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Monopoly Bring The House Down Slot Review — The Best Board Game Slot!

Monopoly Bring the House Down Feature ImageMonopoly is one of the most enduring board games ever. There’s something so intoxicating about amassing virtual riches, buying properties and beating your friends to the race to fortune! Naturally, this quest for fortunes translates very nicely to the slot format.

The designers from Barcrest have literally taken every single feature from the traditional board game and converted it to appear in this video slot. From hotel upgrades to community chest and chance card picks, there is not a boring second in this game. So, will Monopoly Bring The House Down bring the house down and rain riches onto your casino account? Read on to find out!


Monopoly Bring The House Down Graphics

Monopoly Bring The House Down Base Game



The game reels are filled with four of the traditional metal figurines (the dog, the cat, the car and the ship), as well as 10, J, Q, K and A as the lower-value symbols. Another thing to note is that the reels don’t naturally bring up Wild symbols during regular gameplay. Instead, you’ll get them through a unique feature called Hot Zones. An arrangement of Monopoly houses appear on the top-half of the screen and sometimes land on the reels, turning any symbols below it into “Wilds.”

Monopoly Bring The House Down Wild Win

You can play this game from 20p to £500 per spin. There’s also a Big Bet feature where you can wager even more for higher chances of winning big and we’ll get into more detail on this below.


Special Features

When I first started playing Monopoly as a child, my older cousins constantly bragged about building hotels. Indeed, these red plastic pieces were terrific at generating income. The same applies in this slot. After any Hot Zone spin, the Hasbro man can randomly show up and turn any houses into hotels. Thanks to the hotel upgrade, you’ll get extra multipliers on top of each wild!

Monopoly Bring The House Down Big Bet Options

Another interesting spin on the Hot Zone is the Selector feature. Basically, you get three seconds to accept or reject each pattern. If you reject, you may either get a better pattern or lose the entire feature altogether. I’m not much of a risk taker and hardly reject Hot Zones.

Monopoly Bring The House Down Select A Card Feature

Now, let’s get onto the extra spins. If you get three Monopoly symbols, the game will trigger eight extra spins. Hot Zone Wild immediately appear on the screens and stay in position for the entire duration of the extra spins. In essence, you’ll get a whole screen of sticky wilds and enjoy significantly higher chances for a few spins!

Finally, there’s the Chance Card Feature. At random, you get to pick from three chance cards, each of which reveals a different Hot Zone wild pattern. That pattern will then drop onto the reels, thus giving you extra wilds for that spin.



To be honest, the overall design of Monopoly Bring the House Down leaves much to be desired. The block-letter game symbols and faux gold-plated reels pale in comparison to many of the newer slots entering the scene today. The game is also played in portrait mode, so that the reels fill the bottom half of the screen and the Hot Zone triggers on the top-half. If you’re playing on phones with smaller screens (such as any of the older iPhones), this layout is slightly awkward as well.

Monopoly Bring The House Down Big Bet Spin Gameplay


Unique Feature

Monopoly Bring the House Down is another one of those slots that allow players to pay more for better odds. They call this Big Bet Spins. You basically pay for five spins upfront at one fixed price. These spins cost a little more, but you’ll get to pick extra features to add onto the reels.

Monopoly Bring The House Down Normal Win


These are how much Big Bet Spins cost:

  • 5 spins at 20 coins  gives you one community chest card pick
  • 5 spins at 30 coins gives you two community chest card pick
  • 5 spins at 40 coins gives you three community chest card pick
  • 5 spins at 50 coins  gives you four community chest card pick

Monopoly Bring The House Down Hotel Multiplier

And these are the community chest cards you can pick from:

  • Hotel upgrade: All wilds are paired with a multiplier of 2x to 5x
  • Every spin is a winner: It’s as awesome as it sounds
  • Win eliminators: Lower value symbols are all removed from the reels
  • Sticky scatter Wild: All Monopoly scatter symbols are transformed into wilds and stay on screen for five full spins
  • Extra spins: Anything from 1, 2, or 3 extra spins is added to the counter
  • Instant win: Anywhere between 5 to 50 quid in cash

If you hit the right recipe, you’ll enjoy payout percentages as high as 98.1%! This is much higher than the standard 95%.



On paper, Monopoly is an incredibly interesting slot. There are so many combinations of features to experiment with. Add to that the little dose of nostalgia you get from encountering classic Monopoly features again. However, there’s a small part of me that wishes the slot was slightly better executed. Nevertheless, if you love the board game, you don’t want to miss out on this Monopoly game!

Game Summary
Release DateJuly 2017
Software DeveloperBarcrest Gaming
Return to Player (RTP)98.1%
Reels/Paylines5 Reels and 40 paylines
Min/Max Wager20p — £500
Max Win£10,000

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