your iPad must be running on iOS 6 or above and the app will fill 4.1mb of space. The 888 casino app is a fantastic option for iPad users. Whilst the selection of games isn’t huge, the slot games and live gaming are among the very best out there. 888 casino is a solid choice.

These apps are three of the very best on the market, and all of them provide excellent platforms to enjoy your gaming. If you are looking for an online casino, look no further than these three; we assure that you will not be disappointed.

How To Cheat At Online Casinos 

Card Cheating SleeveSince the rise of online casinos and online gambling in general, swarms of people have taken it upon themselves to try and cheat the system. The endless number of pages in search engines claiming to be able to hack these casinos are staggering. We are here to find out if these online gambling sites are impenetrable and the strides people go to, to try and make a quick cash grab. 


Common Online Cheats 

Naturally, playing online and on mobiles means that the most common tricks like marking cards or hiding some up your sleeve won’t work here. In fact, the only consistent method which could work would be exploiting a bug in the software from a casino.  

Many cheaters try and exploit the system by trying to gain access to the Random Number Generator (RNG), which determines the outcome of pretty much all of the games these days.  

Players who don’t have access to the back-end of an online casino are constantly trying new methods to cheat the system. A few of the most common practices, which are constantly evolving, are the use of bots or cloning: 

  1. Bots act as automated computer gamblers, taking the seat of a player’s table and performing in accordance to a pre-programmed strategy, for as long as they’re online.  
  2. Cloning is the process of holding multiple accounts. Players will try and set up as many accounts as they can, claim the commonly offered ‘no deposit bonus’ and play until that money is gone. 
  3. Card counting in at live casino tables. 

While these methods sound promising, they’re not infallible. With the resources at hand at the big online casinos, bots are hunted down fairly quickly. That’s due to the inevitable patterns, which eventually occur from an automated process.  

For cloning, however, this method isn’t so easy for casinos to shut down. At all online and mobile casinos, ID confirmation is required to be able to sign up and bet. If not, an ID check is definitely performed when players go to cash out winnings.  

This creates obstacles for wannabe cheaters. However,there are multiple ways to gain access to people’s IDs and photographic proof of said IDs.There are two common responses when this method is suspected: 

  1. The online casino will shut down their ‘no deposit bonus’ for a given time, forcing these cheaters to move on.  
  2. The bonus program is disabled for that country, though this can be bypassed by using a VPN connection. 


Do Online Casinos Cheat? 

Can Online Casinos CheatNot only do players get accused of cheating, but the casinos themselves have accusations thrown at them. These claims usually go unfounded and can mathematically be debunked.  

That being said, there are sites which will pop up and, in essence, be a scam. This is why all gaming authorities press players to go to verified and trusted sites for their gambling needs.  

One of the most infamous scandals where a casino was caught cheating, was in the “Superuser” case. This particular exploit came about when a player got access to the administrative accounts, granting him the ability to see everyone’s hands of cards.  

Some online casinos also provide a “live casino”, where players participate by watching the table through a camera.  Commonly, these are games where the player bets against the house, for example roulette and blackjack.  

These casino rooms behave the same way they would if a person was in the actual casino. They have the same security measures as those taking place on the floor or in virtual rooms. As a result, these rooms are open to the same weaknesses you’d find in real casinos, predominantly card counting.  

That being said, as this method is tried out so frequently, there are many initiatives to prevent it from happening. For example, it can be achieved when it’s prohibited to place bets after a certain time limit.

The positive side to using “live casinos”, however, is that it helps eliminate the outcries of players claiming the RNG is rigged. The twist, though, is that humans will still try to cheat the system. One such case, which happened in early 2017, occurred when a dealer at BetOnline casino was caught second dealing. 

Due to this game being streamed and thereby recorded, people from across the web were able to see this violation. The resulting punishment was a very heavy fine for the casino, money issued back to players and the tarnishing of the casino’s reputation. 


Risks Of Online Cheating 

Cost, risk, benefit diceA quick search online and people can see plenty of sites which quickly come and go, that exclaim they have cheats which can crack any system. Usually they require players to download a programme or sign up for free. While on paper this seems good, anyone who has clicked on one of these, almost certainly found these to be scams.  

Such programmes can be quickly identified by online casino sites and promptly removed by the search provider. Risks from these types of sitesor from contacting private persons, who claim to hold the keys to successful cheating, are most definitely viruses or fraud. Our advice to you – don’t do it! 

On top of this, there are the legal repercussions. In the UK, persons caught cheating at online casinos can face a variety of punishments. If caught cheating, you can expect your account, credit cards and IP to be banned by the casino. 

