Top 3 Reasons Your Mobile Phone Bill Deposits Aren’t Working

Phone Bill DepositsYou’ve made it! You’ve decided that mobile phone billing may well be right for you and you’re ready to give it a try. Uh oh, what’s this? Your deposit isn’t working? Well, for all mobile billing is a handy tool for casino players – with payment intermediaries like Boku and Payforit making it as easy and reliable as possible to use – there are still, unfortunately, situations in which thing can go wrong with these deposits.

There’s two stages to fixing problems with mobile phone bill deposits: working out what’s wrong and fixing it, and luckily for you, we’re on hand to offer some advice on both. We’ll run you through all the issues that might be causing you trouble and offer advice on how to sort them out.


1. Deposit Limit

Boku Deposit LimitsThe number one issue that players run into when they want to make subsequent mobile phone bill deposits is that they hit their deposit limit. Now, by now you should know how it works – you have a £10 deposit limit for most mobile phone bill deposits on top of a £30 daily/monthly limit. These are there both to protect you from spending too much and to protect the phone network providers from having too much money owed to them.

Unfortunately, these limits are set by the mobile phone network providers and thus even the payment intermediaries can’t do anything about raising them. This means once your limit is up, you’re done with mobile deposits on that phone number until they reset. The best advice we’re able to offer is that you simply do more to be aware of how much you’re spending and keep well on top of your limits. Moreover, ensure you’re selective about how and where you use your mobile deposits to make maximum use of them.


2. Phone Account

If you’re sure you’ve not hit your limits, the next thing to turn to is your own account with the network your mobile phone is on. There are two issues that might arise here. Firstly, and most simply, your contract setup might simply make it impossible for you to be able to make mobile phone bill deposits. Check the small print of your contract, as there are some which simply prohibit the use of premium SMS services – if this is the case with you, simply contact your provider and make some changes.

The alternative reason – and the one that’s easier to fix – is that your account may be pay-as-you-go and you just don’t have enough credit in your account to pay for the deposit. Unlike with a monthly billed contract where you pay later, pay-as-you-go users have to pay for mobile phone bill deposits up-front, meaning you need to be sure you’ve topped up you phone, and have enough credit to make the deposit.


3. Mobile Deposits Not Supported

Network ProvidersThis is the rarest of the issues we’ll mention here, but it’s still possible you might run into it at one time or another. If you’re repeatedly getting your deposits rejected even though you know you’ve not hit your limit, and know there’s credit in your account, it might be the case that you’re with a network that simply doesn’t support mobile phone bill deposits.

While the vast majority of mobile phone network providers do support these deposits – after all, the whole system of premium SMS was set up by the networks themselves in the first place – there are some smaller and niche networks which still don’t allow them. Basically, mate, get a better network.

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