Mr Green Is The Most Socially Responsible Bookmaker In 2017

sbc awards 2017 mr greenDuring the SBC Awards 2017 in London last week, Mr Green was selected as the Socially Responsible Bookmaker of the Year 2017. The title could be considered as one of the most important in the industry. Social responsibility has always been a primary concern for the official regulators and customers alike. By getting the title, Mr Green has proven that they’re a truly modern and socially aware company. They care about their players in more ways than just by offering mind-blowing bonuses.



Mr Green Has To Thank The Green Gaming Predictive Tool

green gaming predictive toolIt is no secret that one particular reason led the organizers to award the title to Mr Green. It’s their brilliant and advanced Green Gaming Predictive Tool, dedicated to helping high-risk gamblers. The tool was launched for Mr Green casino players in September of 2017. After its successful reception, the company also has plans to launch it for its sportsbook players in 2018.

Green Gaming Predictive Tool is the result of over 12 months of arduous work. Luckily, it has paid off as Mr Green built the reputation of high social awareness. What’s special about this tool is that it gives the players an ability to look at and analyse their own risk behaviour. Such a tool has never been used by online gambling operators before.

Not only does the tool help the players themselves, it’s also an invaluable resource for the operator. Using the data that this product provides, Mr Green is now able to detect when a healthy gambler has started risky behaviour. This way, the casino can take precaution and reach out to potential problem gamblers before any harm is done.

If the company detects that a certain player shows signs of irresponsible gambling behaviour, they will take action immediately. They may ask the player’s permission to change their gambling limits, for example. They may also ask if the risky player would like to take a break from gambling altogether. Their usual communication may also be altered by refraining from sending such players special offers and promotional adverts.


Socially Responsible Bookmaker Of The Year 2017

mr green logoIt was due to the positive reception of Green Gaming Predictive Tool that Mr Green got the valuable title. The tool was received really well by the casino players. The company wasn’t alone in developing such a solution, however.

Sustainable Interaction and Sebastian Gassner helped Mr Green throughout the months of development. Sustainable Interaction is a Swedish company from Lund that develops digital products and tools in the fields of responsible gambling and psychosocial health. Similarly, Sebastian Gassner is a developer that focuses on responsible gaming issues and he’s an expert in his field, too.

With the dedicated team and professional partners, Mr Green has what it takes to minimise the gambling-related harm. Green Gaming Predictive Tool is just a single project in Mr Green’s strategy. Another step that the company has undertaken is an additional training and education of its staff. Every employee and staff member of the most socially responsible casino will now provide better support for risky gamblers, too.

When asked about the new title, Mr Green’s CEO said that it’s an important milestone in the Green Gaming plan. Being socially responsible has been the company’s goal from the start and their success shows how important that is. Jesper Kärrbrink was also happy about the product’s success and that it is efficient, so Mr Green is proud to be the Socially Responsible Bookmaker of the Year 2017.

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