Casino Payment Methods For Potential Problem Gamblers

potential problem gamblersMost of us know how much we can spend during a gambling session and when to stop. Sometimes, though, it’s more easily said than done. We get so invested into some casino games that adrenaline forces us to act spontaneously and make a mistake. Quitting might feel like a crime when the jackpot or a special bonus is just a few spins away… Or so we think, anyway.

Not everyone is sufficiently responsible when it comes to gambling and some people are prone to spontaneity more than others. Many of these people know that they’re potential problem gamblers, too, but they love it too much to quit it. This doesn’t mean that their gambling hobby has to end in a disaster, though. We have a potential solution on our hands here, so read on to find out more.


Protection For Potential Problem Gamblers

protection shieldOnline casinos use all kinds of limitations and options to prevent such players from wagering more than they should. This includes self-exclusion, deposit limits for different periods of time and so on. Many of these safety mechanisms aren’t active before the player chooses to activate them. However, with these options available, potential problem gamblers may still enjoy online gambling.

It’s not just online casinos that can protect vulnerable gamblers from overspending. Using certain payment methods can help with irresponsible behaviour too. After all, the majority of gambling problems are related to funds. So, by sticking to the payment methods that don’t allow overspending, all the players can enjoy casino games safely.


Pay By Phone Bill Casino Payment Methods

Pay By Phone Bill OptionTherefore, the best payment methods for potential problem gamblers are pay by phone bill services. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the most popular SMS depositing method called Boku. There are two reasons why Boku should be the depositing method of choice for all potential problem gamblers.

One of the reasons is very simple. All phone billing methods fund the casino accounts from the players’ mobile funds instead of their bank cards. Most people store their savings in banks, so bank cards are the main way to access all of their funds. As a result, using banking methods that draw from a bank card might be dangerous. All it takes is a single spontaneous decision and the month’s savings will all go straight into the casino bankroll.

On the other hand, Boku and other phone bill payment options have no links with bank cards. A Boku player will use their mobile credit instead, so most of their funds will remain safe in the bank no matter what. Besides, most people don’t top up their mobile accounts with hundreds of pounds either.

That’s not an argument, you may say. Problem gamblers may start depositing large sums into their mobile accounts to work around this issue. Besides, what about those who pay at the end of the month? They can deposit all they want and rack up bills on the way, can’t they? Normally, they could. However, Boku, unlike other phone bill depositing methods, has another advantage that settles these issues too.


Boku Has Deposit Limits

Boku Deposit LimitsOf all the pay by phone bill payment methods, Boku has the strictest limits. Boku users at online casinos may only deposit as much as £10 per single transaction and £30 per day. These limits act much like those self-imposed limits that casinos offer. The difference is that one doesn’t need to set them up for themselves.

This might consequently make the difference between responsible gambling and losing control. Admitting that you have a gambling problem isn’t easy and people susceptible to it may not recognise it. Even if they do, they may feel too ashamed to contact the casino to set these limits up. That’s where Boku comes in and saves the day.

In fact, we’d argue that using Boku is even better than limits set by the casino operator. While there’s no way to get around the latter limits, they only work at a single casino or casino network. Boku, on the other hand, tracks the user’s activity throughout all the casinos. So, if a player has spent £10 on three different casinos the same day, they won’t be able to spend any more money on another site.

Of course, Boku won’t always work as an overspending prevention, because people can easily switch to another payment method. However, it’s super effective for those, who can control themselves enough to stick to it. Even if it doesn’t eliminate the problem, it will reduce the damage of such harmful behaviour.

Other pay by phone bill services are fine too, though many have higher limits. None allow depositing more than £30 per transaction, but some have no daily restrictions. This basically makes them unsuitable for potential problem gamblers since they can deposit as many times as they want. So, if you know someone, who has struggled with problem gambling before, tell them about Boku and see if you can get them on path to healthy gambling behaviour.

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