How To Make Sure Your Mobile Deposits Are Safe and Secure

Mobile Phone with PadlocksIf you’re new to mobile depositing it can sometimes feel a little scary at first. Those who have never used a mobile billing service can be reluctant to try it, as they worry about their security and if it’s as trustworthy as more traditional methods. It’s a natural instinct but, luckily, we’re here to tell you there’s nothing to worry about. Mobile billing is arguably one of the most secure banking approaches out there, however there’s a few tips and tricks you should learn to give you extra peace of mind.


Use A Respected Service

Payforit LogoThis shouldn’t be an issue in most cases, as reliable casinos will only offer reputable banking methods. However, to ease your fears, it’s always worth checking that the service your using is a respected brand.

In the UK, casino players are often offered 1 of 2 main mobile billing services; Payforit or Boku. Payforit is the UK carrier billing service, that is co-owned by Vodaphone, O2, EE and 3. This automatically should reassure some hesitant users, as it shows that the payments are directly authorized by your phone network.

Boku is an Accredited Payment Intermediary (API) of Payforit, which is how it can operate in the UK. Boku is the service you’ll see most often at casinos and it’s a world leading mobile payments company. It’s integrated with hundreds of mobile networks all over the world, so in each country it must work in partnership with the networks to provide it’s service.

Boku Logo LargeAs reputable brands, both services are heavily regulated. There are three main watchdogs for mobile payments in the UK: AIME (an industry trade association), Ofcom (independent regulator for UK communications industry) and PhonepayPlus (organisations that regulate phone-paid services in the UK). Plus, all restrictions and regulations to do with mobile payments in the UK are legally enforced, meaning you have a firm standing if anything goes incredibly wrong.

On top of the independent regulatory bodies, Boku itself have an agreement to protect customer payments and offer fantastic customer support. Likewise, if you use Payforit, you can contact your mobile network provider directly to discuss any problems.


Never Give Away More Details Than Necessary

No CardsOne of the main reasons mobile billing is deemed so secure is because you only need to provide a phone number to make a payment.  This should be the only information you need to share with a casino, and if they’re asking for anything more you’re probably using a less than savory site.

By only needing a phone number, mobile billing eliminates the chance of internet fraud. There’s no need to type out card details or supply any information at all about your bank or personal information. This keeps users very secure as, if there is a risk of someone recording your details, there’s no way they can have any idea about you or how to get at your hard earned cash!

When you use the service, you need to respond to a text message before your payment is completed. This adds a second level of security to the transaction as you need your phone to verify. If, for any reason, someone is trying to make payments using your number, you’ll be notified by SMS message and can choose to decline the payment by simply not responding. You should also always receive a receipt by text when you make a payment; these are important to keep hold of, in case any problems arise.


Protect Your Phone

Mobile With PadlockWhilst mobile billing is perfectly safe, as with anything else you use your phone for, loosing your handset can cause a real problem. You should always treat your phone with as much care as you would your wallet and your debit or credit cards. This is because if thieves get their hands on it, they can rack up huge bills, not to mention the price of replacing the phone itself.

The first point of call for protecting your phone is to enable a pass-code or, on more modern handsets, use Touch ID. This already causes a problem for any potential fraudsters, as many will not know how to get into the phone at all. However, some more experienced thieves will be able to hack in, so you also need to take further steps to make sure you’re safe.

Some casino keep you signed in, even when you’ve closed the app, so it’s important to always remember to log out of your account. This stops thieves from accessing your account details and making payments on your behalf. If however, you think you may have overlooked this step (or you’re reading this article because you’re already in trouble), there are plenty more ways to make sure your phone is protected.

If you’re phone is lost or stolen, you should always contact your provider as soon as possible to make sure the phone and the sim are blocked. Apps like Apple’s Find my iPhone are another good way of making sure no one can access your data, as it offers the ability to wipe the phone upon unlocking. This means that if a thief manages to get onto your handset, all your history and saved data will be nowhere to be found.

Last but not least, mobile phone insurance will protect you from some unauthorized payments, so it’s a good idea to think about this if you’re gaming regularly on your phone. However, always remember to read the policy documents carefully before signing up, as some insurances companies won’t pay out so easily.

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