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Baking Day

Baking Day Slot Review – The More You Bake, The More You Win!

Baking Day Game LogoWith the humdrum of everyday life, Baking Day offers a sweet escape like no other. Developed by the well-known Magnet Gaming, this new product has been a hit. And with good reason too. With a fresh new twist on a standard slot game, this online version brings the best of digital gaming to all. It is a simple game with a chill and laid back vibe that is bound to have you addicted.

A classic theme with a sugar coat, Baking Day makes you toil away in its lovely kitchen without remorse. The home-like warmth of the scene is fun, enticing and laden with bonus features for your ultimate gaming pleasure.


Baking Day Jackpot Trigger ChanceBaking Day Cake Decorator Spins



As you start playing the game, the first thing that floods your senses are the serene pastel hues. Set on a picturesque little kitchen counter, an array of baking goods lie before you on the reels. In the corner of your eye, a fresh pie cools on a window sill overlooking the meadow. This relaxing scene puts you entirely at ease and blankets your senses with calm.

Sporting a three by three reel layout, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for winning combinations. And that will do the trick! There are a total of eight paylines in the game that will be your good friends. Matching symbols falling across the paylines can lead to a pretty sweet profit (even in the base game). Other than your reels, your jackpot values rest invitingly at the top of the screen.

Baking Day Gameplay

The best part about Baking Day is the fact that absolutely anyone can play! Why? Because of the impressively inexpensive wager range, of course. You will be far from breaking the bank with this one. With a minimum accepted wager for as low as 10p and a maximum of £10 per spin you can fearlessly spin those slots. No more anxiety about losing too much of your hard earned cash.

If that does not hook you in, Baking Day has a remarkable Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.50%! With such an impeccably high return rate, you are going to have a ball without the worry of expense. The low variance of payouts also ensure that you get a pretty frequent number of payouts from time to time. All this features plus a set of bonus features lead this game to be a sweet deal minus the calories!



If you are the type of person who enjoys the adrenaline rush of bonus features, you are going to love Baking Day. Packed with exciting bonus features, Magnet Gaming has went the extra mile. It is guaranteed that the game will never get boring as you spin. After all, the more you play, the more you win.

The game has four bonus games. These bonus games are the Game Flash, The Recipe, Cupcake tower and Cake Decorator. That is not all! The game also boasts two progressive jackpots. These are the Jackpot Flash and the Super Jackpot Flash.

Baking Day Jackpot Trigger Chance Gameplay

The Game Flash bonus feature is activated when three Game Flash symbols appear. This round is pretty important because of two reasons. One, it gives you the chance to win three cash prizes. Two, it paves the way for unlocking the other bonus games which have bigger prizes and a shot at both jackpots.

The first bonus game you would want to work towards is The Recipe. The idea is simple – you are after all, baking for the day. You need to hunt for ingredients to complete given recipes. You unlock The Recipe with the Game Flash or three The Recipe symbols on your reels.

What you stand to gain from this bonus game is 25 extra spins! You get to complete recipes in threes. The third recipe you complete gets you a chance at the Jackpot Flash. Every third recipe completed after that could bring you to the Super Jackpot Flash.

Baking Day Cake Decorator Feature Gameplay

The second bonus game of Baking Day is about as fun as they come. The Cupcake Tower is triggered when three Cupcake Tower symbols appear across the reels. Alternatively you can get into this game through the Game Flash. The idea here is that you are at a cupcake buffet. Sounds as delicious as it looks!

All you have to do is eat these cupcakes starting from the bottom of the tower to the top. Each cupcake rewards you with cash prizes. At the top of the tower there will be two cupcakes that remain to be eaten. One will double your winnings and finish the game. The other, will give you the chance to win the Jackpot Flash. A true win-win situation.

In the last bonus feature, the Cake Decorator, you finally get to exercise your creative side. Unlocked through the Game Flash or three matching Cake Decorator symbols, this game is great. Keep decorating the cake and receive prizes for each completed grid. When you are done, you stand a chance to take home the Jackpot Flash or the Super Jackpot Flash.



Magnet Gaming has pulled another impressive feat with the animations of this game. The colour schemes and graphics blend seamlessly with the experience of virtual slots. The symbols swiftly fall away with new ones gently descending into place as you spin. The sound effects of the rustling wind, the dewy meadow and happy birds are pure comfort.

Baking Day Super Big Win

Without skimping on design and aesthetic value, the game provides entertainment and delight that can be addictive. You are sure to keep coming back for more sugary treats. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



One of the coolest features about this game is the fact that its jackpot values are pretty sweet. It begins with an initial value of £500 for the Jackpot Flash and the £10,000 for the Super Jackpot Flash. Do not let the sweet and cutesy game fool you. The returns can be huge. The jackpot values increase as the bet level increases. Talk about a game that can change your life with huge wins.



Baking Day is yet another product from Magnet Gaming that is far from disappointing. The feel, look and touch of the game lends to a stellar gaming experience for both newbies and veterans. The penchant for bonus features and the ease of playing the game make it stand out.

Its adaptability can be seen across different browsers too. You can play with a simple click on your personal computer or a tap on your mobile phone.  Go ahead and try it for yourself and have the time of your life!

Game Summary
Release DateJune 2017
Software DeveloperMagnet Gaming
Return to Player (RTP)96.5%
Reels/Paylines3 Reels and 8 Paylines
Min/Max Wager10p — £10
Max Win£12,000

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