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Candy Kingdom

Candy Kingdom Slot Review – The Sweetest Slot You Can Play!

Candy Kingdom Feature ImageAre you a die-hard fan of slot games? Great news! You do not have to lug yourself over to the nearest casino, all dressed up, when deep down all you want to do is relax at home with a bag of chips and your favourite pyjamas on. One slot game that might strike your fancy is Candy Kingdom. As the game suggests, it is in fact all about candy!

Before we get to the details, we have to say that literally everything about this game is addictively sweet. Not only will you be treated with frequent payouts throughout the game, you will also stand a chance to win any of the two progressive jackpots in Candy Kingdom.

With colourful candy and jelly imagery meant to tingle your taste buds and excite your senses, this online slot game developed by Magnet Gaming is a delightful experience.


Candy Kingdom Small WinCandy Kingdom Graphics


Candy Kingdom is not a complicated game. All the sweet action in this game happens on five reels and 25 paylines. Candy symbols that match and fall together in a diagonal or horizontal line create winning combinations in this game.

Upon a win, the winning lined-up symbols lightly fade away to make way for the new symbol that gracefully drop right in, giving you a second chance to trigger another win at no costs. Put it this way – you essentially win an extra spin every time you win money in the base game. That’s pretty good value for money we did say!

Candy Kingdom Gameplay

Financially speaking, Candy Kingdom accepts wagers starting from a mere 10p all the way up to a massive £10 per spin. Given this wide range of accepted wagers, we feel that Candy Kingdom will appeal to all types of players regardless of budgets.

For those wondering, this slot is a low variance slot. All players will enjoy frequent payouts throughout their session, albeit smaller ones. To be honest, we prefer low variance games as it significantly lowers our exposure to risk and is easier for us to recover the money we have spent. If that is not enough assurance, you will enjoy a 96.5% Return to Player (RTP) rate which means that maintaining your bank balance will not be much of an issue.



Unlike many other slot games you will find from other developers, Candy Kingdom does not come with the widely loved Wild symbols. Instead, Magnet Gaming has included three unique bonus features for the sheer entertainment of all its players. The good news doesn’t just stop there – on top of the three bonus features, all players will also stand a chance of winning two jackpots in Candy Kingdom. The three bonus features available in Candy Kingdom are as follows.

Candy Kingdom Bonus Feature Trigger

Candy Collector: Right off the bat, you will be awarded 20 extra spins. Whilst the extra spins are all fun and good, the main goal in this feature is to fill up the candy bar to the left of your reels. As you fill it up, you will obtain stars and hearts that can be used later on to trigger the jackpots in this game

Cake Spinner: As the name of the feature suggests, you will be spinning cakes in exchange for cold hard cash. Once the Cake Spinner feature is activated, you will be presented with five small cakes and one large cake. The smaller cakes will determine how much money you win in this feature whereas the larger cake will control the trigger of the jackpots.

Waffle Mountain: Set on a board, player will have to embark on an adventure on a giant waffle. Along the way, you will be rewarded random cash prizes. Similar to that of Candy Mix, finding three stars along the way will trigger the chance for you to win the jackpot.

Waffle Mountain is the most lucrative feature in the entire game, but that said, you should note that triggering this feature is extremely difficult. If cat you will need four scatter symbols on your reels to play Waffle Mountain. If you are able to trigger it, you will be walking home with at least 75x your spin wager!



If you are a rookie when it comes to slot games or online slot games, Candy Kingdom may be an excellent starting point for you. The game is colourful, clear and concise with not too many rules and not too high stakes. Gameplay of Candy Kingdom is pretty much flawless and the animations especially in the bonus features will not fail to make you grin in joy every time you pocket some cash.

Candy Kingdom Multiplier

It is fairly easy to navigate around the interface of the game and the delectable candies and jellies are sure to sweeten up your turns and make you feel the exciting rush of winning cash prizes. Plus, the candy symbols come with adorable names like Mrs Droplet, Mr Triangle, Mrs Star and Mr Heart which is bound to make you fall in love.



Candy Kingdom is a highly adaptable game that almost anyone from any walk of life can play. After all, who doesn’t like candies and jackpots in the same place?! Speaking of jackpots, there isn’t just one, but TWO jackpots in this game.

We feel that both the jackpots present in Candy Kingdom are not just an attractive proposition, but also makes all the bonus features a lot more fun to play. At time of writing, the Super Jackpot was sporting a staggering £11,000 in jackpot money. Imagine winning that!



Candy Kingdom is a fun, attractive, easy and convenient game for anyone to play anywhere. Bringing the best of both social and slot games in the arena of digital-age gaming, Candy Kingdom offers a gaming experience that is designed to take you away from the humdrum of daily life and into the fantastic world of sugary treats.

Think of it as a modified Candy Crush with the perks of winning money while at it. Giving it a try is definitely something you will not regret!

Game Summary
Release DateJanuary 2016
Software DeveloperMagnet Gaming
Return to Player (RTP)96.5%
Reels/Paylines5 Reels and 25 Paylines
Min/Max Wager10p — £10
Max Win£12,000

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