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Boku Casino

Mobile gaming has taken off in 2017. The craze is not limited online casinos, however, the trend can certainly be seen here. One of the biggest concerns that comes with more players logging into casinos using their mobile is security. Everyone wants to ensure that their payment details are never compromised. One of the best ways to do this is to utilise a payment connection which has already been made. You can do this by playing at a pay by Boku casino. The Boku service uses your phone bill to make deposits, meaning you don’t need to enter any additional info.

What is Boku?

As we mentioned above, Boku is a payment service that utilises the existing relationship between you and your mobile service provider to make deposits. Using Boku isn’t just limited to the gambling sector, although there are many pay by Boku casinos now. Several merchants in other sectors have begun accepting payments via this method. So, by using Boku for your casino purchases you end up with a handy service that you can use for other transactions too.

Why Visit a Pay by Boku Casino?

At a pay by Boku casino, players can play casino games without instantly surrendering funds. You’ll be able to pay using Boku, receive the funds in your casino account and then just pay off the bill at the end of the monthly pay period. As you have already established the direct debit payment with your mobile service provider, no additional lines of credit are created. There is no need to have a MasterCard, PayPal account or Visa at the ready.

Are there Downsides to the Service?

Yes, there are downsides to Boku. One of the main drawbacks of playing at a pay by Boku casino and using this method is that the deposit limit is usually very low. This is due to the fact that you are not paying directly for the casino cash, instead, there is an element of credit. So, if you’re a high roller then you may find this payment method unsuitable. In this case, you’d be better off using an e-wallet which will allow you to deposit far larger sums.

How do I Start Playing at a Pay by Boku Casino?

Boku is not a company. Therefore, there’s no need to create an account. This is another of the reasons why using the service is so convenient. Boku is a payment service which facilitates the transaction between the merchant and your network provider.
When you enter a pay by Boku casino, you’ll see the Boku logo clearly displayed alongside the other accepted payment methods. Enter the banking portal as you would normally, except this time select to pay by mobile. Enter your deposit amount and mobile number to start the process. You’ll receive a text with details of the transaction, with instructions to validate. Once you’ve validated the transaction, your casino credit will appear in your account.
Overall playing at pay by Boku casino is great when you’re gaming on a budget. If you’re planning on betting some serious cash, however, we recommend looking elsewhere.