The Ultimate Guide To Paysafecard Mobile Deposits

Paysafecard LogoDepositing at a casino is becoming easier than ever before. There are a multitude of different ways to fund your accounts, and more and more new services coming to market all the time. Paysafecard, however, has been around for almost two decades! Since it’s launch in 2000, the service has been one of the mainstays in depositing methods at many a casino, however many players are still confused as to what the service offers and the benefits it has over other methods.

The big confusion stems from the fact that Paysafecard is not an e-wallet service, nor does it link to your bank account, nor does it use mobile phone billing. Instead, Paysafecard is a pre-paid card service that allows players to top up with cash. It’s unique nature allows it to occupy a niche space in the market, however we think it should be more mainstream than it is! There are tonnes of advantages of using Paysafecard and it’s really easy to do so too. Curious? Read our guide to see if Paysafecard could be the depositing option you’ve been searching for.


What Is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a prepaid depositing option that allows players to make transactions online as safely as paying in cash. It’s an international brand, so is used across the world, and it stands as one of the market leaders for prepaid payment solutions.

There may be a lot of uses of the word ‘prepaid’ in this guide, so first of all let’s clear some things up. ‘Prepaid’ is pretty self explanatory; it means that to use the service you must have first put money into the service, much like topping up a pay as you go sim card. Paysafecard users can top up their accounts with cash or by purchasing vouchers. Then, the money is funded to your Paysafecard account and can be spent online with ease.

Ukash and PaysafecardDoes this all sound familiar to anyone? It might do, if you were once a Ukash user. Seasoned players may remember Ukash, and in fact, at many casinos it’s still advertised as a depositing option. However, Ukash stopped operating in 2015 following a merger with Paysafecard. If you’ve used Ukash in the past, you’ll already have a pretty good understanding of how Paysafecard works, however the service has advanced quite a lot since then, making the whole experience quicker and easier.

Whilst Paysafecard isn’t regarded as an e-wallet service, like Neteller or PayPal, it is effectively just that. E-wallets work by allowing players to transfer money from their bank accounts to their online wallets, and then to spend the money directly from their e-wallet at online retail outlets.

Much in the same way, Paysafecard allows players to store money in an online account and spend it as they wish online. However, the main difference is that Paysafecard is not linked to a bank account or credit card. Instead, users must purchase vouchers in real life.


How Do I Use It?

Make a Paysafecard PaymentTo use Paysafecard for depositing at casinos, you must first top up your Paysafecard account. This can be done at 500,000 retail outlets across the globe. UK users will be glad to hear these outlets include Asda, WH Smith and any shop which displays a PayPoint badge.

Once you’ve purchased a Paysafecard PIN voucher, you can either use this directly at a casino, or add the voucher to your Paysafecard account to combine the balance of several vouchers. Vouchers can be bought in any of the following amounts: £10, £25, £50, £75, £100, £125, £150 or £175.

After this, the depositing process can be completed in just three simple steps:

  1. Select Paysafecard as your method of depositing at the casino, and input the amount you wish to deposit.
  2. You will then be taken to a new browser window, that is ran by Paysafecard. Here you can do one of two things to complete the payment:
    – Input your voucher PIN code directly OR
    – Login to your Paysafecard account to manage your money from there
  3. Hit pay! Your purchase has been made and you’ll be redirected to the casino for confirmation of payment.


The Advantages Of Using Paysafecard

No BankSo now you know how to use Paysafecard, the next question is why would you use Paysafecard over a different depositing method? Well, first of all, Paysafecard stands out from the crowd because it doesn’t require you to have a bank account, As topping up you card can be done with cash. This is very useful to a lot of players in different ways, whether that’s because you’re one of the ‘unbanked’ population, you’re travelling in a different country or you simply want to remain anonymous.

Moreover, the lack of connection to a bank account means that Paysafecard is one of the safest mobile depositing options available. The fact that you enter a voucher code means that there’s no way you can be susceptible to internet fraud, as if your payment was intercepted, the information you’re sharing is useless to anyone else.

Finally, Paysafecard is incredibly quick and easy. You don’t need to fuss around with login details, unless you want to, so the whole depositing process can be completed in a matter of minutes. Plus, as there are so many places to top up your Paysafecard across the UK, you can start the process as you pick up your weekly groceries, post your mail or stop in the corner shop for some sweeties.


The Disadvantages Of Using Paysafecard

Spending LimitAs with all depositing methods, Paysafecard also has its drawbacks. One of the biggest disadvantages to Paysafecard is that you cannot withdraw from a casino using the service. This makes sense as there’s no way to pull cash back out from the account, as it’s not linked to a bank account. Most casinos that offer Paysafecard deposits will allow players to withdraw via a different method, however this can be inconvenient and time consuming.

The second disadvantage of Paysafecard is that they impose a balance limit. Whilst you can buy as many Paysafecard vouchers as you like, you can only manage £2,000 in your account at any one time. This means that if you’ve purchased more vouchers than the limit, you’ll have to wait until you’ve spent some to top up again. Of course, this isn’t an issue for most casual gamblers, however high rollers should take this into consideration.

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