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SMS Casino

SMS casino sites have become very popular over the last decade and it is not hard to see why when everyone now has a mobile and cannot be parted from it! From online banking to social media, we do everything from our mobile phones now which is what make an SMS casino so attractive. However, are there any downsides and limits to using an SMS casino? Find out below!

How Much Cash Can I Deposit Using an SMS Casino?

If you are a player that is just looking to spend a few pounds each day and want to spin the reels for fun, then an SMS casino could be a fantastic option for you. While it may be a good option for those not looking to spend a tonne of cash, the same cannot really be said for those high flying players who want to deposit lots of cash into their casino account.
Why is this? Well, normally with an SMS casino, players can only make a single deposit to the casino and this is a limit of roughly £10, although this deposit limit can vary from network provider to network provider so always double check the details with them first before making your deposit. Furthermore, you can only make these smaller one time deposits a few times each day, and again this limit will vary. If you are a player who likes to deposit a lot of cash, this method of depositing may not let you deposit enough cash each day to your liking or you may find it slightly inconvenient to make multiple deposits each day if you are looking to spend over £10.

Why Are There Limits to Using an SMS Casino

There are a few reasons why there are there limits imposed on players when using an SMS casino and the first is to keep you safe. Depositing an accidental large sum of money is easily done, and this limit of £10 per transaction means that you won’t fall victim to this silly, but extremely costly, mistake.
Another reason why these limits are imposed is because the money that you deposit is essentially a loan from your network provider as you pay this back at the end of the month on your monthly contract, unless you have a pay as you go phone in which this money that you have already topped up into your mobile phone. Mobile phone networks obviously do not want to be handing out huge loans to gamblers and so this deposit limit keeps both you and the mobile network provider safe as you do not want to be too far in debt to them where it becomes a problem!
This is another reason, however, why many players love using an SMS casino as it keeps them in check when spending their cash as they cannot go over the daily limit and it is easy to keep track of their spending. Overall, the only player this payment method won’t suit is those high flyers!