Phone Bill Depositing Still The Most Secure Payment Method in 2018

Mobile With PadlockIt feels like not so long ago that the only real mobile depositing option we had at our disposal was phone bill depositing; however, in 2018, more and more contenders are trying to establish themselves as competitive alternatives for players looking to gamble on the go. With that in mind, proponents of the banking method have to be creative when encouraging players to use it when they’re topping up their casino accounts, and the message that seems to be hitting the hardest is the fact that phone bill deposit payments are still some of the most secure you’re able to make.

Sure, there are a number of downsides of using the payment method, and there’s not a 100% guarantee with any payment method that your money is totally safe, but if you hitch your horse to the pay by phone wagon, you’re likely to be a whole lot better off than going with another.

Physical Protection

The key reason that your money is so safe when you’re making a deposit by phone bill is that instead of being protected behind password protection or encryption which could be hacked or otherwise compromised. There’s no accounts with a third party with access to your money, instead, when you want to make a deposit, you’re sent a confirmation SMS through to your phone to check if you want to authorise the payment or not.

There are different ways in which these SMS services work, but fundamentally, they’re all predicated on the idea that you shouldn’t be able to authorise a phone bill deposit unless you physically have your phone in your hand. This gives this payment method the advantage over pretty much all others designed for mobile use.

Heavily Regulated

Phone Bill Deposits

There used to be a belief that phone bill deposits existed in a kind of wild west situation, where casinos accepted them if they were dodgy in some way, or wanted to slip payments under the radar without oversight. The truth could not be more different. The fact is, phone bill deposits are actually one of the most heavily regulated forms of online casino deposits you can make.

There’s actually three entirely separate watchdog bodies, whose task it is to oversee phone bill deposits, and ensure that casinos and operators are sticking to the guidelines. The bodies are the Association of Interactive Media and Micropayments, the Phone-Paid Services Authority and even Ofcom!

All this means that the oversight for making phone bill deposits is a lot more than with other payment methods.

Privacy Guaranteed

One of things about phone bill depositing that players tend to value the highest is the degree of privacy it affords players, and it’s this point that all too few of the alternative payment options which are trying to better phone bill deposits are still really trailing on. Using the intermediary of your phone network provider ensures that you never have to share any of your personal information with the casino at which you’re playing.

While other services attempt to become as speedy and convenient as phone bill deposit, all still require either bank details, accounts to be set up, or other compromising information which may put your money at risk.

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