A Guide On Finding the Best Boku Casino For You

Boku Payment LogoEver find yourself at lost for finding the right mobile casino for you? You may have decided on casinos that provide the mobile billing service, Boku, as it allows you to pay your deposits simply by using your mobile. But how do you know if you’ve found one? What signs do you look out for if you specifically want a Boku casino? Here at Pay By Phone Bill, we’ve taken the trouble to providiing you with the steps on how to find the right Boku casino. Follow them carefully and you may find one that is just right for you!


Look At The Bottom Of The Homepage

fortune frenzy homepage bottomThis may sound like such a simply yet many players forget to do it before they join up with a Boku casino. But the first thing anyone should do is check the bottom of the casino’s home page.

Usually it tells the player which methods of payment are available. As you can see with Fortune Frenzy on your right, the logo for Boku is clearly displayed among the other payment methods that can be used there.

This is usually the case with most Boku casinos. In fact, this is the case with most mobile casinos in general. It’s good practice and allows the player to immediately be aware of how they can use their money. It would be at the top but it’s important to emphasize the brand before you get to the more important information. They’re not just there for decoration.


Check The Banking Pages

777-casino-banking-page-screen-capture-ipadIf the Boku casino does not display their banking options at the bottom of their homepage, then you can easily see if they have Boku by going into their banking page. The hyperlink is usually located along the top and you can get their in just one click. It’s usually displayed as the company logo, like on the front page, if not in a kind of grid with the deposit/withdrawal limits and the waiting period.

It’s very unusual for casinos, particuarly Boku Casinos, to not have a banking page. If they don’t, you can always look in the Terms & Conditions page to see what banking options there are. However, if you have to do something like that it may not be worth your time finding out. Most Boku casinos would be eager to demonstrate that they have it available — meaning they would put it within easy view. If you cannot easily access it then you may infer that they do not have it.


Is The Casino On Mobile?

Mobile PaymentThere is another way you can infer if the casino provides Boku. All you need to do is enter the website address into your mobile web browser. If the mobile site comes up straight away then that means the company values mobile-friendly users. By default, then they will almost certainly have Boku, if not some kind of mobile depositing service which does the same job.

If, on the other hand, you are taken straight to the site you see on a computer screen, go Google and search it. Sometimes, though it’s very rare, a mobile casino’s web address won’t immediately take you to the mobile site. If, however, you cannot find the mobile site then you can be sure that the casino does not take mobile users seriously and will probably not have Boku. All Boku casinos value mobile users so will go out of their way to optimize mobile-capability as much as possible.


Check The FAQ

conclusionIf you’re adamant about a Boku casino and want it to be your chosen place to gamble and you’ve exhausted all other efforts, it’s always best to check the FAQ page of the website to see if they do mobile deposits. If your casino does not have an FAQ page, however, you can simply ask the customer support team of that website and they will be happy to help you. And who knows? If they don’t, you might inspire them to consider putting the option on their site.

We will admit though — this is a bit of a stretch. If all the other indicators haven’t worked then you’ve probably decided this casino isn’t for you and are in the search of another Boku casino. But we hope this guide has brought you one step closer to finding your ideal Boku casino!

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