April 13, 2017

pay-by-phone-logoPay By Phone is one of the most popular ways to make mobile phone bill deposits at your online casinos. While it may fall behind in terms of availability when compared to premium SMS services such as Boku and Payforit, Pay By Phone offers a unique and user friendly way to make mobile payments faster than any other mobile payment provider.

Unlike other mobile phone bill depositing services, which require you to enter your mobile phone number to complete any transaction, Pay By Phone has a unique method which allows you to tie your mobile phone directly to your mobile casino account and make payments with just the click of a button. In this guide, we'll take a quick look at Pay By Phone, how its unique depositing system works and how you can start making your mobile casino banking easier than ever before.

What Is Pay By Phone?

Pay By Phone is a premium SMS service, which allows you to pay for things online, whilst charging the cost to your mobile phone bill. Pay By Phone handles its payments in a unique way compared to other mobile phone billing services, by not requiring you to enter your mobile phone number when you come to pay. It also doesn't require you to respond to an SMS in order to authorise any payment. Pay By Phone streamlines its payment system, by only having you set up all your details once, so every payment you can make can be done in a single click.

pay by phone sms validation codeEvery time you use a casino that allows for Pay By Phone as a depositing method, you are sent an SMS confirming your account has been set up, using the mobile phone number which you have to enter when signing up for an online casino account. Within this welcome SMS is a 4 digit Pay By Phone validation code. When you go to make your first payment, you will be asked for this 4 digit code and once you enter it, you are now good to make Pay By Phone deposits at any time, without any barriers blocking you from one click payments.

Aside from a more efficient payment method, Pay By Phone functions in exactly the same way as any other mobile phone billing service. The fact that any payments you make are deducted from your phone bill is the unifying factor behind what makes mobile depositing so great. Players who have a pay as you go phone will have the amount taken from their available credit, whilst contract payers will simply pay for the charge at the end of the month.

One of the biggest selling points of mobile depositing is that any charges show up on your bill as a phone call. If you spend £10 at a casino, it doesn't list it as a £10 casino expense, but simply as a phone call which cost the equivalent of £10. This allows for your spending to remain private, with no additional hidden fees to pay for the privilege.

Mobile Phone Deposit CartoonMobile depositing using Pay By Phone also protects your bankroll as well as your privacy. When you make a payment using mobile phone billing, you don't pay that cost until you receive your mobile phone bill. That means that until you do, your mobile network provider has to foot the bill, making it a form of temporary loan. Because of this, mobile networks have very strict restrictions on how much players can spend at any one time, with depositing limits for any single transaction set to a maximum of £30.

If you're aiming to be a high roller, then this deposit limit might be a problem. However, if you want to make simple payments using your mobile phone, whilst also keeping your budget in check, then having an extra safety net on your spending is perfect. Mobile phone bill depositing is the only depositing method which has a spending limit built into the system itself, making it perfect for those on a tighter bankroll than most.

How To Make Casino Deposits Using Pay By Phone

In order to set up your Pay By Phone service in order to make instant mobile phone bill payments at your casino, all you have to do is follow these simple rules.

  • Find a casino which supports Pay By Phone as its primary mobile depositing methodgowin mobile phone deposit
  • Sign up with your casino, making sure to enter your mobile phone number during sign up
  • You will then receive a confirmation SMS, which will include a 4 digit Pay By Phone validation code
  • Head to the casino's depositing screen and select Pay By Phone as your depositing method
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit, up to a maximum of £30
  • You'll then be asked to enter your 4 digit Pay By Phone validation code
  • Once you've click confirm, your payment will be processed and your money will be in your casino wallet
  • This is a one time set up, so Pay By Phone payments are a single click transaction from now on

With Pay By Phone as your preferred mobile depositing method, your mobile payments will be simpler than ever. Mobile depositing was simple before, with players only having to remember their mobile phone number. For players who want it even easier, now they just have to copy and paste a 4 digit code and they can make quick and easy, one click payments.