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Witchcraft Academy

Witchcraft Academy Slot Review – Hogwarts In Slot Form

witchcraft academy logoEver wanted to visit Hogwarts? Waited in anticipation for that letter delivered by owl only to be disappointed it never came? Well, it’s nice to fantasise. If only there was a Harry Potter-themed slot to play to emulate that feeling… Oh, wait there is! Well, not Harry Potter exactly. What we’re talking about is Witchcraft Academy, a NetEnt slot that is the closets you can get to gambling at Hogwarts.



Witchcraft Academy ipad main reel

Witchcraft Academy ipad bonus



Prepare to explore dungeons and caverns throughout this 5 x 4 reel slot that lets even the most casual wizard-fan feel like they’re learning the sacred art of magic. NetEnt allows players to play from as little as 20p and as much as £2 on a 20-playline basis. It might not be the most innovative game around but Witchcraft Academy sure does know how to entertain people.

witchcraft academy main reel

The game itself is pretty exciting and features a lot of colourful symbols — the usual paraphernalia associated with witchcraft get featured, such as cats, potions and spellbooks. Perhaps a little cliché but it works for us. The main part takes place in the library (where else?) but the bonus games take place elsewhere among the academy. We’ll talk about those in a minute.

There are a variety of extra spins plus multipliers to be found here, too, which makes the game much more fun to play. So far, so good, but it doesn’t live up to the already high standard NetEnt have set themselves. Still, not every game can be a hit.



There are few special bonus features attached to Witchcraft Academy. The first of these (and it’s really the best feature) is the Elements Bonus. Choose either Elora the Witch or Earthan the Wizard to get a huge multiplier between 10 and 200 times your wager or some extra spins. Elora gives you the multipliers while Earthan gets you the extra spins and, depending on which armoured statue you hit, you can get a high or low amount.

As far as features go for this slot, this is really it. Of course, you have your extra spins in the main game too but that’s something most slots have anyway so it’s really nothing special. Simply collect all the right scatter symbols to earn them. Honestly, we were expecting a bit more when it comes to a slot all about witchcraft.



We played with the game on both laptop and mobile and it performs satisfactorily on both. The controls are simple and quick to understand. The graphics and sound design are, as always, stellar. So far, fairly typical stuff for a NetEnt slot. Definitely a thumbs up from us.

When you talk about other aspects of the slot, it doesn’t seem all that impressive however. This game had the potential to go all the way with its sorcery and pseudo-Hogwarts setting. But it didn’t. It feels very middle-of-the-road, especially for a NetEnt slot.



Aside from the Elements Bonus — which is essentially a multiplier bonus and extra spins bonus mashed into one — there’s little that’s unique about Witchcraft Academy. Sure, the setting and theme are pretty niche (it’s the closest thing you’ll get to a Harry Potter slot) but we feel that it could’ve gone much further. Even the 5 x 4 reel feels like an afterthought.

Witchcraft Academy elements bonus

When you make a slot, you need to stand out from the crowd otherwise people will forget about it or, worse, ignore its existence entirely. Even NetEnt isn’t immune from producing forgettable duds like these so we expect them to step it up next time.



Overall, Witchcraft Academy is a competent game with a good medium variance. Players who want to see a Harry Potter slot will like it but everyone else will most likely play it only once or twice before abandoning it for something much better. January is a slow month for everybody so we’ll let NetEnt have this one. Next time, we won’t be so generous.

Game Summary
Release Date January 2017
Software DeveloperNetEnt
Return to Player (RTP)96.38%
VolatilityMedium to High
Reels/Paylines5 Reels and 20 Paylines
Min/Max Wager20p — £20
Max Win£16,000

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