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Reel Heist

Reel Heist Slot Review — Your Chance To Be A Vigilante!

Reel Heist Feature ImageI love a good heist movie. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy following a criminal mastermind orchestrate an elaborate plan, dodge cops and escape with the biggest payout of his or her lifetime? Even those, who support the good guys, will get a kick out of watching the cops go on a high-speed chase! If this kind of suspense and thrill is your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy this exciting new heist-themed slot for you.

Titled Reel Heist, this games gets players really stuck into the classic chase. The idea is that the policeman will go around the reels and try to capture the little gang of unruly robbers. Catch just one and you’ll receive a hefty cash prize!


Reel Heist Base Game Win

Reel Heist Feature Gameplay



To set the stage, there are all the typical cop and robber symbols on the screen. There’s the police badge, police cap, a pair of handcuffs, dark sunglasses, as well as the usual letters A, K, Q, J and 10. Reel Heist consists of 40 paylines, which pay from the leftmost side of the reels. You may bet between 20p and 500 quid per spin, depending on your risk appetite.

Reel Heist Gameplay

The slot has a relatively medium volatility, which means that you’ll get a mixture of both steady wins and long lulls. Sometimes, you’ll receive a steady stream of small and mid-sized winning combinations on the reels. Other times, the game swings into high volatility and you’ll have to remain patient for a while before the next big payout arrives.


Special Features

Like at any heist, the real payouts are slightly complicated to get to. In Reel Heist, players must play the role of good cop and capture those delinquent criminals. Here is how it works. A robber (or a few of them) will appear randomly on the reels. There are five different robbers in total, each will hold up a wanted poster that lists the cash prize offered for his capture. Prizes could range between 7x to a whopping 2,000x your bet!

Reel Heist Feature Big Win

The policeman (a Wandering Wild) shows up on screen and tries to catch the robbers. He’ll move around the screen until he lands in the same spot as the robber, hence pocketing the cash reward! In the few times I’ve played, I managed to snag a good 50-200x my wager. Not a bad payday, really.

Reel Heist Wild Symbols

Even though the cops sometimes take a while to catch the robbers, you’ll be compensated well for your time. As Wild symbols, these cops can create winning combinations everywhere they go.

The robbers also do not “take up space” on the reels. You can form winning combinations from symbols under the robbers, so the wins keep rolling in in the background regardless of the cop vs. robber action unfolding in the foreground. Of course, you’ll have to keep an eye on your balance. After spending a good sum of coins on moving the cops around, you wouldn’t want to end up taking home only a small amount.



Reel Heist is produced by a relatively new gaming studio called Red Tiger Gaming. The game features truly stunning graphics, animations and sound effects. These great standards are slowly becoming the minimum entry requirements for all new slots, which is a real treat for players everywhere. Like all slots that have been introduced in the past two years, Reel Heist is available across all gaming platforms. You can play the game with the same flawless quality on both your mobile and desktop.

Reel Heist Feature Normal Win

Player tip: hold down the spacebar or the spin button to play “turbo spin” mode. This makes the reels spin much faster, increasing the pace and excitement level of the game.


Unique Feature

Reel Heist is a slightly more passive game than other slots in the market. You’ll have zero choice or control over the outcome of your slot. There are slots that allow you to spin the wheel, select/match a certain set of cards or gamble on the outcome of a mini game. In Reel Heist, you do literally nothing besides hit the spin button. You can’t even look out for clues as to when the cop or the robbers would appear — they come out randomly!

Reel Heist Graphics



Reel Heist has a simple, yet engaging plot. After all, storytellers and the movie industry have relied on the good ol’ cops vs. robbers story for a very long time. You won’t even notice that there’s really only one feature in this game as your eyes just keep tracking the cops and those pesky villains.

It also gets fun when the robbers become bold and hang around on the reels for tens of spins. They won’t disappear after a few spins. Instead, they’ll just mark out their territory on the reels and wait for the cops to come after their trail. True lawbreakers indeed. At least you’ll get to reap in the cash rewards of catching these baddies!

Game Summary
Release DateOctober 2017
Software DeveloperRed Tiger Gaming
Return to Player (RTP)96.0%
VolatilityLow — Medium
Reels/Paylines5 Reels and 40 paylines
Min/Max Wager20p — £500
Max Win£100,000

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