A Guide To Trustly — Faster, Easier And More Direct Mobile Deposits

trustly logoThere are many methods in which you can pay at a mobile casino. The first is through credit or debit cards, the second is by using an e-wallet, and the third is by using your very own mobile phone. There are few services that allow you to directly access you bank account to pay money into your wagering account and Trustly is one of them. But just who are Trustly and how do they differ from other financial services on the market? Today, we take a comprehensive look at them and see whether it’s the right depositing service for you.


What Is Trustly?

trustlyFounded in Stockholm back in 2008, Trustly is the fintech payment service that takes money directly from your bank account(s) via PayPal and Transferwise. It operates in many countries throughout Europe including the UK, and over the nine years it has been around, it has gained some prominence in other countries.

While it only arrived in the UK more recently, it has taken off at a rapid rate and continues to do so with more and more mobile casinos taking it on as a payment option. It can also be used in online stores so it’s not just limited to mobile gambling, either.

Over 800 sites use it currently and it has proven to have been of great value for many customers across the continent. It’s unique selling point is definitely removing the middle-man between the user and their bank account, claiming that access should be as easy as “sliding a bank cheque across a desk.


How Do I Use It?

To use Trustly, you must first find a casino that has it. This sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many players simply assume something will be there without checking first. So, visit a mobile casino’s banking page to make sure that you can see the Trustly logo. If you can see it, great! You can use it.

Once you’ve registered at the casino, click on the ‘make a deposit’ button and you’ll be able to choose which one to use. Click on the Trustly logo and you’ll be prompted to enter the necessary info. It’s three easy steps: log in, choose your account then verify your payment. Easy.


Why Visit A Pay By Trustly Casino?

conclusionSo what makes Trustly so different? To many, it may just sound like another e-wallet. Why not just use mobile phone billing like Boku, PayPal or Neteller? They do almost the exact same thing, right? Well, technically that’s true. In fact, it even borrows the services of PayPal to make its transactions possible. But it uses a system which requires only your regular bank account log-in details to access on an encrypted network so there’s no need to fill out forms or create an account with them.

As long as it’s at the casino, it can be used. Also, its comparatively low status gives it a closer relationship with its customers and the merchants that use its services. And a close relationship could mean the difference between having your voice heard or being lost in a crowd.


Are There Any Cons?

Thumbs Up Down Contrast Best & WorstWith Trustly, there are very few cons to take into account. The only one we can think of is that it’s not exactly widespread, not like other e-wallets like Neteller. In fact, it’s understated reputation is its greatest strength but also its greatest weakness. It’s attracted some unwanted bad press in the past, too, grabbing the attention of a rival banking company.

So, if you’re hoping to find Trustly at every mobile casino you can find then we’d say that you’re expectations are a little too high. On the other hand, Trustly is becoming more and more commonplace as time goes on so this con will quickly become obsolete.

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