Is Your Depositing Method Letting You Down?

Man With Head in HandsOne of the complaints we hear most about online casinos is that banking is a hassle. Of course, compared to a bricks and mortar casino, depositing and withdrawing will always take a little more effort online, but it shouldn’t be a reason to put you off playing. In fact, most of the the time, problems with banking aren’t actually anything to do with the casino themselves. Instead, it could be that your depositing method is letting you down.

Picking a depositing method is an important step when registering to a casino, but it’s easy to forgo research in favor of getting stuck into playing. We forgive anyone of this mistake, but it’s important to understand how it could cause you problems down the line. If your depositing method doesn’t suit your needs, then you could find issues with withdrawing your winnings, with processing payments or with banking from various devices. Today we’re talking about how your depositing method could be the problem and how to fix it.


Problem #1: You’re Experiencing Slow Deposits/Withdrawals

No BankIf you find banking to be a lengthy process then it can seriously impact how much you wish to play at your favourite casino. No one wants to be waiting around whilst their funds are processed, but did you know you could make this faster if you switched to a new banking method?

Most of the time, deposits should be processed almost immediately. This should be the case with any method, even if you’re using a credit or debit card. However, if you’re funding your account using a bank transfer, this is where we encounter problems.

The difference in bank transfer to credit and debit card is that your bank needs to accept the transfer, transfer the money, and the casino to receive it. Sometimes, especially over the weekend, this process can take a while! Slow deposits can be fixed instantly by avoiding bank transfers all together and using a different method.

Slow withdrawals, however are a different subject entirely. Everyone wants to get hold of their winnings as soon as possible, so it’s infuriating when you check your bank balance and your withdrawal still isn’t there. Different banking methods have different withdrawal times, and this is something you should check out at the casino before deciding on your method.

Generally, however, e-wallets offer the fastest withdrawal times. If slow withdrawals are one of your major gripes with casino banking, then a change to an e-wallet like Skrill, Neteller or PayPal may be better for you. These kinds of withdrawals are normally instantaneous, meaning you don’t need to wait on tenterhooks for your cash!


Problem #2: You’re A Mobile Casino Player

boku-pay-by-mobile-logoMobile casino players can feel like an afterthought, especially when it comes to banking. Often, casinos are designed for desktop users first and then converted to mobile, which means that depositing at these sites is awkward and annoying from mobile. First of all, selecting a site especially designed for mobile players is important but switching depositing method could also alleviate some stress.

Boku mobile deposits are arguably the best way of funding an account when you’re on the move. You can deposit using just you’re phone number, which means there’s no messing around entering long account numbers and card details. As well as being quick, this means that there’s no need to have to get your debit/credit card out in public, keeping you safe from prying eyes! Boku deposits are also verified via SMS message, which means you don’t even need to swap devices to bank.


Problem #3: Having Too Many Payment Accounts Is Stressing You Out

paypal-logoMany people are fed up with banking at casinos simply because it means registering for a new type of payment service, or it means supplying your bank details to yet another site. A lot of people are concerned with giving their card details out online, and for good reason too! However, this stress could be curbed if you chose a more fitting payment method.

PayPal casinos offer you the ability to deposit and withdraw via PayPal, which is an extremely popular and trusted payment service. Many players will already have a PayPal account, which makes banking super easy and convenient. If you don’t already have a PayPal account however, you should consider the benefits of this option.

For starters, PayPal can be used to pay for things throughout the web, not just at casinos. This means you can buy your supermarket shop, bid for things on eBay and order from hundreds of sites, all using the same account. Banking at your casino with PayPal eradicates any stress you have about having money all over the place.

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