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There are lots of different banking services available within the iGaming industry sphere, and while some are certainly more popular than others, few are as well-known and recognisable as PayPal.

With a PayPal slot site or casino, you can rest easy in the knowledge that not only is your money and information safe, but that your deposits will be both speedy and convenient.

It is this appealing combination of security, convenience and speed which draw players from across the world to PayPal internet slot sites in their droves. 

On this page, we’ve created the ultimate PayPal online casino guide. We’ll be discussing:

  • The advantages of paying with the method
  • The disadvantages of paying with the method
  • How to choose the best casino which accepts PayPal for you
  • The best PayPal slot sites


PayPal Casino

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What Are PayPal Casinos?

Essentially, what we’re discussing is any online, mobile or tablet casino which offers the player the opportunity to fund their accounts using PayPal – the company you may know from eBay.

However, as you’ll soon learn, the best slots and casino sites offer so much more than allowing players to deposit and withdraw via the popular e-wallet.

Alongside the convenience and great experience of using PayPal, you should also expect these casinos to nail every other element that makes for a great online gambling destination.

A Warning About Casinos with PayPal

Although we think that some casinos which offer PayPal are great, there’s an important thing you should be aware of:

Just because a website facilitates payments via the service, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a good casino, or even that it’s a legitimate one.

⚠️We are dealing with a huge company which doesn’t have the time to audit every website that wants to accept transactions via its service. As such some lower quality sites or less reputable casinos will still offer it as an online payment option.

This is why you should always check the license and other safety details before signing up to play. The sad fact is not every gambling site has your best interests at heart, and a casino offering PayPal isn’t actually a sign of quality. Do yourself a favour and do a little research before jumping in with both feet.

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What are the Advantages of Using PayPal?

So far, we’ve been talking about PayPal as if it’s obvious why you’d want to use it. However, if you’re a gaming newbie (or simply haven’t used the e-wallet before), then you may want a little more info as to why these sites stand out from the crowd.

Below, we’ve listed some of the main benefits you can expect when using a casino with PayPal:

✔️ Speedy Transfers

You can’t talk about PayPal deposits for long before hitting upon the fact that it is among the fastest banking options at any casino. This is because the brand is so well trusted, and the technology so advanced, that a transfer takes very little time to complete.

Due to this, you spend less time in the day thinking about the boring stuff like depositing and withdrawing, and more time getting down to serious gaming.

✔️ Convenience

In addition to speed, Paypal payments also benefit from being super convenient. In fact, we’d go as far as to say this is the easiest method to deposit with at any internet casino.

This is because most people already are a PayPal member. This means you needn’t register for a new banking system, nor do you have to create (and remember) new login details. You also don’t need to faff around entering long card numbers and bank account details.

Furthermore, everything can be managed from your mobile, tablet or desktop. As such, checking on your budget is easy wherever you are.

Deposit with PayPal

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✔️ Secure Payments

PayPal is one of the safest depositing methods to use at any online casino. As such, it is perfect for those customers who feel like they are concerned that their money or personal data may be at risk.

The e-wallet employs multiple ultra-modern security features to keep your transactions safe. Moreover, the whole process of funding your account is extremely secure as it never shares your details with the casino. As your funds now come from a separate account, the casino doesn’t need to know your card or bank account information. This means that there are fewer places on the web, and fewer internet cookies, with your sensitive details knocking about.

In addition, PayPal also comes with an excellent privacy policy, customers support team, contact services and various different customer protections. This means that there’s recourse in place for customers should anything go wrong.

✔️ Easy Withdrawals

In addition to offering easy deposits, PayPal also makes cashing out super straight-forward and simple. Withdrawals via the service only take a couple of moments to request, and then your money will make its way straight back into your e-wallet, without the need to supply any further payment details.

It is worth noting, however, that cashing out with PayPal is generally not instantaneous. Whilst the company itself offers instant transactions, most internet casinos subject all cashing out requests to a processing period.

paying with paypal

Paying on a casino with PayPal

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using PayPal?

In our eyes, PayPal makes for a pretty perfect depositing method, it also does have a couple of drawbacks you should be aware of.  In the name of fairness, therefore, we’ve listed some of the main disadvantages of the service below:

❌ Depositing and Withdrawal Fees

It is a sad fact, but some casinos will try to turn a profit off any withdrawal you make.

Although (as we discussed in a previous section of this guide) PayPal itself makes it super quick and convenient to cash out from your casino, sometimes the casino will impose added fees, all rights reserved.