In all likelihood, this information will be passed onto other gambling businesses as well. If caught committing more serious acts, cheaters can expect a hefty fine and, in some cases, jail time. 


Is Cheating an Online Casino Worth it? 

The short answer to this is no. The easiest and most consistent way to make a profit through online casinos is simple, yet time consuming. With enough time, players could scavenge for sites offering generous sign up rewards and researching which sites offer generous winnings.  

It should be noted that we don’t propagate cheating and this article is for entertainment purposes only. We do not advise trying to find sites that claim to be able to hack online casinos either – you’d simply be asking for trouble! 

Our Top 3 Pay by Phone Casinos For Playing NetEnt Slots

netent logo whitegreenNetEnt have long been heralded the king of slots. The Swedish software developers are constantly pushing boundaries and producing some of the best games around, not to mention the incredible roster of games they already offer.

However, given the four huge announcements the brand made last week, it looks like they’re about to give players a phenomenal 2018, which means finding your perfect NetEnt pay by phone casino is more important than ever before. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite casinos which both offer games from NetEnt and accept phone billing deposits.

Furthermore, we’ve also taken in to consideration what bonuses are up for grabs for new players at each casino on the list, so that you can be sure you’ll be handsomely rewarded for joining any of these great sites. Read on to find your perfect pay by phone casino for playing NetEnt slots!



1. Casumo

Casumo Casino LogoCasumo is, hands-down, one of our favourite mobile casinos ever and so, given that they also offer a great collection of new and old NetEnt titles, it’s no wonder their topping our list! Casumo first launched in the UK in 2015 and have since become one of the most popular mobile casinos around. This is in part due to their extensive games roster, but mainly because of their novel and rewarding bonuses.

When you sign up to Casumo, not only will you be treated to a welcome package worth up to £1,200, but you’ll also begin your ‘Casumo Adventure’. This gamified rewards system allows players to pick up badges and medals as they play, which can be cashed in for extra spins or bonuses. This means that each time you choose to play with Casumo, you’re being thanked for your loyalty! Furthermore, the casino also runs daily ‘Reel Races’, a sort of fast paced slots tournament, which allow you to get your hands on even more goodies. Better still, many of these tournaments are played with the newest or most popular NetEnt slots on site.


2. VideoSlots

Video Slots Casino LogoComing in a close second is the superb VideoSlots, who not only offer NetEnt titles but also permit players to deposit via SIRU Mobile payments. Having been around since 2011, VideoSlots have years of experience and it’s this knowledge which allows them to offer players a very accomplished and comprehensive site. The casino runs flawlessly across all devices, is easy to navigate and hosts some amazing promotions.

That being said, VideoSlots’ welcome bonus is fairly ordinary. The site offers all players a 100% match bonus when they make their first deposit, worth up to £200, plus 11 extra spins. So why has VideoSlots ranked so highly on this list? Well that’s because they offer the biggest games collection in existence. With over 2,200 different titles available, players can enjoy a full suite of NetEnt slots and table games, alongside hundreds of other releases from over 70 software developers.


3. Pots of Luck

pots of luck logoLast but by no means least is Pots of Luck casino, a Nektan powered site which first launched in 2016. As a Nektan casino, Pots of Luck benefits from a diverse and extensive games roster, which comes complete with a broad range of NetEnt slots.

Players can choose between modern classics such as Gonzo’s Quest, to brand new titles such as The Phantom’s Curse. Furthermore, the reliable Nektan platform means that the site is perfect for both mobile and desktop users and they accept pay by phone deposits via Boku, which makes funding your Pots of Luck account a breeze.

Whilst there are hundreds of Nektan white-label casino sites around, we’ve picked Pots of Luck for this specific list as their welcome bonus includes 100 extra spins on the insanely popular NetEnt slot, Starburst. Players can also pick up a further 50 spins on the slot when they make their second and third deposits, and there’s up to £500 of bonuses to be claimed too. All in all, this makes Pots of Luck a splendid choice if you’re looking for a new Nektan pay by phone casino to play at.

NetEnt Make Four Huge Annoucements at ICE Totally Gaming Conference

netent logo whitegreenLast week, the ICE Totally Gaming Conference hit London, with all the biggest and brightest industry figures and experts taking part. The ICE event allows software developers, casino experts and journalists to come together and showcase their newest inventions, products and services and so, for online casino fans, it’s usually an exciting time.

As tradition dictates, the ICE conference is usually where NetEnt reveal what block-buster branded title their working on this year, but nothing could prepare us for the four, yes four, huge announcements they made! Not only did the Swedish gaming giants release news of not one, but two new branded slots, but they also gave players some insight into the new levels of innovation they’ll be treated to in 2018. Read on to find out exactly what NetEnt have planned for the year ahead, and how it will impact your online gaming experiences.



