Your Ultimate Guide To Payforit Mobile Phone Bill Depositing

Payforit LogoPayforit is a mobile depositing method which allows you to make payments at your casinos via your mobile phone bill. While other premium SMS depositing services such as Boku dominate the industry, alternative mobile depositing methods like Payforit can be found throughout the online casinos, offering players an additional way to mobile deposit, without sacrificing any of the positives which make mobile phone bill depositing so popular.

In this ultimate guide to mobile phone bill depositing using Payforit, we’ll run you through what Payforit is, how it stands out from the mobile depositing crowd, how you can deposit using Payforit and finally, which casinos offer Payforit mobile depositing. So if you want to get started with the Payforit payment platform, then give our guide a read so you can get up to date on one of the most secure and efficient casino depositing methods out there.


What Is Payforit?

Payforit is both a payment platform and a set of guidelines which outlines how mobile network operators handle money transfers from your mobile device to consumer merchants. As with other premium SMS phone billing services, the transfer of money when you use Payforit is simple. All Payforit does is charges any payments you make using its service, to your mobile phone bill. That charge will be taken from your available credit if you’re a pay as you go user, or added to your end of the month bill if you’re a contract user.




It’s an important distinction, that any charges made to your phone bill are treated the same as if they were charges from a phone call. Rather than listing out the specific company you made your payment to, Payforit charges your phone bill as if you’d made a call worth the amount you’ve transferred. So if you make a £10 deposit at your casino, a charge of £10 will be added to your phone credit, as if you had made a phone call worth £10.

Payforit isn’t a company, so unlike other mobile depositing platforms like Boku, Payforit doesn’t handle any of your money. As mentioned above, Payforit is a set of guidelines for how mobile payments work, so it is more similar to a regulator like Ofcom. In much the same way that Ofcom regulates the quality control of what can be shown on your television, Payforit regulates a set standard of how mobile phone bill deposits work.

This means that whatever mobile network operator you use, or whatever phone you use, your mobile deposit will work the same way every time, with no nasty surprises. Payforit is a stamp of approval, that your mobile deposit will go through without a hitch. That means that you’ll follow the same process to authorise the payment every time you do it, the same rules will be in place, and there’ll never be any additional charges other than the amount you want to spend.




How To Deposit Using Payforit?

Payforit is a standardised set of guidelines, so wherever you are able to make a Payforit mobile deposit, the process will be the same every single time. Whether it’s a casino in the UK, a casino in Russia, using the latest smartphone or a Nokia 3310, these instructions will always be the same.

  • Step 1 – Head to the depositing screen of your mobile casino and select “pay by mobile-phone-bill-depositing-stepsmobile phone” as your depositing method
  • Step 2 – You’ll then be asked to enter the amount you wish to deposit, which will go up to a maximum of £30
  • Step 3 – You’ll then be taken to the Payforit page where you have to enter your mobile phone number and double check your deposit amount
  • Step 4 – Once you’ve confirmed these details, you’ll then asked to enter a 4 digit code. This 4 digit code will be texted to you via SMS
  • Step 5 – Once you receive this code (should be within 10 seconds), you then have to type it in to the relevant field. As with most mobiles, the first line of your text should be visible in the notifications at the top of your screen, so you don’t even need to change windows
  • Step 6 – If you’re happy with all the details, enter the 4 digit code and then confirm it in order to authorise your payment
  • Step 7 – You’re now done and can go and play your favourite casino games


It’s as simple as that. The only real restriction to your payments is that you can make a maximum transfer of £30 with each payment. However, you can make as many payments as you want, with zero restrictions, so if you’re happy doing it in several chunks, then there’s no overall depositing limit when you use Payforit.

Anyone who wants a more visual demonstration of this process can check out the general Payforit video walk-through below:



Pros & Cons of Using Payforit

Payforit is a terrific system and among the best for clean and simple mobile deposits. However, in order to be fair, we’ll also have to look at some of the drawbacks which you might run into from using Payforit and mobile depositing as a whole.


Safety & Security

One of the key benefits of mobile deposprivacy-computeriting is the lack of personal information that you have to give out. Unlike a card payment where you have to enter your name and banking details, mobile depositing only requires your mobile phone number. Any payments you make to your casino don’t show up on your bill as individual transactions, but just as an generic charge, so even after you’ve made your payment, your privacy is still secured.

Couple all that with the fact that any payment you make has to be authorised from your phone, since you have to receive the SMS code before the payment is authorised, and you end up with a depositing method which is light on personal details to execute, but requires you to be at your mobile phone in order to confirm any transactions.

