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Le Chef

Le Chef Slot Review — A Fun Culinary Game For All

Le Chef LogoMagnet Gaming’s Le Chef is a tasty prospect for any gambler. This fun, light-hearted slot is set in a Parisian kitchen. Poor Le Chef is rushed off his feet, trying to cope with the many competing demands in his establishment. Dish washer, waiter, cook, Le Chef does it all.

Your job is to give him a helping hand. Special signature dishes are Le Chef’s specialty and he is gunning for a star of approval from the ruthless food critics of Paris. Le Jackpot is up for grabs for both of you if you succeed in this objective.



Le Chef iPhone Dish On A Plate

Le Chef iPhone Basic Screenshot



Le Chef is a creation of relative simplicity. Eight paylines and 3 reels are all you get to play with in Le Chef’s restaurant. However, this simple, yet entertaining slot can deliver some tasty wins and and with two progressive jackpots and fours bonus features you may just end up with a heaped plate of cash.

You definitely get a sense of feeling involved within the game without ever being truly enthralled. It’s the type of slot to enjoy in a relaxed manner and in spite of this, you could be rewarded with some considerable wins to light up your day. And if you fancy experiencing a virtual French restaurant world, you’ve come to the right place.

Le Chef Croissant WinThree-of-a-kind food matches are what will fill up your plate. The amount you win depends on the match and they are the following:

  • Croissants x 40
  • Soup x 60
  • Cheese x 100
  • Cake x 200
  • Rooster x 400
  • Lobster x 600


The three-of-a-kind symbol matches activate bonus rounds which are:

  • Kitchen Time
  • Pick A Dish
  • Food Critic
  • Bon Apetit

Special Features

Le Chef Dish On A PlateAs alluded to, Le Chef features four distinct symbols. When you match three symbols on any of the paylines, that particular bonus feature will be activated. Different bonus features can be triggered from within a bonus feature too. Some more detail about the bonus features:

Kitchen Time

  • Acts as a free spin form of a round. It revolves around the collection of dirty dishes
  • Coins are accumulated when dirty plates are added to the dirty pile. Your prize increases with every collected dish
  • Le Chef may sell portions of soup rather than collect the dirty dishes. Similarly, with each sale there is a reward
  • The collection of enough dishes results in a jackpot
  • You can also trigger different bonus features in this round

Pick a Dish

  • This feature will take you to a section of the restaurant with covered dishes sitting on a table
  • You are promoted to select dishes randomly. Each dish reveals a bonus feature symbol or coins of varying amounts. You can select the prize or choose to try again in the hope of a more favourable serving

Food Critic

  • A three-course meal is prepared for a tough food critic. You guess which ingredients will gain the critic’s approval. You are guaranteed bonuses with favoured selections
  • A frown face equates to a bad selection which will be demonstrated by the food critic’s reaction. This feature will end after a certain amount of frown faces
  • Stars are what you are hoping for in this feature. You will win 280 coins if you collect 3 stars. Six stars equates to 320 coins and if you reach 9 stars, time for the excitement of a spin on the jackpot
  • Repeatedly choosing ingredients to the food critic’s taste moves you nearer to that elusive big jackpot
  • Also, a cheese symbol means an extra round to play with

Bon Apetit

  • Now things get interesting. The public needs feeding. The assiduous Le Chef hurries around serving customers
  • Every plate contains winnings of different amounts
  • A die is rolled throughout the round
  • Every successful serve delivers coins or bonuses
  • One of the two progressive jackpots can be won in the jackpot spin


Le Chef Basic ScreenshotLe Chef’s graphics are unlikely to blow your mind. The characters, with their cartoonish design are basic. Despite this, you cannot help but feel a sense of affinity for the game. It is a simply enjoyable, light-hearted slot experience.

The setting is French through and through and you will notice chalkboards and candles which evoke that classic French style. The French accordion music, adds to the atmosphere bringing an audible as well as visual French slot experience.

Le Chef is fully compatible with all devices including laptops, mobiles and tablets. Le Chef doesn’t demand much computer power and runs seamlessly.

Le Chef is a medium variance slot, and will be enticing to those gamblers wary of higher variance slots. The RTP of Le Chef is solid at 96.5%. Le Chef offers a reasonable range of possible bets which go from 10p up to £8. Those keener on high variance slots may well be slightly disappointed, but are sure to enjoy the progressive jackpots.

Unique Feature

As pointed out, Le Chef’s features are rather basic and won’t exactly grip you with excitement. Still, the bonus features are original and certainly fun to play. Moreover, the two progressive jackpots are great additions to keep you hoping. These jackpots are won in the bonus rounds so keep an eye out when you enter these features.

The ‘Food Critic’ round is one to keep your eyes open for, with great prizes up for grabs. Also, the handy cheese symbol in ‘can provide you with more opportunities to win big in this bonus feature.


Le Chef is the type of slot to enjoy with a laid-back kind of attitude. There are great bonuses to be had which are certainly not to be sniffed at. Whilst not the most impressive slot you will find, Le Chef provides some real value. The simplicity of Le Chef is in reality a strength rather than a weakness, adding to its charm.

Le Chef is definitely worth playing and we are confident in saying that you will have fun. Despite its limitations, Le Chef will definitely put a smile on your face!


Game Summary
Release DateDecember 2017
Software DeveloperMagnet Gaming
Return to Player (RTP)96.5%
Reels/Paylines3 Reels and 8 Paylines
Min/Max Wager10p — £8
Max Win£16,000

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