The Four Annoucements

As we mentioned in the introduction, NetEnt made not one but four huge announcements last week. As one of the best and biggest software developers around, any NetEnt news is usually met with great excitement and anticipation, and so it sort of felt like Christmas had come extremely early when the brand just kept on revealing new projects. Here’s the four huge reveals NetEnt made last week.


1. A New Narcos Based Slot

Narcos Slot Logo NetEntAlthough we were sort of prepared for NetEnt to release information of a new branded title, as they do this every year, we had no idea what the subject of the new game would be. Well, the wait is over as NetEnt have revealed their next branded slot will be based around the hit Netflix series Narcos.

Narcos tells the tale of the Colombian drug-cartel, with the first two seasons centered around kingpin Pablo Escobar. The series has not only gained a huge following online, but it’s also been nominated for numerous Emmys. This makes the partnership between NetEnt and Gaumount, the series producer, all the more impressive and with season 4 due out in September too, we know that NetEnt will be feeling the pressure to deliver something spectacular.

Henrik Fagerlund, NetEnt’s Chief Product Officer, noted that the new slot would stand as one of their ‘biggest deals to date‘ and hoped that it would allow the brand to appeal to ‘yet another demographic who can have fun playing our games‘.


2. Another Branded Title

Vikings Slot by NetEntHot off the heels of announcing their new Narcos slot, NetEnt also revealed they’d be releasing a Vikings themed slot too. This is the first time NetEnt have announced a double whammy of branded titles coming our way at once, which shows how much effort their putting into pleasing their players this year.

Vikings is a historical TV drama which is available in the UK via Amazon Prime. It’s gained quite the following since it’s debut in 2013 and we’re certain that NetEnt, given their Scandinavian heritage, will do justice to the series.

Futhermore, the fact that NetEnt have managed to secure not one but two partnerships with two TV production companies just proves how well respected the software developers are. Speaking of the move to creating TV series based slots, Fagerlund said he was pleased ‘to be able to provide our players with a different genre of branded game‘ and that it ‘showcases the hard work we’re putting in behind the scenes to create such high-quality content and further expand our portfolio.


3. Gonzo’s Quest VR Slot Is Coming Soon!

Gonzo's Quest VR logoAlthough we’re more than excited by the idea of two new branded slots from one of our favourite games designers, perhaps the most thrilling news of the week was that NetEnt have promised us a virtual reality slot by summer!

Virtual reality casinos and slots have been a long time coming, yet we’ll finally be able to enjoy a fully formed game this year! We’ve known for a while that NetEnt were developing a VR version of Gonzo’s Quest, yet up until now we didn’t know when it would be coming to market.

Gonzo’s Quest will be available in virtual reality in a few months time which makes NetEnt yet again leaders of innovation in the field. Moreover, NetEnt have promised the game will be available on both desktop and mobile devices with a ‘plug and play mentality’, which means it will be accessible for all types of gamers.


4. NetEnt and Mr Green Partner Up to Create ‘Live Beyond Live’ Gaming Experience

Mr Green and NetEnt Live Beyond Live CasinoNetEnt and Mr Green casino have always had a special relationship, with the software developers often creating exclusive titles for the site. It’s no surprise then, that they’re partnering up once more but the difference is that this time they’re diving into the world of live casino games.

NetEnt and Mr Green’s ‘Live Beyond Live’ technology makes live dealer rooms all the more immersive, with players being taken on a ‘customisable 3D journey’ around the casino. Whilst this may sound like a load of PR nonsense, what they actually mean is that the new Live Beyond Live casino rooms will allow players to really feel like they are in a casino, with moving background images giving the impression of a real-life simulation.

The Live Beyond Live casino rooms will also use several new camera angles to bring players closer to the action of the game, as well as the ability to see other tables around you and their results. It will also benefit from improved audio quality, which will provide a ‘larger than life’ experience.

Mr Green players can enjoy the new Live Beyond Live rooms right now from their mobile, and in the second quarter of the year the casino and NetEnt will unveil the technology for desktop players too.


Play At Mr Green This February To Visit Las Vegas

las vegas mr greenA journey to Las Vegas is one of the most popular prizes of many promotions and at many casinos. The main problem is that there aren’t nearly enough free tickets for everyone, so Mr Green offers yet another chance for you to win it. Actually, you can win not one but two such tickets by playing at Mr Green this February.

