SlotsMillion Creates its First Ever Slots Millionaire!

slotsmillion-logoSlotsMillion is back in the headlines again, with the news that it has just made its very first millionaire player! The million pound mark hasn’t just been passes, it’s been shattered, with the lucky player landing a staggering jackpot of £2.2 million off a single spin! Not just this, but the player had also only recently signed up to the casino – you don’t get much luckier than that!

Having only spent a couple of days playing at the site, and only a few months after the site launched in the UK, the player was lucky enough to hit the main jackpot on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune networked progressive jackpot!

How Does it Feel to be a Millionaire?

Let’s not lose site of the fact that while SlotsMillion might be celebrating having made their first millionaire, there’s also a player out there whose entire life has just been turned upside down! As is usually quite sensible in these cases, the player has opted to remain anonymous, but via the casino, he was able to make this statement:

mega-fortune-slot-logo“I still can’t believe it. It’s a life-changing situation; my wife and I may use some of the winnings to go traveling, but we have yet to properly discuss how we will spend all the cash! I came across the brand on one of the big casino review sites, and it had received a lot of positive feedback about the number of games offered and the overall player experience. I definitely wasn’t disappointed with SlotsMillion, even before my big win came.”

Obviously anyone is going to be bowled over by such amazing news, but it’s nice to hear this player staying humble and showing gratitude for the win.

Isn’t Making Millionaires What SlotsMillion is All About?

With a name like SlotsMillion, you’d be forgiven for believing that the whole point of the casino was to make as many online and mobile millionaires as possible. But the reality is – and you’ll know this if you know anything about the casino – that the fact that SlotsMillion has just dished out over a million quid is actually a happy side effect of its other two main aims.

The name of the casino actually refers to the fact that the casino aims to be the first in the world to offer players the opportunity to choose from over a million different gaming titles at a single casino. The site already has many thousands of games already on its roster, and works with over 50 different developers to provide them. Obviously it has an awfully long way to get to the million game mark, but if any casino is going to get there, it’s going to be this one.

The other distinguishing feature of SlotsMillion is that it’s one of the very first online casinos to create a full virtual reality games lounge to house the slots and casino games it has on offer. Obviously this is a bit of a niche side of the casino right now, as not so many players own the require equipment to access a virtual reality casino, however as the ownership of VR goggles increases, we expect to see SlotsMillions capitalising on that growth.

Get 10 Spins For Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse At SlotsMillion

slotsmillion-logoWith the release of NetEnt’s Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse, all the NetEnt casinos are scrabbling to make the best deals they can to entice new players to their site. With an abundance of free spins abound, who will we turn to for a generous offer?

One casino to turn to would be SlotsMillion who are offering extra spins to use on that exact slot up until 29th January 2018. Follow these instructions so you can get a chance to win some extra spins!

Sign Up To SlotsMillion

slotsmillion-bannerThe first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is sign up to SlotsMillion casino. This is a simple task and takes a few minutes to accomplish. Access the front page and click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the far right hand corner of the screen. It will take a moment or two to register your important details but once done, you never have to do it again.

There are a million reasons to join SlotsMillion — having over 700 slots is just one of them. Being the pioneering fully realised virtual reality casino, it certainly has a hold on that portion of the market. The experience is breath-taking, too, and to experience it to its fullest capacity, becoming a member is a serious recommendation!


Enter The Right Code

slotsmillion-ipad-2Now you’ve signed up to SlotsMillion, the next thing to do is to enter the bonus code to grab those free spins. That bonus code is: CURSE10. No deposit is required for you to get these spins and you can enjoy the wonderful SlotsMillion bonus on top of that as well. Now that’s an offer that can’t be refused! You have to be crazy to turn that down, in our humble opinion.

That welcome bonus includes a double deposit bonus plus 100 free spins to use on select NetEnt slots. These include the likes of Jack and the Beanstalk, Gonzo’s Quest, and Twin Spin. So, if you think about it, you’re getting over a hundred extra spins in total simply by signing up to the site. How cool is that?


About Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse

phantoms curseNetEnt are known for making not only great slots but great slots that are part of a series of great slots. Their Rock trilogy is an excellent example of this. By incorporating music by Rock legends suck as Jimi Hendrix and Guns ‘N Roses, they have upped the level of quality any developer can bring to a slot and then some. In fact, they’ve had such an impact that you have competitors trying to replicate their success.

Now NetEnt have brought along Universal Monsters, a series that emulates the classic monsters featured in the old black and white Universal films. They have already met much success with this serious through this slot’s predecessor, Universal Monsters: The Phantom of the Opera. Sign up at any great NetEnt casino like SlotsMillion for your chance to play and win some extra cash with these awesome games.


UKGC Announces New Report On Problem Gambling By Citizens Advice

uk gambling commission logoAs the UK’s number one gambling watchdog, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has a job to accept research from outside sources. This is merely a matter of logistics as the organisation doesn’t have an infinite amount of resources or time to spare. This is most likely why it was announced recently that the UKGC has welcomed the report made by the Citizens Advice Bureau which considers the important factors that feed into problem gambling. What is the significance of such a report and how can it help organisations like the UKGC tackle issues in the future?

A Vital Gateway

citizens adviceTim Miller, executive director of the UKGC, has claimed that Citizens Advice provides them a “vital gateway” into the mindset of problem players, especially those already seeking help for whatever problem they might have. Such data allows them to better tackle the issue of problem gambling today so that tomorrow’s players are better prepared. It also brings to light any bad practices carried out by gambling organisations who can, most unfortunately, take advantage of vulnerable people.

This report in particular focuses on those who are at the extreme end of problem gambling — that being so severe it affects their daily lives. The UKGC want to be able to learn more about not only how it affects the players themselves but the people around them, such as friends and family, who are also affected by the addiction. This is so they can get a better idea on how problem gambling can affect a wider community rather than just the individual.

All About Numbers

Miller also went onto explain how the Citizen’s Advice report provides the UKGC with a broader understanding on the economic impact of problem gambling, meaning how the cost of problem gambling has a ripple effect on the rest of the market. Not only that but it can tell us about unemployment, level of debt and the strain it could have heath services. Not to mention it could show how much of problem it is among the courts.

So this report may seem boring an inconsequential to the partial observer but to the UKGC this is extremely significant. Many people approach Citizens Advice daily for guidance on how to live a normal, functional life with little financial strain or worry. Problem gambling, as well as being a mental stress, can be a massive financial one too. It’s important to know the causes and the impact it has on society in order to better improve he situation.


What To Do If You Think You’re A Problem Gambler

Struggling to get by day-to-day without gambling? Found yourself in some serious debt because you cannot control your habit? If you think you may have a gambling problem, the best thing to do is to reach out and get help. There are numerous resources online that can help you if you’re struggling. Even the UKGC has resources which you can use to help tackle the issue. Just remember that you’re not alone and there’s always someone out there who can help.


3 Deal Breakers For Pay By Phone Casino Players

Man With Stop SignWith January upon us, many people will be making small (or big!) changes to their lives to try and make this year better than the last. Whether you’ve promised yourself you’ll go the gym more than once a month or your attempting to cut your caffeine intake, one thing that could really improve your day to day life as an online gamer is finding a new casino that suits your needs.

Of course, searching for a new casino is no mean feat. What seems like a straightforward task can easily turn into something much more stressful, especially when there are so many sites around, all of which promise to be the best. It’s easy to be sucked in by attractive welcome bonuses and shiny designs, but there are definitely certain red-flags you should look out for too.

We all want to play at a casino which values it’s players and makes our experiences easy and rewarding, however as pay by phone users this can often be a struggle. It can sometimes feel like we must compromise on other features, such as games collections and promotions, in order to deposit in the way we want to. Whilst we may feel comfortable letting somethings slide, today we’re discussing what should be considered a  ‘deal breaker’ – an obvious sign you should avoid a casino and play elsewhere!



