What Is the Betable Wallet? | How it Works & Why it May be Revolutionary

Betable LogoIn the past decade since mobile casinos really took off, there’s been much discussion about how the future of gaming will look.

This generally fixates on exciting, fun ideas such as virtual reality gaming, but there’s been a lot of speculation about how we will pay for our gaming habits in the future too.

Enter the Betable Wallet – an innovative new payment function which could be the answer to all your depositing issues.

The Betable Wallet is the first universal account for real money gaming. Essentially, it offers players the ability to simply deposit into one wallet and then use those funds at multiple casino sites.

Read on to learn more about the Betable Wallet, including how it works and what advantages it offers over traditional payment methods.

What is the Betable Wallet?

Betable Wallet on iPhoneThe Betable Wallet is a universal payment account. This means that you simply have one set of login details, which you can use across all of the Betable powered mobile and online casinos.

It also means that you can deposit funds into the wallet and use them at any Betable site. This means that you can share your casino balance across casinos, and make deposits and withdrawals using the same details at all of the Betable sites.

In their own words, the Betable Wallet aims to alleviate this common gaming problem:

Players have to deposit funds into different accounts for every single casino or app they play. They hate keeping track of multiple logins and balances. The entire system is a mess.

The Betable Wallet is a universal identity, payment and loyalty ID usable across the entire Betable ecosystem that gives players access to the best gambling games including exclusive and mobile-first content.

Where Can I Use the Betable Wallet?

The Betable Wallet, as the name suggests, can be used at any Betable casino. This includes:

  • Prospect Hall
  • Dice City Casino
  • Temple Slots
  • Riches of the Nile Casino
  • Play Magical Casino

How Do I Use the Betable Wallet?

Betable Casino Logos (Prospect Hall, Dice City, Temple Slots, Play Magical)

The Betable Wallet can be used just like a regular casino account wallet. This means that you can simply deposit and withdraw you would normally do at a casino, by visiting the banking page.

The difference is that you can then use these funds to play at all the sites mentioned above.

The Betable Wallet accepts payments from a variety of banking methods, including:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

What are the Advantages of the Betable Wallet

The Betable Wallet offers many advantages over traditional casino accounts, which is why we think it has the potential to be revolutionary.  Below you can find out more about the biggest benefits of the Betable Wallet.

✔️ It’s Straightforward

The Betable Wallet’s main reason for existence is to give players a straight-forward, hassle-free depositing option.

The Betable Wallet removes the need for multiple login details – and the need to register at multiple sites. With the Betable Wallet, you can simply use one set of details to login to any Betable site and access your funds.

Moreover, the Betable Wallet offers an integrated loyalty system. This means that loyalty rewards at Betable casinos are all interlinked. So, for instance, become a VIP player at one Betable site and you’ll be able to reap rewards at the others too.

✔️ It’s Quick

In addition to being straightforward and convenient, the Betable Wallet also allows for quick deposits and withdrawals.

All deposits with the Betable Wallet will be added to your account immediately, whilst withdrawals will be subject to a 48-hour pending period.

After this, any withdrawal requested via an e-wallet service (PayPal, Neteller or Skrill) will be instantly received, and Mastercard/Visa withdrawals will be available within 1-3 working days.

✔️ It’s Secure

The Betable Wallet uses the latest security methods to make sure all your transactions are safe. All payments are made over a secure, encrypted server, which means your personal details are kept private from the casino.

Moreover,  as you only ever have one set of login details to use the wallet on various sites, this removes the risk of forgetting your details and being locked out of your casino account.

Are there Any Disadvantages?

As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of the Betable Wallet and we think it is a fantastic and innovative idea. However, like all things in life, the Betable Wallet does have its drawbacks.

The main problem with the Betable Wallet is that it can only be used at Betable casinos, obviously. This may be an issue as there are currently only a few Betable powered sites around for UK players.

That being said, the sites offer a wide array of games and can be accessed across all devices, so we’re sure that they will suit the majority of online gamers.

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