Ease of Use

A lack of details aside, mobile depositing also benefits from allowing you to handle both your play time and banking time, from a single device. Instead of messing around with card details or logging in to separate e-wallets, players can move fluidly from the casino floor to the Payforit depositing process, with only their phone number to remember.

Payments are completed swiftly and before you know it, you’re back playing the games you love and not having to deal with the banking screen for too long. On top of that, you don’t need any fancy equipment to use mobile depositing. As long as your phone can receive SMS texts, then you can receive your 4 digit code and authorise your payments immediately.

Built In Budgeting

Payforit has depositing limits. This will come up as a con later, depending on what kind of player you are and how much you want to spend at the casino, but for now there’s a real upside to having someone else at the purse strings whenever you make a payment. Mobile depositing is the only depositing method, which has in built depositing limits, separate to the casino’s own limits.

The reason for this is simple. Mobile network providers can usually only claim the money back at the end of the month, when their customers come to pay their final bill. They want  a balance of allowing their customers to make mobile payments, without having to foot a huge bill if their customers are unable to pay.

By limiting every transaction to £30, the network providers have allowed for players to have a sizable budget to play at the casinos, whilst giving them that extra safety net for when they’re trying to stick to a tighter bankroll than they might otherwise.


Low Deposit Limits

Making a reappearance very quickly, the low depositing limits ocell-phone-deadf Payforit are by far its most controversial feature. The flip side of depositing limits is straight forward. It will block you off from certain casino promotions which may require larger deposits as single transactions.

You’ll especially be losing out when it comes to deposit matches as the amount you can put up to be matched will be significantly lessened due to your depositing limits. However, there are casinos which have mobile depositors in mind and make up for this issue, but if you aim to be a high roller, then mobile depositing is definitely not for you.


One Way Banking Method

Unlike many other banking options at the casino, Payforit and mobile payments in general only allow for depositing. Players cannot withdraw their money using mobile phone billing, since the reverse would simply put your winnings back into your phone credit, which is not how most of us want to spend our well earned casino rewards.

Players who want to withdraw from their casino are eventually going to have to open an account with an e-wallet, or enter their bank details in order to transfer the cash back out again. All the benefits of the speed and ease of Payforit’s mobile depositing are still in place, but eventually players will have to suck it up and use an alternative method for withdrawing.


Casinos Which Offer Payforit Mobile Phone Billing

You won’t be stuck for choices when it comes to finding a casino which offers Payforit mobile depositing and also delivers in every other area a good casino should.


1. Spin Genie Casino

spin genie logoSpin Genie is famed for its gamified casino, which tracks how you play it and then offers bonuses, promotions and even entire exclusive games to you as a reward for you loyalty. On top of that, Spin Genie also offers Payforit mobile depositing as one of its few depositing methods, so you can benefit from a tailor made reward scheme and Payforit depositing.


2. mFortune Casino

mFortune Casino LogomFortune promises a new exclusive slot game every single month and they’ve been delivering on that promise for a few years at this point. mFortune isn’t just about slots though, as it also provides players with blackjack, roulette, poker and an entirely separate bingo suite to enjoy.

mFortune is optimised and designed with mobile in mind, so all of their games work perfectly on a range of mobile devices. And with that smooth mobile gameplay, there’s also a smooth mobile payment system which offers players the choice of Payforit mobile depositing.


3. PocketWin Casino

PocketWin aims for the same level of mobile perfection that mFortunPocketwin Logoe offers and fairs just as well. A new exclusive, bonus packed slot title every month would be enough for most, but PocketWin takes it one step further by rewarding its mobile depositors with special mobile depositing bonuses every time a new slot is released, with zero wagering requirements.

You can take advantage of all this using Payforit when you go to make your first of many deposits at PocketWin.


4. Mr Spin Casino

Mr Spin has only been around since August 2016, but has already mMr Spin logoade a splash into the mobile casino scene, which many far older casinos are still recovering from. Straight out of the gate Mr Spin offers keep what you win promotions, with absolutely no wagering requirements on any bonus cash.

They also provide players with an exclusive slot every month, which is always mobile optimised and offers a network progressive jackpot for even bigger wins. You can enjoy all this and more by depositing with Payforit over at Mr Spin today.


5. GoWin Casino

GoWin Casino Logo

GoWin Casino is a Nektan casino, which is famous among the mobile casino scene as being a benchmark of what a mobile casino should be. Mobile optimised games, regular weekly promotions and a mobile friendly layout make GoWin and all other Nektan casinos an absolute joy to use.

Throw in Payforit depositing on top of that and you have a mobile casino which is likely to remain your new favourite for a very long time.

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