Transaction Fees

No Hidden Charges StampArguably the biggest deal breaker of all is being charged for your deposits! No casino worth it’s salt will ever charge you transaction fees, no matter which method you choose to fund your account with, and so if you do stumble across a site doing this our biggest advice would be to avoid it at all costs.

You should never be charged for choosing to play at a casino. After all, you’re depositing your hard earned cash into their site, so charging you for the privilege just seems wrong. Moreover, as pay by phone deposits are actually handled by your mobile phone network, the casino doesn’t have to pay anything nor do anything, so a transaction fee on this type of payment is essentially just a money-making scheme.

Casinos know that transaction fees can be a deal breaker for many players, and that’s why they’ll often be snuck in in the small print. You should always read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up to any gaming site, as this is where you’ll find out about any hidden charges. Besides, if a site is imposing transaction fees, would you even want to play there anyway? To put it bluntly, this shows that they don’t value you as a player and therefore you could be in for a less than great casino experience.



High Minimum Deposits

Boku Deposit LimitsOne of the main reasons that players choose to use pay by phone depositing methods such as Boku is because it allows you to keep a closer eye on your gaming budget. Most pay by phone services will accept small transactions as well as imposing a £30 a day spending limit, which gives players more control of their money.

That being said, all these good intentions can be corrupted if you register at a casino site which imposes an unreasonable minimum deposit limit. Whilst all casinos will impose a depositing limit of some kind, so that they don’t have to process thousands of tiny payments, some sites will set a high limit so that their players are forced into funding their accounts with more money than they may feel comfortable with.

As is the case with transaction fees, this again is simply a money-making scheme and should definitely be a deal breaker. A high minimum deposit limit can mean that you end up spending more money at the casino than you can afford or than you simply wanted to, as there is already a large lump-sum in your casino account and the casino knows this.

Any reputable casino will understand that casino players come from all different walks of life, all with different bankrolls, and so there should be banking methods and limits to suit everyone. Although we understand that what seems like a reasonable depositing limit is entirely subjective, we do think that casinos should impose limits of no more than £10 so that everyone feels catered for.


Slow Withdrawals

All pay by phone users will know what one of the biggest drawbacks to using the method at casinos is that you can’t withdraw. This is inconvenient, of course, but it actually makes sense as who would want their winnings going into their mobile phone bill account? Moreover, all good casinos should offer you an alternative withdrawal method, so it’s a drawback that can be overlooked quite easily.

Man Waiting Holding ClockPlayers can run into problems, however, if they haven’t checked their casino’s withdrawal policy before signing up. As we mentioned earlier, and cannot stress enough, it’s important to read terms and conditions thoroughly before registering at a casino so that you won’t encounter any nasty surprises at a later date.

Many casinos will ask pay by phone users to verify their identity before they can withdraw via an alternative method. This is a system put into place to prevent money laundering, and so is entirely reasonable, however there are some casinos around that will make the cashing out process longer than neccessary.

In general, a withdrawal from an online casino should take up to a maximum of 10 days. This allows time for your bank to be notified and for the payment to be processed. Any longer than this, however, and it could be a sign that your casino of choice isn’t so trustworthy. Long withdrawal times directly impact your casino experience, as it means you can’t get your hands on your winnings, and can be a deal breaker for many players.

Could NetEnt Be Launching A New Slot This Week?

netent logo whitegreenNetEnt have long been heralded as the king of slots. Not only do they produce some of the most innovative games around, but they also do so at an alarming pace which means that fans of the software developer always have something to look forward to. It’s also not uncommon for the brand to spring surprise releases on us, which we have a feeling they might be about to do very soon.

This week on Twitter, NetEnt released a teaser trailer of something they’ll be releasing today! You can watch the clip below and then read our wild assumptions on the matter.



The Teaser Trailer

Ok, so that’s literally it. 21 seconds of tense, jungle themed action with the instruction to ‘keep your eyes open’ for an announcement on the 17th January.

