There are lots of different depositing and withdrawal methods available within the online and mobile casino sphere, and while some are certainly more popular than others, few are as well-known and recognisable as the PayPal casino payment option. When you’re playing at a casino, you rest easy in the knowledge that not only is your money and information safe, but that your deposits and withdrawals will be both speedy and convenient.

It’s this appealing combination of security, convenience and speed which draw players to PayPal casinos in their droves, and part of the reason that the PayPal casinos UK players frequent as among some of the most popular and successful sites on the internet. Owing to the depositing method’s omnipresence and esteem within the industry – as well as the wide spread nature of PayPal slots – we thought it would be appropriate to put together this PayPal casino guide, in which we’ll look at all the different aspects of PayPal payments, and how you can make them work for you.

Of course, no casino guide would be any good unless we were to fill you in on what exactly a casino is, and how you can identify them. More than this, though, we’ll offer you reasons for and against the argument that a casino is right for you (spoiler alert: a casino is right for every player), so you can make an informed decision about whether to invest in the payment option. And don’t think we won’t tell you all about how to bank at a casino, so that you can confidently make online casino PayPal deposits and withdrawals!

Moreover, we’ll give you some advice about what all the best PayPal casinos 2018 has on offer should look like, so you can find your perfect casino with PayPal. To do this, we’ll be offering you advice on the kinds of games your chosen PayPal casino, as well as what you should be looking for by way of promotions and little hidden extras.

We believe that many PayPal casinos hold the potential for players to have the best possible online and mobile casino experience, which is why we are proud to preach the PayPal casino. We hope you find this guide useful, and you consider trying out a casino for yourself.

What is a PayPal Casino?

There’s a very simple definition for a casino, and that’s any online or mobile casino which offers players the opportunity to deposit using the popular payment method PayPal. However, there’s more to the best PayPal casinos than simply offering PayPal as one of the banking options at the site, and the PayPal casinos UK players enjoy the most are those which leverage all the benefits of the payment option to create a playing environment which channels your PayPal deposits to the best possible use.

We’ll go into the exact benefits of PayPal deposits later on in this casino guide, but suffice to say, alongside the convenience and great experience of using PayPal, you should also expect these casinos to nail every other element that makes a casino great. The kind of PayPal casino were especially talking about here are those that offer great games along with the great depositing options, for instance Netent casinos with PayPal banking.

If you want to be enjoying PayPal slots, then you need to be playing at a PayPal casino which knows that the holistic casino experience isn’t just about the banking methods you use, but everything that goes along with it.

Is Any Casino with PayPal a PayPal Casino?

Yup, that’s the existential question that faces those looking to play at a PayPal casino: just because an online or mobile casino carries PayPal as a depositing option, does that constitute a PayPal casino? While this issue is hardly as profound as ‘if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one to hear it, does it make a sound?’ for those on the hunt for their perfect casino, it’s an important one.

For our money, to be a casino that accepts PayPal, a casino has to demonstrate an appreciation both for the payment method, and for the player experience. Adding PayPal to your banking options is one thing, but if you’re not leveraging the full potential of PayPal, then we don’t think it’s right to claim the title. With this in mind, we should really discuss a serious point about which you should be careful…

Online Casino PayPal Warning

Now, whether or not you think any casino which carries PayPal as a depositing option should be called a casino with PayPal, there’s an important thing you should be aware of. Just because a site facilitates PayPal deposits, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a good mobile casino, or even that it’s a legitimate one. PayPal is a huge organisation, and doesn’t have the time to check every site that wants to accept PayPal deposits, so as such some lower quality sites or less reputable casinos will still offer it as a payment option.

This is why, as with all online or mobile casinos, before you play at any given casino, you should ensure that you’ve checked the license and other safety information before signing up to play. The sad fact is not every casino has your best interests at heart, and a casino offering PayPal as a banking option isn’t actually a sign of quality, so do yourself a favour and do a little research before jumping in with both feet.

PayPal Casino lifestyle

Benefits of Using a PayPal Casino

We’ve so far been talking about PayPal casinos like it’s a no-brainer you want to use them, but you’re obviously going to need some reasons to before you jump straight in. That’s why we’ve put together this list of reasons why you might find PayPal casinos to be preferable to other sites…

Speedy Deposits

You can’t talk about casino PayPal deposits for long before hitting upon the fact that PayPal is among the fastest depositing methods at any casino. This is because the brand is so well trusted, and the technology so advanced, that payments take very little time to process. This means you spend less time thinking about the boring stuff like depositing and withdrawing, and more time getting down to the serious playing you visited the casino for in the first place.

