How To Cheat At Online Casinos 

Card Cheating SleeveSince the rise of online casinos and online gambling in general, swarms of people have taken it upon themselves to try and cheat the system. The endless number of pages in search engines claiming to be able to hack these casinos are staggering. We are here to find out if these online gambling sites are impenetrable and the strides people go to, to try and make a quick cash grab. 


Common Online Cheats 

Naturally, playing online and on mobiles means that the most common tricks like marking cards or hiding some up your sleeve won’t work here. In fact, the only consistent method which could work would be exploiting a bug in the software from a casino.  

Many cheaters try and exploit the system by trying to gain access to the Random Number Generator (RNG), which determines the outcome of pretty much all of the games these days.  

Players who don’t have access to the back-end of an online casino are constantly trying new methods to cheat the system. A few of the most common practices, which are constantly evolving, are the use of bots or cloning: 

  1. Bots act as automated computer gamblers, taking the seat of a player’s table and performing in accordance to a pre-programmed strategy, for as long as they’re online.  
  2. Cloning is the process of holding multiple accounts. Players will try and set up as many accounts as they can, claim the commonly offered ‘no deposit bonus’ and play until that money is gone. 
  3. Card counting in at live casino tables. 

While these methods sound promising, they’re not infallible. With the resources at hand at the big online casinos, bots are hunted down fairly quickly. That’s due to the inevitable patterns, which eventually occur from an automated process.  

For cloning, however, this method isn’t so easy for casinos to shut down. At all online and mobile casinos, ID confirmation is required to be able to sign up and bet. If not, an ID check is definitely performed when players go to cash out winnings.  

This creates obstacles for wannabe cheaters. However,there are multiple ways to gain access to people’s IDs and photographic proof of said IDs.There are two common responses when this method is suspected: 

  1. The online casino will shut down their ‘no deposit bonus’ for a given time, forcing these cheaters to move on.  
  2. The bonus program is disabled for that country, though this can be bypassed by using a VPN connection. 


Do Online Casinos Cheat? 

Can Online Casinos CheatNot only do players get accused of cheating, but the casinos themselves have accusations thrown at them. These claims usually go unfounded and can mathematically be debunked.  

That being said, there are sites which will pop up and, in essence, be a scam. This is why all gaming authorities press players to go to verified and trusted sites for their gambling needs.  

One of the most infamous scandals where a casino was caught cheating, was in the “Superuser” case. This particular exploit came about when a player got access to the administrative accounts, granting him the ability to see everyone’s hands of cards.  

Some online casinos also provide a “live casino”, where players participate by watching the table through a camera.  Commonly, these are games where the player bets against the house, for example roulette and blackjack.  

These casino rooms behave the same way they would if a person was in the actual casino. They have the same security measures as those taking place on the floor or in virtual rooms. As a result, these rooms are open to the same weaknesses you’d find in real casinos, predominantly card counting.  

That being said, as this method is tried out so frequently, there are many initiatives to prevent it from happening. For example, it can be achieved when it’s prohibited to place bets after a certain time limit.

The positive side to using “live casinos”, however, is that it helps eliminate the outcries of players claiming the RNG is rigged. The twist, though, is that humans will still try to cheat the system. One such case, which happened in early 2017, occurred when a dealer at BetOnline casino was caught second dealing. 

Due to this game being streamed and thereby recorded, people from across the web were able to see this violation. The resulting punishment was a very heavy fine for the casino, money issued back to players and the tarnishing of the casino’s reputation. 


Risks Of Online Cheating 

Cost, risk, benefit diceA quick search online and people can see plenty of sites which quickly come and go, that exclaim they have cheats which can crack any system. Usually they require players to download a programme or sign up for free. While on paper this seems good, anyone who has clicked on one of these, almost certainly found these to be scams.  

Such programmes can be quickly identified by online casino sites and promptly removed by the search provider. Risks from these types of sitesor from contacting private persons, who claim to hold the keys to successful cheating, are most definitely viruses or fraud. Our advice to you – don’t do it! 

On top of this, there are the legal repercussions. In the UK, persons caught cheating at online casinos can face a variety of punishments. If caught cheating, you can expect your account, credit cards and IP to be banned by the casino. 

In all likelihood, this information will be passed onto other gambling businesses as well. If caught committing more serious acts, cheaters can expect a hefty fine and, in some cases, jail time. 


Is Cheating an Online Casino Worth it? 

The short answer to this is no. The easiest and most consistent way to make a profit through online casinos is simple, yet time consuming. With enough time, players could scavenge for sites offering generous sign up rewards and researching which sites offer generous winnings.  

It should be noted that we don’t propagate cheating and this article is for entertainment purposes only. We do not advise trying to find sites that claim to be able to hack online casinos either – you’d simply be asking for trouble! 

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