Now, more sensible people than us may question why we’ve chosen to write about this before the announcement has been made. Of course, it would make a lot of sense for us to simply wait for the news and then write a news article about it after the event. But where’s the fun in that!?

The fact is, we’re too excited! So instead, we’re going to try and unpack those 21 seconds of footage for your pleasure, jumping to conclusions in fervent speculation as we do.

NetEnt Jungle Spirit LogoSo, for starters, what can we deduce from the over all design of the clip? We see a lion emerging from the shadows and that’s about all, right? Well look closer and you’ll notice that the font that the brand have used isn’t too dissimilar to that which can be found on the logo of one of the brand’s most popular games from 2017, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild. Could NetEnt be telling us they’ve got a sequel game in the pipeline? Maybe just maybe.


A Branded Release?

Could this teaser trailer mean something much bigger than a sequel to a fairly average game? We hope so, and so do some of you apparently! A few NetEnt fans have also been speculating and they’re almost certain that this footage means that the brand will be releasing a brand-spanking new, movie based title. In terms of scheduling, this makes sense, as January has often been the month that NetEnt announce their latest branded move. For instance, around this time last year we found out that they’d be releasing Planet of the Apes and the year before was when they launched what was arguably the best game from the NetEnt Rocks trilogy, Guns N Roses.

That being said, NetEnt usually hold out until the ICE Gaming Conference to let us in on their really big news. But just for the sake of this article, if it is to be a film based slot, what movie would they use?

The Lion King PosterTwo movies instantly spring to mind when we see that lion lurking in the darkness. The first of which is probably the most well known lion-based film ever to be, The Lion King. Just a few months ago, news broke that a live action remake of The Lion King would be hitting cinemas in 2019, so have NetEnt managed to secure an early deal?

Although this would be amazing, we think not. The Lion King is owned by Disney, who have recently spoke out against themed slot games, and actually pulled all Star Wars and Marvel titles from casinos earlier this year. So, that leads us on to our second prediction… could this be a Jumanji themed game?

Jumanji PosterJumanji is one of the most iconic children’s films. Starring the late, great, Robin Williams, the movie tells the story of two kids who end up trapped inside a board game to devastating, yet highly entertaining, consequences. Of course, this narrative alone would make for a great slot game but isn’t it highly coincidental that a reboot of the film, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, has just been released too?

Look, we’re not promising you anything. As we keep stressing, all of this is simply us making outrageous assumptions and we’re actually as in the dark as you are, but wasn’t that fun? Besides, all will be revealed today, so we won’t have to wait much longer! As the instructions from NetEnt say, keep your eyes open!


NetEnt’s January Releases

The Phantom's Curse by NetEnt

Whilst we can’t be certain what NetEnt have up their sleeves all the time, their quarterly roadmaps do outline the majority of their releases. This is why we can, with complete confidence, tell you that you can expect at least one new game before the month’s up.

NetEnt’s The Phantom’s Curse will go live on the 24th January, and it’s definitely a date you should add to your diary. The slot, based around the French novel The Phantom of the Opera, is packed full of innovative bonus features and chances to win big, as well as beautiful graphics and animation. You can read our preview of this new title and find out where to play it here.

New Bonuses Every Week Of January At Mansion Casino

Mansion casino is off to a good start this year, it seems. They have some massive bonuses in store this January, offering something new every week all the way to February. So, if you enjoy new surprises and get bored with the same stuff over and over again, we’re talking to you. You’ll find win boosts, cash back bonuses and daily cash drops – a variety that’ll persist throughout the year, we’re sure.

Although you may have already missed the first week of January, don’t lose heart. Each week starts with separate prizes and bonuses. Everyone can jump right in at any time and still enjoy the best that Mansion casino has to offer. And here goes the best part. On top of these weekly bonuses, you can win a £10,000-worth trip to Las Vegas!