Say you’re playing at Netent casinos with PayPal, and the latest slot from the popular developer is ready to play – you want to be able to try it as fast as possible. Especially if you’re going to use a bank transfer, payments directly from your bank account into your casino account can take a while to process, but if you’re making PayPal deposits, you’ll quickly discover that these payments are made faster by using the service.

Convenient Service

So, you’re not impressed by the speed argument? Well, why not try this one out for size: PayPal deposits are among the most convenient and easy methods by which to top up any casino account! This boils down to a number of factors, relating to how PayPal deposits are made, and the mechanism which makes them possible.

Basically, PayPal casinos UK players use – as with those all around the world – only require players using PayPal to enter their username (email address) and password in order to make a deposit. There’s no faffing about with the long numbers on credit or debit cards, or the need to look up your bank details. By requiring fewer steps and less information, PayPal deposits are far less taxing for the players wanting to make them, and thus PayPal casinos are more attractive to players looking for convenience.

Secure Payments

No one wants to play at a PayPal slots site if they worry that their money or personal information will in anyway be at risk. Luckily, there’s no danger of either falling into the wrong hands, thanks to the multiple security features the depositing option has in place. Now, we’re not only talking about the algorithms and encryption in the software that protect your PayPal casino – though these are obviously very important – we’re talking about the things which are even built into the mechanism of the payment method.

Take, for instance, the fact that when you make a PayPal deposit, there’s a whole PayPal interface which pops up to facilitate your deposit, so the casino will never know you login details. Moreover, because the cash comes via PayPal, the casino doesn’t need to know your card or bank information, meaning there’s fewer places on the web with your sensitive details knocking about.

Another unrepresented fact is that there are certain consumer protections in place for those making PayPal deposits, which players using other depositing methods don’t necessarily have. With the weight and influence of such a large organisation behind you, making claims against a dishonest casino is easy!

Easy Withdrawals

Throughout this guide to PayPal casinos, we’ve been spending an awful lot of time talking about the speed, convenience and safety of deposits, and generally bigging up PayPal as a depositing option. In all this, it would perhaps be easy to have lost sight of the fact that there’s something entirely different you can do at a casino with PayPal: withdraw using the service.

Not only are PayPal casino withdrawals a thing, they’re super easy, and as convenient as their depositing counterparts. They only take a couple of moments to request, and then your money will make its way straight back into your PayPal account, into the payment method you used to deposit in the first place.

It’s probably worth noting that PayPal casino withdrawals will almost certainly take a little longer to make than deposits using the same method, but this is because casinos take time to process withdrawals before they send you their money, so this isn’t a shortcoming that can be attributed to PayPal itself. As soon as your casino has authorised your withdrawal, your money will be available via PayPal.

Drawbacks of Using a PayPal Casino

For all we could sit here all day and wax lyrical about all the amazing benefits of making PayPal deposits, we also need to inject a little bit of reality into proceedings here, and be honest about the fact that there are a few things about making deposits via PayPal which are a little less than satisfactory. Here are some of the drawbacks of making PayPal payments…

Some PayPal Casino Collect Fees

It’s a sad fact, but some PayPal casinos try and turn a quick buck to profit off any withdrawal you make using the service. Although (as we discussed in a previous section of this guide) PayPal itself makes it super quick and convenient to make withdrawals from your casino account, sometimes the casino you’re playing at will have different ideas. When you request to make a withdrawal via PayPal, they may suddenly turn around and request you pay a little.

While this certainly isn’t the case for every casino, it’s an issue you’re likely to run into with disturbing regularity. The answer? Well, the answer here is what the answer always is: do a little research beforehand to ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Simply don’t sign up to play at a casino is it’s going to turn around and charge you fees simply for wanting to get your hands on your own hard-earn winnings. ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT!

Shortage of Online Casino PayPal Operates on

Not many people now remember this dark chapter in the history of online and mobile casinos, but there was a point at which there were no PayPal casinos to find anywhere. This is because PayPal feared the lack of regulation in the early days of online and mobile casinos, and sought to distance itself from the industry be withdrawing its support on PayPal casinos.