The prize is really grand as it’s an all-inclusive trip for two which is worth £20,000 in total. This shouldn’t surprise you because the promotion is just a single example of many offers in 2018. It’s a part of Mr Green’s celebration of its 10-year anniversary and players get the most from this occasion.



How To Win A Trip To Las Vegas At Mr Green

Mr Green Live CasinoThe promotion period lasts this whole month until the 28th of February. During this time, you should play as much of live casino games as possible. The ones that count in this promotion are LIVE casino tables by NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. You can play all of them or choose a specific game from either developer, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you should bet a total of £20 on any of these games combined. Every £20 will grant you a single ticket for the prize draw at the end of the month. The number of entries you can collect is almost unlimited. Every single day, you can claim up to 100 tickets. If this doesn’t sound lucrative, Mr Green offers other Live casino offers at the same time. So, not only will you be collecting entries for that trip to Las Vegas, you will also be able to claim bonuses for LIVE casino games.

The winner will be selected randomly, so you can still win with a single entry, though your chance would be low. Luckily, there’s still a lot of time to collect a decent number of those tickets. The prize draw will only take place on 27th February at 5:45 pm. The draw will be streaming live at Mr Green Casino’s Evolution LIVE Blackjack table No. 3.


The Prizes At The 27th February Prize Draw

mr green casinoFive winners will be selected during the prize draw. Each of the first two winners will go to Las Vegas with one friend while each of the remaining three will get £500 in cash. The grand prize doesn’t just cover the trip expenses but gives the full experience.

The two winners will each get two return tickets from any location and eight-night accommodation at Caesars Place. They’ll also be able to enjoy dining at the fancy Nobu restaurant and even an exclusive helicopter tour. Finally, Mr Green will provide £1,000 as spending money to gamble with and do whatever you like.

So, practice now at Mr Green’s roulette and blackjack tables and maybe you’ll get the opportunity to try your skills on the Strip! If you won’t be able to watch the prize draw live, don’t worry. The casino will contact all winners in three days after the draw. Good luck!

Royal Savoy Is 100th Mobile Casino Launched By Nektan

royal savoy casinoNektan is one of the most popular casino operators all across Europe. This week, however, the company took a step further by achieving something few others can ever hope to achieve. With the launch of Royal Savoy casino, Nektan reached 100 mobile casinos that it’s operating under the Evolve platform.

Royal Savoy became 100th Nektan casino and joined this vast network right after Cupid Slots, Empire Wins and Slot Stars. Nektan doesn’t plan on stopping either as their platform offers amazing advantages that few casino owners could easily decline. However, the popularity of white-label Evolve platform does come at a price, even if small one.


Nektan And Its Hundred-Strong Platform

nektan 100 casinosNektan’s platform is very attractive to businesses that own online and mobile casinos. The main reason for that is how much it covers. Using the service, casino owners don’t have to worry about regulatory approval, account management and customer support. The platform comes with a huge variety of games, a network of promotions, including VIP schemes. All that’s left for the owner is branding and traffic acquisition.

Such an achievement by Nektan has a lot do with its growth, which has been quite steady for years. Recently, it became a natural thing as the company accumulated enough experience to provide a very quick service. If you wanted to launch your casino via Evolve, it would only take eight weeks for them to fully develop it.

One of the directors at Nektan Claire Osborne was, of course, proud of this achievement. He said that their platform gives them an edge in the market, making it easier to beat the competition. The results of their popularity confirm this very clearly.


Royal Savoy – 100th Nektan Casino

royal savoy casino 100th nektanThe luck to become 100th Nektan casino will no doubt attract more players to Royal Savoy casino. What’s better is that it deserves all this traffic and truly looks like a special casino. What you’ll immediately notice if you check this site out right now is its welcome bonus.

New players can claim up to £17,500 in bonuses and 300 extra spins on Starburst. That’s no typo either, the casino actually offers 20 times more than you would expect from an average gambling site today. Chances are, this promotion won’t stay like that for long, so use the opportunity right away if you can!

Joining Royal Savoy is worth your while for more than just this one reason. It’s also the new home to more than 400 games: slots, table games, live dealer, instant win and more. The site’s already full of promotions, thanks to the Nektan platform, and people are already enjoying their time over there.


Why Is Nektan So Productive?

Nektan has come up with an ingenious way to maximise their productivity. They created a decent platform with over twenty software providers, dynamic promotions, mobile accessibility and other perks. All they had to do is continue providing the same level of quality. And they did by launching identical casinos all over the place. Evolve platform isn’t particularly flexible as even the most diverse brands look strikingly similar.

