NetEnt Reports ‘Solid’ Growth In Third Quarter Of 2017

netent logo whitegreenThe year 2017 is only a month or so away from being over. Hard to believe, isn’t it? It feels like yesterday that was only January. Now, seeing as we’re almost in November, NetEnt have decided to let us in on some key facts on their growth during the third financial quarter of this year.

From this report, we can garner that NetEnt are still doing pretty well as their growth has been ‘solid’. Will the software monolith continue with its growth or are we likely to see a decline in the next year or so? Let’s take a look at some of the key facts.


The Q3 Report

increase arrowFirst of all, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. NetEnt’s report covered various financial aspects to the company’s overall revenue. It amounted to over £36.5 million (€41.3 million), which corresponds to a 12.3% increase since the exact same period of last year.

That’s quite a jump when you think about it! An extra £3 million or so isn’t bad at all and hints towards a steady financial growth for the next few years to come. Are you really that surprised? This is the NetEnt we’re talking about.

As a result of this hugely positive performance in the third quarter, NetEnt will now be able to post annual financial growth reports for nine months through to the end of September. The margin gap was, according to CEO Per Eriksson, a significant improvement over 2016 and he credited Italy, Spain and the UK’s budding iGambling markets for this growth in particular.


2017: A Good Year For NetEnt

planet apes slot featured netent slotUpon reflection, it comes as little surprise that NetEnt has seen nothing, but a steady growth throughout 2017. It not only goes to show their credibility as fantastic slot developers, but also demonstrates their innovation when it comes to developing new games, their marketing genius and their ability to stay relevant in an ever-changing market. Every release they’ve made this year, from Butterfly Staxx to Planet of the Apes, has been, in some way, reflective of the quality they ensure in all their products.

Not every game they produced was a massive success, however. At least not critically. Many believed the Emoji Planet slot to be a cynical cash-grab on their part, en par with the Emoji Movie. As it turned out, the slot was much more innovative than we gave them credit for. But NetEnt isn’t immune from duds now and again. Scruffy Duck, for example, pleased almost nobody with its rather childish graphics and simplistic design.


A Stable Future

Casumo Casino MascotDespite these misfires, however, we’re certain of the fact NetEnt will continue a steady growth for the next few years to come. They’ve got a lot more to be going for before their monolithic status as the top slot developer in the industry begins to fade. With a steady 12% increase every year, you can expect them to have completely taken over the market by 2020. New and exciting games are consistently coming out of the woodwork as far as they’re concerned, demonstrating a passion and drive for slot software development rarely seen elsewhere.

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