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Live Casino

We’re big fans of playing live casino games but it’s no secret that these games come with extra restrictions. This makes sense when you consider how expensive and time consuming these games are for the casino operator to run. We have all the details on what to expect when you play live casino games.

Playing Live Casino Games with Cash

The only way that you can play live casino games is with real cash, that means no bonus funds and no demo modes. This is because the casino must pay the croupier in the live casino game, so it’s not in their best interest to let players wager for free.
As a rule, live casino games are generally very busy with players coming to and fro. This means that the tables are usually full and if you want to play, you’ll have to be quick when a spot opens up. There are usually quite a few live casino varieties to play on, so if you don’t get a seat playing poker, you may get one playing a variant of the game.

Typical Live Casino Promotions

There can be live casino promotions worth taking part in, as these will often add another aspect into the game. These will give you an additional chance of winning or an added boost on your jackpot.
With many live casino games, this is done by adding in a golden ticket to the live casino dealer’s deck. When this card is dealt, the player that receives it in their hand will win big, depending on the promotion.
With golden cards you can win cash, gadgets or even entries into a much larger prize draw. Many players feel that live casino games are already much more exciting than the alternative, when an added chance to win is in there too they just get even better.