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Golden Pyramid

Golden Pyramid Slot Review – Discover The Hidden Treasures!

Golden Pyramid Feature ImageLooking for a way to spice up your boring day? We have great news for you! Check out the Golden Pyramid slots for an all-star gaming experience with plenty of opportunities to cash in big. Developed by Magnet Gaming, the Golden Pyramid is designed to feature stunning visuals with an ancient Egyptian theme.

Get on board with the mission to search for hidden pharaoh treasures and you just might find yourself bumping into a score at almost every nook and corner. A slot game with a fresh new look, Golden Pyramids is highly addictive and is bound to have you hooked. Whether you are new to slot gaming or a bona fide superstar, the game has plenty to offer to players from all walks of life.


Golden Pyramid Normal WinGolden Pyramid Graphics


If you are seeking an escape from reality for something fun, exciting and engaging to take your mind off things, the Golden Pyramid may just be the one for you. In all honesty, we think that this game is uncomplicated and unpretentious for the best of gaming experiences. All the action and treasure hunting in this game will happen on three reels and eight paylines. Sounds pretty minimalistic right?

Golden Pyramid Gameplay

As with any new or seasoned player, what you would most like to know is of course, the wagering range of Golden Pyramid. Not to fear, the game has an impressively appealing wager range. So if you only plan to give this game a go, you can start spinning from a mere 10p per spin. If you are one of those players who are always hunting for the big wins, Golden Pyramid has got you covered as well; it accepts wagers up to a maximum amount of £10.

Regardless of how much you have decided to wager, he Return to Player (RTP) rate is set at a very healthy 96.50%. This simply means that you will be able to maintain your bank balance without much difficulty assuming you can trigger some of the bonus features. Better still, if you are lucky enough to trigger them early on in your gaming session, you will always be playing from a positive financial point.

In regards to the finances of this game, we also loved how Magnet Gaming has set this game to be one with a low variance. Throughout your gaming session, you will be treated with frequent payouts.



The immense popularity of Golden Pyramid could be owed to a total of four bonus features and two progressive jackpots. The bonus features in question are the Game Flash, Gem Quest, Chamber of Treasures and the Secret of the Pyramid. Each feature has its own perks and pave the way for you to hit either one or both of the jackpots. The two progressive and alluring jackpots are called the Jackpot Flash and the Super Jackpot Flash respectively.

First up is the Game Flash bonus feature. To trigger this feature, you will need at least three bast symbols anywhere on your reels. Once triggered, you will win cash prizes from a variety of treasure chests. The good news doesn’t just stop there – players are able to trigger both the Jackpot Flash and the Super Jackpot Flash via this feature.

Golden Pyramid Features Info

If you were to observe a set of three scarabs falling on your reels, you will be on on your way into the Gem Quest where up to 20 extra spins will be awarded. Similar to that of the other features in this game, the Gem Quest may potentially provide you access to the highly desired jackpots.

Last, but not least, are the Secret of the Pyramid and Chamber of Treasures bonus features. In these features, you will embark on an adventure to find all the hidden treasures within the Pyramids. Players also stand a chance to trigger both the jackpots here.



All you have to do is take one look at the game and you are pretty much transported into another state of mind altogether. The visuals are stunning with a façade that drips gold and luxury.

The graphics appear almost effortless as they move across your screen. The music is relaxing, calming and wonderfully exotic which leaves you with an earful of Egyptian mystique. The pretty imagery, the classic colour theme and the lilting music blends into an interface that is seamless in delivering an amazing slot experience for all of its players.

Golden Pyramid Small Win

Whilst we are still in the topic of Golden Pyramid’s performance, we have to highlight the fact that this game performs magnificently on all the different devices that we had tested it on. Available on PCs, tablets and mobile phones, anyone can enjoy Golden Pyramid from anywhere. Even on devices with smaller screens such as mobile phones, the gameplay of Golden Pyramid is flawless.



Whilst we are extremely tempted to nominate both the Jackpots in this game as the unique feature, we have come to realization that how the jackpots are triggered are in fact more unique than the jackpots itself.

We are head over heels about Magnet Gaming for designing the Jackpots in such a way that it is triggered through the bonus features. As a result, players will not need to up their antes in order to stand a chance to win the jackpot. All you have to do is play the game normally!



With its outstanding features and eye watering Jackpot prizes, the Golden Pyramid slot has gotten the attention of millions. With the developers working hard to continuously make the game more exciting, there is a lot to look forward to in this game.

The fun gameplay and gorgeous graphics are destined to treat you with an extraordinary gaming session that will linger on your mind long after the reels have stopped spinning. Last but not least, we would like to wish each and every one of you the best of luck in winning the £12,000 jackpot that still stands. May the slot Gods be with you!

Game Summary
Release DateFebruary 2015
Software DeveloperMagnet Gaming
Return to Player (RTP)96.5%
Reels/Paylines3 Reels and 8 Paylines
Min/Max Wager10p — £10
Max Win£12,000

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