While the service has now resumed – with PayPal casinos becoming a more and more common sight, in the time when the service was unavailable, other e-wallet services like Neteller and Skrill filled the void left by PayPal, and in many ways cornered the market. That meant that when casinos did return to the scene, they were on the back foot as an outside competitor, with consumer confidence also having taken a knock. That’s why you’re less likely to see a casino than one carrying an otherwise less popular e-wallet brand.

Making a PayPal Deposit at a casino

So far we’ve talked about our definition of a PayPal casino, what we recon the pros and cons of making deposits using the service at PayPal casinos, and discussed why we think you should switch to using a casino, but up until now in this casino 2018 guide, we haven’t even covered the basics of how you make a PayPal deposit!

Don’t worry, though, because help is at hand. If you find yourself a casino with PayPal as a payment option, and want to make use of the service, we know exactly what you need to do, simply follow the simple steps we outline below, and you’ll be merrily making PayPal deposits in no time.
Make Sure You Have a PayPal Account

In all the excitement and hurry to make their deposit, PayPal casinos UK players need to make sure they don’t get caught out without a PayPal account. Unfortunately, you need to open a separate account over at before you can use the service to make PayPal payments, which can be a bit of a pain in the bum, but is ultimately worth it. You only have to do it one, and it’s super quick and easy to do.

When you set up your account, you’ll choose an email address to be associated with your PayPal account, and choose yourself a password. You then need to give PayPal some credit or debit card information, or bank details, so they have payment methods to withdraw cash from. You’ll then be ready to make your first PayPal deposit.

Pick the right casino with paypal

The next step in making your PayPal deposit is simply to find a casino to deposit at! This is in a large way entirely down to personal preference – you need to weigh up the relative pros and cons of each possible site, and measure that against your own taste in games and promotions. We’ll discuss the process of picking the perfect casino for you later on in this guide, and it’s true that there are some great objective ways to select the right casino for you, but you should also learn to be an active player, and decisively choose what you want.

Our money is always on NetEnt casinos with PayPal, because not only are you guaranteed easy banking, but the chance to enjoy some cutting edge gaming to boot. However, you might have something entirely different in mind, and that’s fine too.

Choose Online Casino PayPal as Your Payment Method

Once you’ve chosen the casino you want to use, the next step is to head to the banking section of the casino and choose PayPal deposits as your chosen method of depositing. Most casinos will advertise the banking options they accept at the bottom of each page, so if you’re unsure if your chosen casino offers PayPal before you deposit, here’s where you should check.

You will be invited to choose from either a bank of logos, or from a drop down list, but I all amounts to the same thing; just choose PayPal.

Enter Your Login Details

Earlier in the guide, we were discussing how one of the best security features for PayPal deposits was the fact you need to log in using your email address and a password known only to you – well this is the part of the process where you get to exercise that! To log in you simply need to enter the email address connected to your PayPal account, and the password you chose when you set it up. If you’ve forgotten these details while making your PayPal deposit, the PayPal service will helpfully remind you.

Choose Deposit Value and Confirm

The final couple of steps are by far the simplest. Once you’ve signed into the PayPal casino interface, PayPal will ask you how much you want to deposit at the casino you’ve visited, and because of the high limits on the service, you can pretty much pick whatever you need. Once you’ve decided this, hit confirm, and provided you have enough cash in the account connected to your PayPal account, your PayPal deposit will be instantly processed.

Congratulations! You’ve now made your very first casino deposit, and you’re free to go out into the world and keep making as many as you like!

Try play at a Paypal casino

What are The Best PayPal Casinos 2018 has on Offer?

You may have noticed that throughout this PayPal guide, we’ve been careful to discuss everything in as abstract a way as possible, ensuring that the advice and guidance we give is applicable to every player who chooses to play at a casino. As such, when it comes to discussing the best PayPal casinos 2018 players can hope to get their hands on, we don’t just want to plough straight in and start talking about specific casinos, but instead what players looking for a PayPal casino this year should keep in mind while on their hunt.

