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Oink Country Love

Oink Country Love Mobile Slot Review — Fight! Fight! Fight!

oink Country Love Feature ImageJust when we were starting to wonder when the new Microgaming releases were going to be out, we were served with this ultra-delicious Oink Country Love mobile slot. The story around this slot revolves around the two main characters Willy and Chancho, who try to do everything in their might to get the attention of the Miss Southern Charm and to ultimately win her over.

Don’t be turned off by this scuffle though — the only person to always come ahead will be you. Both Willy and Chancho have their own Wilds, meaning twice the amount of Wilds! What are you waiting for? Join us together in a chorus dedicated to both Willy and Chancho: Fight! Fight! Fight!



oink Country Love Small Win

oink Country Love Normal Win



All the fun in the Oink Country Love mobile slot happens on five reels combined with 45 paylines. You may start playing this game by wagering anything from a minimum of 50p to £125 per spin.

Oink Country Love Gameplay

As mentioned previously, this game is based on two cute piggies Willy and Chancho and would do anything in their abilities to get the attention of the love of their lives, Miss Southern Charm. The game is set somewhere in the country side and as an be expected, all the visual elements including the symbols in this game are designed after it.

Oink Country Love Graphics

Judging from the payouts, we categorise the Oink Country Love slot as a low to medium volatility slot. Players will be glad to know that payouts are quite frequent in this game, albeit with smaller amounts.

This is a trade-off that we will take any day, given that this greatly reduces the risks of depleting our account balance before hitting any big wins. The Return to Player (RTP) rate is also set at a higher rate compared to many of the newer slots at 96%.


Special Features

Now, to the star attractions of this game, its bonus features. Oink Country Love sports two unique features and we are glad to tell you that Microgaming went all out to make them as fun and crazy as possible.

First up are the Wild symbols. Unlike most other slot games, this slot comes with two Wild symbols instead of just one. In Willy and Chancho’s attempt to catch Miss Southern Charms attention, both of them become musicians and will replace all other symbols on your reels to complete winning paylines.

Oink Country Love Extra Spins Trigger

Let us cut straight to chase with the next feature — the extra spins. Believe it or not, players can potentially win up to 160 spins. To trigger the extra spins feature in this game, you will need a minimum of three scatter symbols anywhere on your reels. The scatters come in the form of the Golden Tickets and three, four and five scatters will reward you with 5, 10 and 20 extra spins respectively.

Oink Country Love Extra Spins Gameplay

Things get really interesting when you get multiple or stacked scatters on the same reel. Every additional scatter symbol that you get on any reel will multiply your total extra spins won by two. Theoretically speaking, you may win up to 80 extra spins this way. That’s not to mention the fact that Microgaming has made it possible for players to trigger more extra spins in the extra spin rounds itself.



Microgaming has been around for a long, long time, more than two decades to be precise. One thing for sure: their vast experience is profoundly reflected in the design and development of the Oink Country Love mobile slot.

This game is compatible with all types of devices including on desktops, tablets and on mobile devices. We were particularly impressed with the user interface of this game on mobile devices with smaller screens. All the buttons are nicely spaced between each other and the game loads fairly quickly even on mobile internet.

Oink Country Love Scatter Symbols

Graphics in the Oink Country Love slot is spot on, embodying the theme precisely. Whilst the soundtrack that accompanies the gameplay is cute, it gets quite repetitive after a while, so sooner or later you will be reaching for the mute button.


Unique Feature

Like it or not, this game is about the frequent wins in the base game and the extra spins. Of all the new games we have tested and reviewed this year, no other slot comes close to what Oink Country Love offers in terms of the number of extra spins. Couple it with the fact that it is not very difficult to maintain your bank balance in the base game, and this slot may prove to be profitable when the bonus features are activated.

Oink Country Love Big Win



In a nutshell, Oink Country Love mobile slot is one that is extremely easy and fun to play. The game will not overwhelm you with tonnes of complicated features and gameplay. Both the Willy and Chancho Wilds and the extra spins offered in this game will keep you entertained for a long time.

If you are still unsure on whether you want to play this game, by all means give it a go. The frequent wins will be a warm welcome to your wallet and more importantly, Willy and Chancho will make you go awwww every time they try to win over Miss Southern Charm.

Game Summary
Release DateAugust 2017
Software DeveloperMicrogaming
Return to Player (RTP)96.0%
VolatilityLow – Medium
Reels/Paylines5 Reels, 45 Paylines
Min/Max Wager50p – £125
Max Win£25,000

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