If gambling was more mainstream, Nektan casinos would definitely become a meme due to their similarities. On the other hand, they have a lot to offer thanks to this product and when it comes to gambling itself, Nektan delivers. So, it’s using the same technique over and over again that enabled the company to reach the 100 mobile casinos milestone.

But this comes at a price because new Nektan casinos feel old instantly. Just compare Royal Savoy with sites like Slots Devil or Plush Casino and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Not that they’re bad casinos or anything, it’s just the way they look that makes us cringe a bit.

SIRU Mobile Payments: Everything You Need To Know

SIRU Mobile Payments LogoWhilst mobile casinos have been around for over a decade, the recent rise in popularity of gaming on the go means that there are now more ways to fund your casino accounts than ever before, all promising to be better than others on the market.

Here at Pay By Phone Bill Casino, we’ve always championed pay by phone methods – duh- but whilst we’ve wrote numerous times about methods such as Boku, there’s another payment intermediary which has caught out attention recently.

SIRU Mobile was born in Finland in 2011, and the service operates in a similar way to Boku; allowing players to make payments using their mobile phone number and use their phone bill, or exisiting phone credit, to pay for it. Unlike Boku however, SIRU Mobile is a fairly new option for UK players and is still only available at a select number of casino sites. In today’s guide we’ll talk you through how the service works, how to make a SIRU Mobile payment from your mobile phone, and which casinos you can use the service at.



What is SIRU Mobile?

As we mentioned above, SIRU Mobile is a pay by phone payment service which allows you to make deposits at casinos using your mobile telephone number. The service works in conjunction with the casino and your mobile network provider, and is therefore classified as a ‘payment intermediary’.

Payment On Tablet

A payment intermediary is essentially the middle man in all your pay by phone transactions. They’re the people who are responsible for handling the payment, requesting the money from your network provider and delivering it at the casino. This makes them the most important part of any pay by phone transaction, as without them it would be impossible.

If you’re familiar with other pay by phone methods, like Boku or Pay by Phone, you’ll probably be able to hazard a guess at how SIRU Mobile works. You supply the service with your phone number, verify the payment and then the funds will either be subtracted from your phone credit balance, or added to your monthly phone bill to be paid at a later date.

SIRU Mobile works with all major UK phone networks including Orange, EE, T-Mobile, O2, Three and Vodafone. You can see the whole process in detail below, and whilst there is a few differences between SIRU Mobile and other pay by phone services, what’s important to know is that they’re as fast, secure and convenient as any other phone billing payment method.


Siru Mobile Payment Instructions

How to Make A SIRU Mobile Deposit

SIRU Mobile deposits can be made in just a few small steps. Unlike e-wallet services, there’s no need to set up an account before you make a payment which means, so long as your casino actually accepts the service, you’re good to go almost straight away. To check your casino has adopted SIRU Mobile payments, either check out the banking page or contact customer service.

    1.  Go to the banking page of your casino account, click deposit and select ‘SIRU Mobile’
      Casinos love to make funding your account one of the easiest parts of your whole experience, so the depositing page should always be well signaled. In addition, SIRU Payments work across all devices, which means you’ll be able to deposit using the method regardless of if you’re using a mobile, tablet, desktop or any other internet enabled device.
    2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and provide your mobile phone number
      As SIRU Mobile works by charging your payment to your phone bill, or subtracking it from your existing pre-paid credit, you need to supply your phone number. You’ll then recieve an SMS message containing a security pin code, which you must enter on the payment screen to verify the payment.However, unlike other phone bill methods, SIRU Mobile only requires you to verify your identity once. By using the pincode on your first payment, you’re essentially saying that you accept payments to be made via this phone number now and in the future. On your second payment, therefore, you’ll simply need to enter the amount you wish to deposit, accept the terms and conditions and click confirm.
    3. Wait for the ‘Payment Successful’ Message
      Once you’ve confirmed your payment, that’s it, you’re finished! Almost immediately you should see a ‘payment successful’ message and then will be directed back to your casino account. Your funds will be in the account straightaway and so you’re all set to play.

SIRU Mobile Casinos

Video Slots Casino LogoAlthough SIRU Mobile has many benefits and offers players a very quick and secure way to deposit into their casino account, the service is sadly not so common in the UK just yet. This is due to the popularity of other phone bill depositing methods such as Boku, and so there’s nothing really to complain about, but we’d love to see more casinos using the service in the near future.

That being said, pioneering casinos such as VideoSlots have adopted the method much to our delight and we’d fully recommend visiting the casino – regardless of if you want to make a SIRU payment. VideoSlots is a very accomplished casino, offering a roster of over 2,000 games and some very rewarding bonuses. You can check out our full VideoSlots review here.