Scruffy Duck: NetEnt Announces Their Brand New Mobile Slot

Scruffy Duck Mobile Slot NetEnt LogoSoftware developer giant, NetEnt, has come forward with a brand new slot for us to look forward to. The slot’s name is Scruffy Duck and many may be a little baffled by the theme of this particular mobile slot. And the theme is just… well, ducks! Very cartoon-y, very brightly coloured ducks. Many are baffled by the theme as it’s uncharacteristic of NetEnt’s more “serious” line of themes. But does that mean it will be their first bad slot in a while? Let’s take a look in our extended preview!



Main Features

While the theme is somewhat questionable, the slot proves that it isn’t exactly lacking in any kind of features. We discovered a 11-minute preview video in which the player explores Scruffy Duck in detail and provides his own commentary. We suggest turning down the sound a bit, though.

As you can see, the primary features of Scruffy Duck are the wild symbols which appear to be numerous and different types.

  • Colossal Wild — These are the massive symbols that turns other symbols around it into normal wilds which usually results in a win.
  • Random Wild — This is what we call the “normal” wild symbols that appear on the reel. For a mobile slot, they do appear quite often!
  • Expanding Wild — Finally, we have the expanding wilds, symbols that stretch from the top to the bottom of the reel, turning what could be a bad spin into a profitable.

In addition to these different kinds of wilds, players get an opportunity to win extra spins which are, in turn, gained through random wilds. But you can also access the “mini-game” in which you select a random duck and get a random prize as a result.


Is the Theme Appropriate?

underage gamblingSome have speculated (and it was touched on in the video) that the theme for this video slot is a little too kid-friendly for a gambling venture. Aside from the side-effect of alienating adults, this could be problematic in the field of underage gambling. If something does appeal to children, it will attract children and the last thing NetEnt needs is a scandal like that.

But we believe Scruffy Duck isn’t too kid-friendly. If anything, kids will find it boring and partonising as well. However, we hope this doesn’t start a new trend of making slots look more and more like cartoons. We know there are plenty of mobile slots out there with similar themes that could be interpreted as “kid-friendly” but this is more a misfire made by the company rather than a widespread epidemic. We do agree, however, that Scruffy Duck in particular has a rather “juvenile” design.


Beginning Of The End?

netent-logoSo does Scruffy Duck finally signify the end of NetEnt’s reign at the top? Not. At. All. Like we said, Scruffy Duck appears to be a very good slot despite the theme. It’s just not as spectacular as some of their other titles, such as the recently announced NetEnt Wild Wild West mobile slot.

And just because they’ve released one slot with questionable quality, doesn’t mean that’s all we’re going to get from now on. Every company is allowed a misfire now and again, and we can hardly qualify this as a misfire at all. You can play Scruffy Duck and all the other NetEnt titles at casinos such as Mr Green, Leo Vegas and Casumo – best of luck!

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