Choosing a PayPal Slots Site

While this certainly isn’t the most definitive list you’ll find, here are the elements we think are most important for players to look for when searching for their perfect PayPal casino:


What’s the use of making a PayPal casino deposit if you’re not going to be able to enjoy any seriously great game off the back of it? That’s right, all too often players get hooked up on the ‘PayPal’ part of the PayPal casino, and don’t actually give enough though to the ‘casino’ part. Before even considering making a PayPal deposit at an online or mobile casino, you should first make sure you know the site’s slots and casino games offering inside and out, and know that there’s a good number of games you’d like to play there.

One of the most sure fire ways to ensure you end up at a PayPal casino with a decent selection of games if to play at Netent casinos with PayPal. While there are other great developers putting out tons of great slots and casino games today, NetEnt is still arguably the industry leader in the field, and a safe pair of hands when looking for a great collection of games at any given casino. We’ll come back to this idea later on in the guide, so skip ahead if you’re interested.


While you might be hitting your forehead with frustration as we advise something else you think is totally obvious, bear with us a moment while we explain the twofold importance of checking out the promotions at a PayPal casino. Sure, there’s the obvious fact that you don’t want to sign up to any casino – even if it’s a PayPal casino – unless it offers at least a fair number of welcome bonuses, and enough recurring bonuses to keep you coming back, but there’s more to it than just that.

What’s special about looking for PayPal casino promotions is that not every casino guarantees that if you deposit by PayPal you’ll still receive the same bonuses offered to players depositing by credit or debit card or any other major payment method. Here’s another great example, then, of something that sets a PayPal casino apart from a casino which accepts PayPal payments; if you can’t claim bonuses off the back of your PayPal deposit, it’s not worth using that casino!


One of the most overlooked and underappreciated elements of a PayPal casino (or for that matter any online or mobile casino) is that of the withdrawal times and terms which you’ll face when you want to get your hands on your hard-earned winnings. While PayPal casino deposits are universally speedy, the same isn’t necessarily true for PayPal casino withdrawals.

The thing is, every casino site – and this is as true for a PayPal casino as any other – has a specific processing time which it applies to withdrawals from the casino. This is the time it takes the casino to ‘OK’ your withdrawal, and start the process of paying it back into your PayPal account. While it’s true that the very best PayPal casinos will ensure that your payment is processed as quickly as physically possible, there are others that will drag their heels in the hopes that you’ll change your mind and cancel your withdrawal. This is a lesson in always checking the withdrawal times of any payment method before you deposit.

Are Netent Casinos with PayPal Really Best?

There are plenty of people out there who will try and convince you that the very best PayPal casinos are Netent casinos with PayPal. While we think this is probably an oversimplification of how you judge a PayPal casino, it has to be said that the argument certainly has some mileage to it.

Think about it framed like this: what is it about a PayPal casino which you find so great? Well, any half decent PayPal casino is a site which has adopted the best, most high tech and forward looking payment technology, which moves with the times to make your experience as good as possible. Why should there be any difference, then, if you’re talking about games instead of payment options?

NetEnt is arguably the very best online and mobile casino games developer in the world today, with their games noted for their high quality graphics, gameplay and narrativisation. The company is known for keeping its eyes squarely on the latest technological developments to bring their players the best gaming content in ways that suit the most up to date platforms.

So, what happens when you take that philosophy of gaming content creation from NetEnt and apply it to a casino? You end up with a site which is forward thinking and industry leading in a number of ways; not only is your banking process made as safe, speedy and convenient as possible with a PayPal deposit, but you’re then able to enjoy many of the best games you’ll find at any casino.

Is every PayPal / NetEnt casino perfect? No, but with the convergence of the two, you know you’re more likely on average to have a site worth playing at.

Guide Conclusion

So here we are at the end of the most casino guide we reckon you’ve ever sat and read through – have you found it useful? To recap, you should be able to identify a casino when you see one, and know that the best casinos that offer the payment option won’t just leave it at that, but make the payments as convenient as possible, and offer the chance to claim all the deposit bonuses available on the site off the back of such deposits.

You also now know what – at least we think – are the pros and cons of making PayPal deposits and withdrawals, and should understand that although this is certainly one of the most useful payment methods out there for use at online and mobile casinos, it also doesn’t come without its drawbacks.

Most importantly, you should know now exactly how to make a PayPal deposit, and once you’ve found the PayPal casino of your dreams, should be able to utilise the banking method for all your depositing and withdrawal needs. Speaking of finding the casino of your dreams, we also hope that, although we didn’t name any specific names, our guidance will help you be able to better select a casino that’s right for you!