Weekly Bonuses All January At Mansion Casino

Bonus Gift BoxWithout further ado, let’s get right into these bonuses, starting from the second week. Actually, the second-week bonus starts on 10th January (which is right now) and lasts until the 16th of January. The bonus itself is a 10% win boost on Age of the Gods slots up to £50. No qualifying conditions apply, so everyone who plays these slots with real money can automatically opt in. However, the winnings will come as bonuses with 40x wagering requirements.

The third week (17th-23rd January) will include a cash back bonus. It will apply to Gladiator Jackpot slot and amount to 10% up to £100. It will be calculated as a loss rebate would, so winnings do not count towards it. Still, it’s the perfect chance to play the game, knowing that in the worst case scenario you won’t lose as much as you normally would. Unlike the previous bonus, this will be credited in real cash with no wagering requirements.

Finally, from 24th to 30th January, everyone at Mansion Casino will play Jackpot Giant. That’s because, during the fourth week, every £50 you wager on that game will return £5 in cash. The bonus is instantly withdrawable and will be credited the moment you reach that £50 mark. You can claim this bonus once per day, so that’s up to £35 in real cash from this bonus alone.

In total, you could claim up to £185 this January. These bonuses require no depositing either, so if you have enough funds in your casino account already, you’re good to go. However, if you do need to make a deposit, that can turn out to be a very good thing. That’s because Mansion casino has prepared some prizes that dwarf the weekly casino bonuses of January.


Two Chances To Travel To Las Vegas In January Prize Draws

trip to las vegasThere will be two identical prize draws at Mansion Casino this month. Each has the main prize of a £10,000-worth trip to Las Vegas and you could be the one to seize the chance. You could easily qualify for the draw by simply going for the weekly bonuses. All it takes is a £50 deposit for a single entry into the draw. There’s no limit to the number of tickets you can accumulate, either.

You can still manage to participate in both the draws as the first draw will take place after 16th January. The promotional period of the second prize draw will start on January 17th and the draw itself will take place on the first day of February. Don’t miss out!

Quickspin Starts 2018 With Pied Piper Slot And It’s Out Now

pied piper slot quickspinQuickspin is one of the first game developers to release a new slot this year. In fact, their newest slot, Pied Piper, is already coming out tomorrow! So, if you enjoyed their 2017 releases, such as Sticky Bandits or Wins of Fortune, you can’t miss this debut. But if you need some more convincing, we’re here precisely for that.



Quickspin’s Pied Piper Slot

pied piper slot gameplayThe Pied Piper slot revolves around the fairytale of none other than the pied piper. He has a magical pipe and can lure out rats when he plays it. That’s exactly what we see in this slot. Although the story soon becomes much darker (as all fairytales do), the slot doesn’t explore that part. Instead, it’s as jolly and colourful as the pied piper himself.

So, you can play this game whenever you want some fun and a merry tune. This game could even be suitable for children if it wasn’t a casino slot. It seems Quickspin didn’t take heed to the recent concern that the UKGC expressed about children-oriented games. According to them, such titles potentially increases the risk of underage gambling. However, even NetEnt has loads of ambiguous slots like Scruffy Duck and adult players love them nonetheless. We don’t think that kids would feel the same way, though. Anyway, back to the Pied Piper slot.



As you could see from the video preview, it’s a pretty simple, but highly rewarding game. It’s a 5-reel slot with four lines each. There are 40 paylines and an RTP of over 96.3 per cent. Thanks to its amazing special features, the slot is somewhere between the medium and high on the variance scale. Whether you’re in the base game or in the bonus, you can win quite a lot without any prior notice.


Pied Piper Special Features

pied piper slot wild re-spinsThe highlight of this slot is its wild symbols and the re-spins they can come with. Aside from the regular wilds, there’s a stacked wild that occupies all the positions of a single reel. It shows the pied piper and is, therefore, called Piper Wild. Not only does it occupy four lines, it’s also sticky. Because if you manage to get this wild to cover the whole reel, Piper Re-Spins will be activated.