The good news is that avoiding this problem is easy. You simply need to do a little research before signing up for any casino site and remember to always read the terms and conditions.

❌ Not Available Everywhere

Although PayPal is becoming more and more popular as a banking option, it is still not available at every online gaming website you will visit. This is, obviously, a shame but it just means that you need to confirm out the casino’s available payment options before registering. It’s a small bit of research which will save you from disappointment in the future.

How to Make a PayPal Deposit at a Casino

If by reading about the many advantages of using PayPal at an online casino, has persuaded you to try out the service, then you’re probably wondering how to do so.

Luckily, using PayPal couldn’t be easier. What’s more, we’ve created a simple step-by-step guide to assist you.

1. Make Sure You Have an Account

First things first, you’ll need a PayPal e-wallet account,  of course. You can join in just a few minutes over at their official webpage.
When you start to set up your account, you’ll choose an email address to be associated with your PayPal account, and choose yourself a password. You then need to give them some credit card or debit card details, so they have somewhere to withdraw cash from. You’ll then be ready to make your first PayPal deposit.

fingerprint id paypal

Login to PayPal via Fingerprint ID

2. Pick the Right Casino with PayPal

The next step in making your PayPal transaction is to find a casino to play at! This is in a large way entirely down to personal preference – you need to weigh up the relative pros and cons of each possible site and measure that against your own taste in games and promotions.

3. Select PayPal as Your Online Payment Method

Once you’ve chosen the casino you want to use, the next step is to access the banking section and choose PayPal as your chosen method of funding. Most casinos will advertise their funding options they accept at the bottom of each page, so if you’re unsure of what funding options your chosen casino offers, look here beforehand.

4. Enter Your Login Details

To proceed in making a deposit, the next step is to enter your PayPal login details.  Once you’ve selected PayPal, a second screen with a form should appear. Here you’ll need to supply your email address and password.

5. Choose Deposit Amount and Confirm

Once you’ve signed into the PayPal interface, you will be asked how much you want to deposit. Because of the high limits, you can pretty much pick whatever you need.

Once you’ve decided this, hit confirm or send, and your transaction will be instantly accepted and processed.

paypal on mobile casinos

Using PayPal on the go

How to Find the Best PayPal Casino Sites

As we mentioned earlier, choosing a casino is an entirely personal decision. That being said, there are a few things you should consider when trying to find the best casino which uses PayPal for you.

Below, we’ve created a list of the most important criteria your new casino of choice should meet.

? Game Options

Any decent casino should offer an array of different games (such as blackjack, poker, roulette, bingo and slots) to suit all gaming styles. This is no different when searching for a great PayPal gaming site

Before even considering making a transaction at a mobile or internet casino, you should first make sure you know the site’s slots and casino games offerings inside and out, and know that there’s a good number of new slots you’d like to play there.

? Promotions and Exclusive Bonuses

You don’t want to sign up to any casino unless it offers at least a fair number of rewarding real money welcome bonuses (such as bonus spins on great games and extra spins on popular slots), low wagering requirements, and enough recurring casino bonuses to keep you coming back. This is iGaming 101 – you should always look for great player promotions.

In addition, you should also always make sure that the promotions on offer can be picked up with a PayPal deposit. Not all slots sites will consider these kinds of payments acceptable for picking up bonuses so, again, always remember to read the terms and conditions.

? Cashing Out

One of the most overlooked elements of any mobile or internet casino is their withdrawal terms. As we mentioned earlier, while PayPal deposits are universally speedy, the same isn’t necessarily true when you go to cash out.

You should always check out withdrawal times, minimum deposit limits and whether or not they charge any fees. This can save you a lot of hassle at a later date and can seriously improve your casino experience, after all, you don’t want to be waiting days (or years) on end to receive your jackpot winnings!

The Top 3 PayPal Casinos

There are hundreds of casinos which allow for PayPal around. Moreover, many of these are licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and are therefore available to UK game fans.

However, even though you’re now armed with all the knowledge to make an educated decision when picking your own new casino with PayPal – we thought we’d make it even easier.

Below we’ve listed five of our favourite casino sites we think you should join – all of which accept PayPal, boast a collection of great games from the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming, low wagering requirements and offer a super new player deposit bonus match and welcome package. Click on the links to read an in-depth review from real users of each site.

  1. GoWin
  2. PlayOJO
  3. LeoVegas 
  4. BGO Vegas
  5. 32 Red