During each Piper Re-Spin, the stacked wild will move one reel to the left. Alongside it, all the regular wilds, if any are present, will move too. The re-spins will continue until the stacked wild moves out of the screen. However, sometimes, after moving away from the leftmost reel, the pied piper will emerge on the rightmost reel, giving five more re-spins!

There’s also the bonus round which you can trigger by collecting three scatter symbols. The bonus consists of 10 extra spins. During each spin, from one to six wilds will be added as overlays on the reels. If you manage to get the pied piper wild too, this can mean up to ten wilds in total, and up to five such re-spins. It goes without saying that you can easily win a fortune this way.

So, if you feel like following the pied piper, the slot will be available tomorrow, on 9th January, at Quickspin casinos. Alternatively, you can play it today at LeoVegas – a casino that often offers not-yet-released games to their players.

Phone Bill Depositing Still The Most Secure Payment Method in 2018

Mobile With PadlockIt feels like not so long ago that the only real mobile depositing option we had at our disposal was phone bill depositing; however, in 2018, more and more contenders are trying to establish themselves as competitive alternatives for players looking to gamble on the go. With that in mind, proponents of the banking method have to be creative when encouraging players to use it when they’re topping up their casino accounts, and the message that seems to be hitting the hardest is the fact that phone bill deposit payments are still some of the most secure you’re able to make.

Sure, there are a number of downsides of using the payment method, and there’s not a 100% guarantee with any payment method that your money is totally safe, but if you hitch your horse to the pay by phone wagon, you’re likely to be a whole lot better off than going with another.

Physical Protection

The key reason that your money is so safe when you’re making a deposit by phone bill is that instead of being protected behind password protection or encryption which could be hacked or otherwise compromised. There’s no accounts with a third party with access to your money, instead, when you want to make a deposit, you’re sent a confirmation SMS through to your phone to check if you want to authorise the payment or not.

There are different ways in which these SMS services work, but fundamentally, they’re all predicated on the idea that you shouldn’t be able to authorise a phone bill deposit unless you physically have your phone in your hand. This gives this payment method the advantage over pretty much all others designed for mobile use.

Heavily Regulated

Phone Bill Deposits

There used to be a belief that phone bill deposits existed in a kind of wild west situation, where casinos accepted them if they were dodgy in some way, or wanted to slip payments under the radar without oversight. The truth could not be more different. The fact is, phone bill deposits are actually one of the most heavily regulated forms of online casino deposits you can make.

There’s actually three entirely separate watchdog bodies, whose task it is to oversee phone bill deposits, and ensure that casinos and operators are sticking to the guidelines. The bodies are the Association of Interactive Media and Micropayments, the Phone-Paid Services Authority and even Ofcom!

All this means that the oversight for making phone bill deposits is a lot more than with other payment methods.

Privacy Guaranteed

One of things about phone bill depositing that players tend to value the highest is the degree of privacy it affords players, and it’s this point that all too few of the alternative payment options which are trying to better phone bill deposits are still really trailing on. Using the intermediary of your phone network provider ensures that you never have to share any of your personal information with the casino at which you’re playing.

While other services attempt to become as speedy and convenient as phone bill deposit, all still require either bank details, accounts to be set up, or other compromising information which may put your money at risk.

Industry Excited as JFTW to Launch Third Slot January 17th

Deco Diamonds Slot LogoUsually, the developers you hear most about when it comes to new game releases are the big names like Microgaming and NetEnt, who have a well-established place in the industry, and whom everyone has heard of. In a reversal of this trend, however, there’s a plucky little upstart of a developer which is making headlines all over the place at the moment thanks to the buzz around its upcoming slot.

The new game – Deco Diamonds – will be only the third ever title to be released by Just For The Win (JFTW), but players and commentators alike are already getting excited about the potential this new game brings with it. The game is set for release on 17th January, but we still have plenty of info to go on to know that this is surely going to be one of the big exciting game releases of the year!

So Tell Us About Deco Diamonds

Well, before we start discussing the game, perhaps it’s best if we’re all on the same page. So, why not check out the short video that’s been released ahead of the launch:

We bet we confused you a little there, eh? Yep, you did see the Microgaming logo appear at the start of the video, and in fact that video itself was posted on Microgaming’s YouTube channel, but that’s only because JFTW is publishing the game with the help of Microgaming – just as it did for its first two slots last year. It’s not uncommon for small and new developers to strike a publishing deal with a larger one to get their name out there, and that’s exactly what JFTW is doing here.

As the name might suggest to you, the Deco Diamonds slot lifts inspiration for the game from the music and aesthetics of the Roaring 20’s. The 5 reel, 9 payline slot is covered both in diamonds, as well as classic fruit symbols that hark back to the hay day of casino gambling. There’s wilds to be had, which trigger respins with the wilds fixed in place. There’s also a 3 tiered bonus wheel feature, in which you could win up to 1,000x your initial stake!

What the Future Holds for Just For The Win

We’re not fortune tellers (obviously that would be awesome, and we’d probably be using our powers to win on the tables in Vegas rather than filling you in on the latest online and mobile slots), however, we think we can say with some level of confidence that we’ll see a lot more of Just For The Win in the future.

While Deco Diamonds might not be the most amazing or innovative game ever, it nevertheless demonstrates that JFTW certainly knows how to put a great game together, and if they can grow that potential, then there’s every hope that this time next year, we’ll be talking about how the developer managed to change the face of online gambling and challenge the established industry giants.

Get £1,000 And 25 No Wager Extra Spins At Nordicasino

NordicasinoIn what has to be one of the last greatest promotions of 2017, Nordicasino has emerged from the woodwork to provide us with something truly spectacular. One of the few UK casinos that provides cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, the attractive operator certainly has a thing or two going for it.

But how to get your hands on this exclusive deal? We have all the details for you right here so just in case you want to leave 2017 with a bang, take a look at what Nordicasino can do for you.

Get An Enlarged Bonus!

Bonus Gift BoxFirst thing’s first, in order to claim this Nordicasino bonus you have to sign up to the site. This is very easy to do and takes minutes if that. Once you do sign up, you never will have to again and you can use your account to play a vast variety of games as well as partake in a selection of great promotion schemes that will make your gambling experience a much better one.

As you claim the bonus, you’ll be treated to a 200% boost automatically. But what if you want to take things a bit further? How about a 250% boost instead? Simply enter the bonus codes below as you make your first and second deposits and get more than you signed up for:

  1. 250% of up to £1000 + 25 NO WAGER extra spins (bonus code: NORDI250)
  2. 100% of up to £500 + 10 WAGER FREE spins (bonus code: RELOAD100)

On the plus side of getting cash, players also get those nifty extra spins to go along with the bonus (in case you couldn’t tell). Anything you win from these rounds will be turned into cash and not into bonus funds! Cool, eh?


The Bitcoin Casino For New Year

BitcoinWith 2018 just around the corner, it’s just as well that you should be on the hunt for new casinos to explore online. Nordicasino is one of them and because it allows players to pay using Bitcoin, it’s definitely one join now rather than later. We believe cryptocurrency is an upcoming trend for the year ahead so it’s important to stay ahead of the game.

Why Bitcoin? Well, aside from its creators doing all they can to push it forward seeing as it’s not doing as well as predicted, there are many advantages to using this cryptocurreny if you are an online player. For instance, you can make a Bitcoin payment completely anonymously. No third-party involvement has to be involved whatsoever and all winnings are tax-free.



Join Nordicasino Today!

netent logo whitegreenWell, we got so excited about Nordicasino’s promotion and its Bitcoin feature that we forgot to tell you about the other great things about it, and there are many other great things. For instance, you can explore all the great games it has to offer through a simple search feature. Such gaming titles include all the best from NetEnt and other developers such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Guns ‘N Roses.

24-hour customer support also helps build a strong foundation for some great gambling and a VIP casino loyalty program that rewards players who are most faithful to them. There are many more things besides! Join Nordicasino today for your chance to win big and have a great time while you’re at it.